Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Commissioner says I’m here to arrest u all,n everyone sitting here are under arrest too,Vibhuti hides his face n says we are here to get over our pain,Tiwari says n if u wish to arrest, arrest those who Invited us, commissioner says no one tries to get against my words go sit in van out n u happu Singh us re a shame to police department,happu says my wife threw me out,commissioner says that doesn’t mean u come here,I don’t come here when my wife kicks me out, anyways take them to police station all leave, commissioner says n gulfamkali u, she says me to in jail,he says I’m not mad, I will see u in afternoon bye.

In jail, Vibhuti says Prem u a responsible for this,prem says u came by urself bcoz ur wives are cheating on u,happu Singh says what another heart

attack,Vibhutis ays why ur heart breaks,happu says ladies form my covertly are having afloat that’s bad,Tiwari says worry abt ur own wife’s n not ours,happu singh says dare u,Tiwari says u are in jail too u can do nothing,commissioner walks in n says Tiwari n Vibhuti u are bailed ,ur wives are here get out,happu Singh says let us go too,commissioner says not so soon happu, I will not leave u so easy n even u prem.

Tiwari n Vibhuti walk inside to Anita n anguri n ask why did u bail us,Tiwari says yes it’s better to stay in jail rather see ur affair,Anita says if u are done let me talk,Tiwari says u two cheated us,Anita says we have no affair,Vibhuti says u liars,who were Those guys then,Anita says they are like our brothers,anguri says they are professionals n we used them so that u come in ur limits,Tiwari n Vibhuti go to their wives n say give me hug I’m so sorry.

Anguri in bedroom gets ready,Tiwari walks to her , anguri says laddu me bhaiya I love u,Tiwari says I love u too,she says I’m so happy today, I had given up on u but see my love brought u back to me, I will love u whole night today,Tiwari starts snoring,anguri shouts. Vibhuti on call says prem now my night is just for Anu u stop calling me,Anita walks in, n says so sweet of u,let’s talk,Vibhuti says u start,she says no u,he says ok what topic,like mmmmmmmm,Anita says I’m waiting,Vibhuti goes off to sleep.

Next morning, Tiwari n Vibhuti at a new stall , Vibhuti says prem comes here n whenever he fights with his wife he comes here, n he said its yum,Tiwari says ok let’s try it both eating chole bhature,tikka malka come there,malka says give me too,Tika says I gave u whole bottle of alcohol not this now, let’s do one thing as them to give us n says hi to Vibhuti n Tiwari,Vibhuti says go away,malka says we want to eat too,Tiwari says who stopping u,Tika says good give us two n they will lay bill,Vibhuti says run away stupid people,Tika malka says this u didn’t do good,u will have indigestion now.

Tiwari says nice after so long ate out,Vibhuti says me too n Anita doesn’t allow me says weight loss n all,Vibhuti says why anguri bhabhi doesn’t take care of u,tiwari says she does but is reason behind my Weight gain,she is boring, u are lucky to have Anita stay with her n u will know,Vibhuti says I wish, Anita is also trouble some,both have us let stomach n rush to their houses n sees it locked.

Vibhuti calls Anita n she says she is visiting editor n will be late,Vibhuti rushes to Tiwari n Tiwari tells even my house is locked,Tiwari says find ladder,we will jump into our houses through Windows, both try to find ladder but don’t get one n start looking for washroom.

Anguri at Anita’s house, says we shd have given them keys God knows where they are now,happu Singh walks in,Anita asks u here,happu says ur husbands we found them,n call them both inside, both walk in,Anita says u two handcuffed,anguri says yes how come,happu Singh says masterji called me n lodged a complain of thieves n when I reached there I saw these two using her washrooms,Vibhuti says actually we ate chole n so upset stomach n house was locked ,Tiwari says Same here, Tika n Malka rush in n says can we use washroom we ate chole bhature,Vibhuti says yes go upstairs.

Anita says happu Singh,he says yes I’m leaving.

Pre cap : Tiwari says anguri ur samosas will kill me bcoz of cholesterol,anguri says why shout on me.
Vibhuti says a man calls me n teases me says me u jobless creep,Anita says he is right find a job then,Vibhuti says u are unbelievable, give me divorce if u ashamed of me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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