Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vibhu turns beggar

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

A beggar begs a Jeweller on giving money,he shoots him and leaves. Vibhu and Anita watching TV,Vibhu laughing,Anita says it’s such a stupid movie,switch to news,Vibhu says you cant see me happy right,on news channel it’s all about beggars,they inform about a beggar who is dead and he own a million,Anita and Vibhu shocked,the beggar also was involved in lending money on interests,Vibhu puts if the channel,when he starts talking about jobless people,Anita says why did you,he was right look at a beggar he can earn but jobless,even after being so educated,be inspired,Vibhu says we need money for everything,Anita says for this you need to work,or else start begging and goes to sleep,Vibhu puts in the movie and starts enjoying again,Anita puts it off and goes to sleep.


door bell rings,Anguri checks its Amaji and laddoo and Amaji a had a shock through door bell,Anguri stares at her,Amaji says shall we,Anguri says yes please take a seat,Tiwari asks who it is and gets scared looking at Amma and asks what hairstyle is this,Amaji slaps him and says cant you repair the door bell,Tiwari says I did but,Amaji says get a new one if next time this happens I shall give you shocks after shocks,Anguri says calm down,Amaji says how can I,Tiwari asks why did you get him here,he was to celebrate Diwali in village,laddoo says no ways,there are no crackers and no one celebrates there too,Tiwari says you won’t stay in Kanpur,Amaji asks why is that,Tiwari says he scared everyone last time,Amaji says he will stay and asks laddoo to go and sleep upstairs.

Amaji says for your business to flourish Panditji ramphal asked to serve a beggar and give him 501 for days and I’m hungry now,Amaji and Anguri leave.

Anguri watering in garden,a beggar begs,Anguri greets him,he says may you have babies,Vibhu says how dare you, Anguri asks what’s wrong,Vibhu says I love your curves and having babies means,Anguri gets confused and says let him give me blessings and don’t scold him,I have special corner for beggars,Vibhu asks why though,Anguri says because I met Tiwari first time as a beggar,Vibhu says that’s interesting, Tiwari walks in and asks what did you say,Vibhu says I have a information that you were a beggar how true,Tiwari says Anguri what is this,Anguri says before marriage you use to come see me in temple,Tiwari says I use to come to see you and wasn’t actually one.

In temple all giving money to beggar, its Vibhu disguised,Tiwari walks to him and says I’m giving you money but you blessing wives,Vibhu says okay then I shall curse your wife and says may your wife be a widow,Tiwari says shut up,Vibhu says sokaiya may your lingerie business be in loss,Tiwari asks how do you know,Vibhu says you smell of it,Tiwari gives him the food and leaves,Vibhu says wow smells so good,bhabhiji cooks best.

Happu walks to Vibhu and says you beggar,leave,Vibhu says dare you call me one,you are the biggest beggar and you call it bribe,Happu says I shall slap you,and tell me there was a murder and a beggar was involved was your gang involved in it,Vibhu says I’m just a beggar,Happu says okay do you know about other gang,Vibhu says no nothing,Happu says inform me as soon as you get info and leaves.

Anita eating the halwa puri by Anguri and says yum this isn’t cooked by Vibhu may be his friend gifted,Tiwari walks In and says sorry I guess I disturbed,Anita says no no join me,this puri halwa is so yum,Tiwari thinks it looks like the one in my home and says co incidence is I gave a beggar halwa puri and this tastes same,Anita says what do you mean,Vibhu snatched from a beggar,no one else can cook kesar halwa badam,do you have rights for halwa,Tiwari leaves

Vibhu counting his money at tea stall,Tilu tikka malkhan are surprised to see so much money and discuss among themselves how does he have so much money,may be he played poker or something,Vibhu says am I looking handsome or it’s the money,Tilu says money,malkhan asks did you steal,Vibhu slaps them and says your mouth is a gutter,tikka says you don’t even work how did you earn so much,Vibhu says I wasn’t now I do,tikka says help us,we are in bed state,Vibhu thinks it’s easy to fool them and they look beggars too,Tilu asks what are you thinking,Vibhu you will be part of my business and you are over qualified for this,tikka Tilu and malkhan very happy.

Vibhu says little training and all will be fine,tikka asks what’s the work give some idea,Vibhu says meet me at 11, Tilu says is there anything illegal,Vibhu says trust me if you wanna work or else leave,tikka says we will come,Vibhu as okay give them tea,tikka says some alcohol for night,Vibhu slaps them.

Pre cap : Vibhu as beggar to Anguri begs,she says okay I shall get you food,he says people just give beggars food no one asks him what he wants,Anguri asks what you want,he says love.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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