Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri asking tiwari what he is doing. He tells heis repairing the radio. It gets repaired. A romantic song plays(i love you). Tiwari and anguri get romantic and vibhuti looks at them secretly from outside the house. He is angry. Meanwhile anguri and tiwari are dancing romantically. They bothe go to their room. Vibhuti is unable to bear.
Anita is reading a magazine. She reads that to control your husband yuo have to romance with him. Vibhuti comesin speaking to himself that romance should never be done like this. Anita askshim what happened. He tell he hate the word romance and he shouts loudly and angrily. Anita tells him enough and tells that romantic feelings inside him have died and that she will not speak to him. She goes. Vibhuti gets angry.

anguris house. A man comes on his scooter. He sees saxena and asks him why is he standing like this outside anguris house. Saxena says that he is the son of a beautiful woman who lives here and that sheis his mother. That man asks him when did he happen. Till then anguri comes out of her house and comes running and hugs this man. She then says he is her father. Then they get emotional. Anguri asks how is he. Dad says he is good but he doesnt like that vest n underwear business man. Anguri says why doesnt he forget it. Her dad says that once even sunny leone can wear a salwaar kameez but he cant change his thinking about tiwari. Then dad asks that when did saxena happen to her because he says she is his mother. Anguri says he is her neighbour. Then dad says he will not live in that house with tiwari and he will stay in some hotel.
Anguri says no and takes him to vibhutis house. She then makes her dad meet them. Then her dad says that there are so many nice people living around her and why does she live with tiwari. Then anguri says she loves tiwari. Dad says that dont take the name of that stupid tiwari. He says that if she would have waited for more time then she would have got a better husband. Vibhuti looks at him eagerly. Then dad says that now its ok. Anita comes with tea and says that they are lucky to have tiwari and anguri as their neighbours. Then dad asks anita that what does she do. Anita says she takes grooming classes. Then he asks vibhuti what he does. He is going to say till anguri says he doesnt do anything. Then dad says its good he doesnt do anything atleast he doesnt do an undergarment business. Vibhuti is happy. Then anita asks dad why is he angry against people doing such business. Vibhuti interrupts and says dad ofcourse doesnt like such people. Then dad looks at vibhuti. Vibhuti stays quiet. Then dad after drinking tea says that he is going and staying in a hotel. Anita vibhuti and anguri urge dad to stay in vibhutis house. Dad says ok.
At tiwaris house tiwari is eating samosas. Anguri comes running and says that she has a good news. He asks what. She tells him that her dad has come. The samosa gets stuck in his throat. He drinks water and then anguri asks him why is he sad. Tiwari says that her dad is very stubborn. Anguri goes to make lunch for her dad.
Tiwari speakd to himself that once a dogs tail can become straight but anguris father can never.
At night vibhuti and dad are drinking beer and speaking to each other. Vibhuti says that anguris dads is very interesting. Dad says ghat his whole family is interestibg and that anguris mother is more interesting. Vibhuti says that if two interesting people mate then interesting woman like anguri are born. Then dad looks at him strangely. Dad then asks him does he know his son. Vibhuti says that yes anguri has spoken about him and that he is some criminal type. Thendada says that he is not a criminal type..he is a criminal and that he keeps coming in and out of jail because of robbery and burglary. Then dad says to vibhuti that he must be interfering or showing interest in other woman a lot. Vibhuti denies and says that he is a married man. Dad says that married men only have a lot of mischief in mind. Vibhuti sits like an innocent man. Then vibhuti asks dad that has he ever peeped into a neighbours farm(double meaning). Dad says that he has not only peeped but also drived a tractor in the field. Vibhuti taps him and says he is quiet naughty and laughs. Dad looks at him strangely. Vibhuti sits innocently.

Precap: anguri is telling tiwari to ask for forgiveness to her dad and he will forgive him. Tiwari says he will try. Anguri goes at anitas house and is trying to tell her dad but is scared. Dad asks her what she wants to say?..she quickly calls tiwari and tells that he is going to ask u for forgiveness and dad will forgive u. Dad gets angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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