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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari fainted on the road n tika n malkhan run to him to wake him up. Angoori asks tika n malkhan to take him home so she can wake him up. She tries to wake him up by making him smell a stinky socks. He wakes up n says that why is she calling him brother. She asks him whats his name he says manmohan tiwari. She says that even her laddu k bhaiya’s name is tiwari. He says he is her laddu k bhaiya only. She says why is he in this get up n in french beard. He says to startup a new business he went in a new get up. He then says that he fainted due to weakness n go get milk for me. She gets milk n vibhuti again calls on landline angoori goes to recive the call n vibhuti drinks half the milk n again adds water in it. Angoori comes n asks him to drink milk. He drinks

n again spits it saying it has water in it. Angoori saya how is it even possible she had poured milk not water. He says go get milk for me. She goes. Pellu comes to give blood n doctor saya u cant give blood because this camp is for humans n not giants. He gives him chit he reads it n says that he is blo*dy fool. He shouts at pellu. Anita asks why is he shouting n whats going on. Doctor says that he has come to give blood. She says take his blood n dont shout at him. A mute person has come to give his blood n here husband is not giving blood neither are other people giving blood. Happu comes n gives two more blood bottles n says he can do anything for her camp to go successful. Doctor says it doesnt look as if 4 bottles blood has been given by him. Happu again goes out n wake up that criminal who is terribly weak n not in a state to get up. But happu makes the criminal wake up forcefully n gives him toffee n shouts at him. Anita calls vibhuti n asks where is he. He says at mom’s place n she is not well she is coughing so cant talk. His mom takes the phone n says who is his new mom she is here only all fit n fine. He says sorry. Anita asks him to come home right away. He says ok he ll come n dont suck his blood. She keeps the phone n tells her MIL that till then she should donate her blood. She says no she is not well. Anita says as mom as son. Tiwari comes dressed up as a woman n says i want to donate blood. Doctor says ok but show ur face. Tiwari says do u want to do suhagraat seeing my face. Anita says take his blood why do u want to see his face. Tiwari’s health weakens n he collapses. Doctor says i knew he cant give blood. Angoori comes n says i have come to give blood. She asks who is this woman. Anita says she came to give blood but fainted. Angoori notices tuwaris ring n says its tiwari’s ring who is this woman. They open the ghunghat n it they are shocked seeing tiwari. Vibhuti comes n asks what happened. Anita says she’ll deal with him later. He meets his mom n she slaps him. Doctor saya he has given lots of blood he needs 2-3 bottles of blood. Angoori says if he doesnt get blood n anything happens to him i ll die. Vibhuti says he’ll give blood for her. If tiwari can do it for anita he will do it for her. Angoori is cooking vibhuti asks whats cooking she says bhindi. He says whatever she makes is awesome whether its kofta or bhindi. He sings song mere saamne wali khidki mein ek chand ka tukda rehta hain. Saxena comes n sings buru nazar wale tera muh kaala. Angoori laughs n goes. Vibhuti calls him n asks him what did he say. He says the song. Vibhuti puts koyla on his face. He says i like it. The episode ends.

Precap:- Anita says she likes some baba’s singing. Tiwari says but he is booked for next whole week n if she knows any good singer for mata’s jagrata she should tell him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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