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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri says laddu me bhaiya why are u laughing u shd be sad for Vibhutiji,Tiwari says I am lets go down. Vibhuti says Anu I did nothing, trust me, Anita says I don’t, u are a loose character man,Tiwari n anguri walk to them,Tiwari says u kicked him out,Anita says no I’m leaving this house n city n leaving, anguri says no no don’t, Tiwari thinks oh god my life my love is leaving, Tiwari jumps front of van n says u can’t leave , Anita says stop it I have to go,Tiwari says anguri take her inside n don’t let her go, anguri says yes yes n takes Anita to her house,Vibhuti stares at Tiwari.

Vibhuti in his house crying, Tiwari walks in, Vibhuti says u told u will help me,but look, I begged Anita but she didn’t listen to me, now I don’t care,Tiwari

says that is not fair,u will be left alone,Vibhuti says I said I don’t care leave,Tiwari says no one will accept u without Anita bhabhi, Vibhuti says no issues but I shall not beg to her, Tiwari says ok now I shall take the blame on me come with me.

Anita n anguri in anguri says bedroom,Anita says I can’t calm down, I’m so hurt, anguri says I know I can understand ur pain,even I would do what u are doing but at times there could be misunderstanding too, Anita says no no I don’t think it’s one,I believe what I saw n so can’t stay with this man,Vibhuti n Tiwari walk in.

Tiwari says bhabhiji u don’t need to go anywhere,Anita says I stopped just bcoz I respect u n anguri but not tomorrow n tell this man to go away from here, Tiwari says actually he is innocent, Anita says u were the one who told me that Vibhuti has an affair with gulfamkali, Tiwari says no no actually I have an affair with gulfamkali, Anita says oh my Vibhu I’m so sorry n hugs Vibhuti, anguri says I hate u Tiwari, u cheater n starts crying,Anita n Vibhuti leave.

Vibhuti n Tiwari out of their houses, Tiwari says I shdnt have said this In front of anguri,Vibhuti says don’t worry I will take a stand for u n says u made a mistake n to forgive u,Tiwari says u know I have no affair,I just did this to stop bhabhiji,Vibhuti says yes u are right but no one knows this except me n u, Tiwari says yes go n tell them then, Vibhuti says I’m not mad,u tried to break my house, u liar.tiwari says I beg of u plz save my marriage n take the blame on u, Vibhuti says yes I will talk to bhabhiji n thinks I will make sure she gives u divorce,Anita walks to them n says Vibhuti don’t talk to cheap n loose character man like him lets go in n takes Vibhuti along with her.

Next day Vibhuti goes to see bhabhiji n here’s anguri crying n says how dare Tiwari cheat me, Vibhuti says bhabhiji calm down n u know u are responsible for this,anguri says how come, Vibhuti says bcoz u blindly trust him,I heard him say, anguri asks what, Vibhuti says u may feel bad,anguri says I won’t tell me, Vibhuti says ok he said he doesn’t like anguri, anguri says did he say that, Vibhuti says yes he said he like women like gulfamkali n not like u uneducated women, anguri says why didn’t he tell me I would have done anything for him,Vibhutis ays no u don’t have to u are intelligent,Tiwari doesn’t deserve u,anguri says u are right, Vibhuti says how long will u bear that man, divorce him, anguri says u are right, Vibhuti says ok see u soon bye.

Anguri bedroom n says I will complain Amma abt it n call amaji n says Amma n starts crying n says I want to die,Amma says no my girl what happened,anguri says Tiwari cheated on me n broke my trust, I caught him with gulfamkali, he has an affair with her,Amma says ok now I shall not leave that Buffalo n u don’t worry,pack ur bag n come directly to stay with me,anguri says yes I will come, bye.

Vibhuti on call to prem says I have made bhabhiji against Tiwari, Anita walks in n asks what’s up, Vibhuti says I will call u later n says oh look at u, u looking so beautiful,Anita says really I thought u like gulfamkali n walks to bedroom n closes door,Vibhuti stands by door n sings Bhojpuri song for Anita,Anita joins him too n opens door n rushes to balcony,Vibhuti follows her,Anita says look taxi,Vibhuti says looks like bhabhiji kicked Tiwari out, anita says that’s bad come lets go down.

Anguri n Tiwari walk to taxi, Tiwari says don’t leave me, anguri says u are fraud, u cheat, stay with ur gulfamkali, Tiwari says this isn’t true, anguri says liar, Anita says anguri what happened, Vibhuti says throwing Tiwari out, no worries he deserves u, anguri says no I’m leaving this house.

Pre cap : Anita says anguri,I think this both men are lying now gulfamkali will speak the truth. Anita to happu Singh says u are like my brother, honest one.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Where is 18 august update??? Waiting since yesterday


    18 august 2016 update

    Sorry for short update due to power cut.

    The episode start with vibhu lying on road in front of car and ask anita to take angori inside.

    Vibhu and Manmohan drink and blame each other for problems in their lives.
    Angori cries and anita ask her to calm down. And they talk about incompelete story, and they decide to know the truth by talking to gulfam kali.

    Anita call Happu Singh and ask him to take her and Angori to Gulfam Kali. He nods yes.

    On tea stall Vibhu and Manmohan ask Prem to make them meet Gulfam Kali. And Prem ask them to come ihis house. They reach, his house and gulfam kali perform her dance and sit on laps of Vibhu and Tiwari, just then angori and anita arrive with happu singh.. and they get angry..

    New series – Prem Ka Gyan, do Bhabhi pr dhyan

    In night anita and angori ask Vibhuti and Manmohan tiwari for romance but they both deney by saying that its not tym and not age for being romantic all tym as now they are mature.

    Precap- Prem do something naughty and vibhu and tiwari ask for tips. Prem say to be romantic with your wife in front of bhabhi.
    Vibhu dances romantically with anita and angori shys seeing them.

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