Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu thinking that he should do something so that they do not shift to the bungalow. So he tells saxena to be a customer of life insurance and if he does then he will give him lizard scoops. Saxena says ok. Saxena calls as peter shukla from london to anita. Aniya takes the call and saxena tells he wants a 5cr life insurance from vibhuti. Anita asks that he is an indian byt why does he need a life insurance from india? Saxena tells he is a true indian and thus he wants life insurance from india. Vibhu takes the phone from anita and tells saxena who is peter shukla that he need an insurance of 5 cr right? Saxena says just shut up and keep the phone and he will come later to take lizard scoops. Vibhu tells anita that that man needs an insurance of 5cr and he tells

that this house is so lucky. Anita tells that first bring the insurance then tell her. Then vibhu is going up when he falls on stairs and his leg gets swollen. Doctor comes. Anita tells so is that house still lucky? Vibhu says yes and tells because he didnt get a fracture so the house is lucky. Doctor asks anita have they got another house? Anita says yes as they won a bungalow in rampak soap offer. Doctor says thats good and they should shift. Vibhu tells the doctor to get out and tells him they will not shift. Doctor goes. Anita tells vibhu that they will surely shift. She goes.
At home tiwari is saying the dialogue of amitab bacchan to god. He prays to god to not let anita go as he cant bear to stay away from anita. Tiwari cries. Anguri comes and tells tiwari she has got a phone from her mom. Tiwari takes the phone. Mom tells that why did he lie to anguri? And that airavati bhabhi is not shifting. Tiwari says he was just joking. Mom says that is good because she doesnt want tiwari to disturb her daughter. Mom keeps the phone but a bix falls down on gupta ji. Mom runs away. Anguri tells tiwari it was a good joke. Tiwari smirks at her. She goes.
Vibhu is dreaming that he is being pulled into the car and forced to shift by anita and even tiwari is pulling away anguri away from vibhu. Suddenly vibhu gets up and realises he is dreaming and he says he has to do something. By then a man from rampak soaps comes and tells he came there for anita mishra for their lucky bungalow. Vibhu says this is the wrong address. The man tells anita told this address and he asks vibhu his name. Vibhu tells his name is salman khan. That man tells he is hrithik roshan. Vibhu twistes the hand of that man. Anita comes and asks what is happening? That man tells is this anita’s house and he had come from rampak soaps. Anita says yes and that vibhu is her husband. That man tells that vibhu is mad as he told this is the wrong address and even assaulted him. Anita tells vibhu to get out.vibhu goes.
At home anguri is saying a dialogue from the movie bajirao mastani. Ranveer singh enters. He corrects anguri and says the dialogue again. He then tells anguri that her Sahi pakde hain! And Thanku! Is very famous. Anguri is not able to believe that it is ranveer singh. She touches him. By then vibhu comes. He is also amazed to see ranveer singh. Then ranveer singh recognizes vibhu as jobless. Vibhu says his name is vibhu narayan mishra. Ranveer tells prem told him that he is jobless. Vibhu tells prem is very rude and disrespectful and always insults him. Then anguri tells that ranveer has come and they should dance on the song from bajirao mastani. Then vibhu arranges for the song from pelu. Pelu starts the sing and ranveer, anguri and vibhu dance at the song. After the dance is over ranveer tells them to come and see his film which is releasing tomorrow. Vibhu says sure and he should give corner tickets for them both. Ranveer pulls vibhu aside and says he will give corner tickets for anita and him and other tickets for tiwari and anguri. Ranveer them tells that he know everything and he will complain to anita if he constantly tries to impress anguri. Then ranveer tells them to come and watch his film and ranveer goes.
At the tea stall, tiwari and vibhu are sitting. Tiwaris eyes are red so vibhu asks why they are red? Tiwari tells that they are red because he cant stay away from anita bhabhi. Vibhu looks at him. Tiwari says not only anuta but you too and he cant stay away from them. Vibhu says even he cant stay away from anguri. Tiwari looks at him. Vibhu says not anguri but he too. Vibhu says he will miss them. Then tiwari says why are they going? Vibhu says he cant do anything as anita is forcing him. Tiwari says anita will have to go through his body before shifting. Vibhu tells him they will make a plan. They decide to be best friends and act like that in front of everyone.

Precap: tiwari comes at anitas house and in front of her calls vibhu. They both dance together on the song ye dosti hum nahi todenge. Anits is puzzled. At anguris house tiwari and vibhu are being served food when vibhu says they will both eat in only 1 plate from now. Tiwari says they will also use same vests and underwears from today. Vibhu looks at him shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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