Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan shouts at vibhuti tat is he blind cant he see and walk and vibhuti shouts back but he then sees anguri and then says to manmohan tat he shuld never get hurt he prays to god but manmohan is still angry with him and scolds him but vibhuti is talking very sweetly and lovely to him and comes anguri and says to manmohan tat y r u talking so rudely to vibhuti and manmohan says tat I hate him and so I talk rude to him and vibhuti says even if u hate me I still love u and manmohan gets very angry and leaves and then anguri says to vibhuti tat she is very sorry for manmohans behavior and vibhuti says u don’t be even though he hates me I will still love him and he asks anguri to focus on the love he has for manmohan and then manmohan calls anguri and she leaves and

vibhuti too leaves.
Vibhuti gets so angry that he goes in his room and starts tearing the pillow removes all the anger tat manmohan said to him and comes in anita and sees all this vibhuti stops after seeing her she gives a strange look to him and the phone bell rings and he goes and picks it up its manmohan at other side talking in different voice and he says to vibhuti tat he is the goon of this colony and he should be scared of him but vibhuti says tat he is not scared of anyone and manmohan says tat he knows tat u r checking out ur neighbours wife and vibhuti says tat how do u know r u in the line too and manmohan thinks tat vibhuti is not scared of him and then says tat u should be scared of him but vibhuti says tat he is not and comes anita and vibhuti holds the phone and anita asks vibhuti tat do u want to say anything and he says no while manmohan is listening and anita says wat u did with the pillow and vibhuti says tat he was dealing with pillow as he was manmohan and manmohan hears it and hangs up the phone vibhuti checks on the phone but now there is no one.
Manmohan decides to some how get rid of manmohans love from him and calls his employee tillu and says to him tat he has to do a favor for him and tilu agress and asks wat favor and he sees vibhuti coming out from hishouse and he then goes and sit on the swing holding tilu close to him and holding his hand and says tat he loves him very much and vibhuti says hi to tiwari and manmohan says to tilu tat he loves him very much and tilu says tat if u love me so much that y haven’t u given our salary and tiwari says tat he will give him his entire property and he says to vibhuti tat he loves tilu but vibhuti says tat he still loves him and gives him a flying kiss and tiwari throws it back to him but vibhuti throws it towards anguri and says tat by mistake he did it and anguri asks tilu how is he and she asks will he have something and tilu asks her to pack parathas and manmohan gives him a angry look.
Manmohan then goes to the baba from where he brought the attraction medicine and request him to give him some solution as he gave the medicine to wrong person and the baba asks him to give 10000rs for the next solution and manmohan says tat he cant afford it and then baba thinks for a while and gives it to him for 3000 rs and manmohan then mixes it in a coconut water and goes to anitas house and asks vibhuti to drink it but he refuses and manmohan forces him but comes in anita and she is very thirsty so take ist from manmohans hand and drinks it manmohan then says tat y did u drink tat and anita asks y she should not drink and manmohan just gets angry and leaves
Vibhuti get very angry by tiwaris behavior and throws the paper in his hand in anger anita then asks vibhuti wat is wrong with him he is tearing the pillow throwing things like thia and vibhuti says tat he is pissed and irritated with these people in this colony and anita says tat if u r so annoyed then we can leave this place this colony and go some other place but listening to this vibhuti says no no there is no need to change place it happens there are roses but also roses have thorns and anita asks by the way who is rose and vibhuti says tat pathak is rose and anita says tat pathak dark and fat man is rose and vibhuti keeps quiet.
Manmohan then goes home in tension and calls anguri and tells her tat she has to call at anitas house and whoever picks the call u have to tell them a lie tat he has gone out of town for one month and anguri says she will not lie but manmohan then says tat u will not lie if it is going to help ur husband and anguri agrees manmohan calls at anita house vibhuti picks up the phone and anguri tells him tat he called to inform tat manmohan is going out of town for a month and manmohan haungs up and vibhuti gets very happy listening to it and anguri there asks manmohan y did he asked to tell lie and tiwari says nothing but in his mind he says tat if he will stay away from anita for a month she will not hate him
Vibhuti is seen getting ready so tat he meets anguri and comes anita and asks him tat where is he going getting so much ready and vibhuti says tat he is going for a friend birthday party and anita says tat she will also come with him and vibhuti says tat it’s a boys party wat will u do there and anita says tat wat exactly party is about and vibhuti says tat u should not always doubt me like this and he leaves.
Manmohan is sitting in their hall and vibhuti come with a rose in his hand for anguri and calls if bhabhiji there at home listening this tiwari hides behind the sofa vibhuti calls anguri in style by keeping the rose in his mouth and he hears anitas voice and he also comes and hides behind sofa but both tiwari and vobhuti don’t know tat they are behind each other anita calls anguri and she comes out and anguri asks where is vibhuti as she heard him calling and anita tells tat he has gone out for a friends birthday party and then anguri says no she definitely heard him calling and anita says may be he must have come to meet tiwari but anguri says tat tiwari has gone out of town for a month and then anita says to anguri u don’t know hwere has he gone and anguri says no and anita warns her tat she should know where ur husband goes and when will he back at wat time these men of todays generation u cant trust them and anguri says tat tiwari is not like this but anita says tat u r so innocent u should keep an eye these men are not to be trusted manmohan thinks in his mind tat anita is hating him so much and vibhuti sees a lizard in front of him and gets scared.

Vibhuti is seeing and advertisement of a gum which tells tat if they use this gum it is best if it apllied to ur body it will take 3 days to get separated this gum is so strong and then vibhuti applies it on hishand and goes to meet anguri and asks her to shake hand with him but she says tat she cant as her hands are dirty and comes tiwari and says tat his hands are clean and shakes hand with him and vibhuti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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