Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri and Tiwari saying what are you doing here? Tiwari says is this the way you come in anyone’s house? Vibhu says I am sorry but I had to come here because of you as you have not given me any money to buy the materials, how do I work? Tomorrow I, tika and malkhan will come here in the morning to do the work, so we need the materials. Vibhu says I will need some 10k rs for the materials. Tiwari says what 10k rs? Are you mad? Just to fix a small part of the wall, you will need so much material? Vibhu says to buy the cement we need 3000rs, and the rest of the material, it is not so cheap. Anguri says let it be, give it to him, he is going to repair our wall. Tiwari says okay, and gives the money and says go now. vibhu says yes, anguri dances on lagale ju lapstick.

Vibhu also sees, Tiwari says just shut up anguri and he sends vibhu. Vibhu goes. Tiwari says he destroyed all the romance I was doing.
Next day in morning, vibhu tika and malkhan are eating and anguri is serving them. Vibhu says the food Is very nice bhabhiji. Tiwari comes and says what is going on here? What have you done to my house? Vibhu says what? We are working here, cant you see? Tiwari says to remove that small moss on that wall, you put bamboos in my entire house? Vibhu says for that work now we need to repair the walls in the entire house. Tiwari says do you think we are fools? You will not do this, and why are you people eating here? Tiwari says anguri why are you giving these worker food to eat? Anguri says its okay let them eat. Tiwari says its not lunch time, its just 9 in the morning. Vibhu says for us it is lunch time. Tika and malkhan ask more puri’s. vibhu says me too. Anguri serves and says eat, there is more inside. Tiwari says you have created a mess in my house and you want food here? vibhu says I am a civil engineer and let me do my job, you do yours please. Tiwari says I have to tell anita now. Tiwari goes as tika malkhan say give us cold water. Tiwari says shut up.
At anita’s house, anita is saying I have to go now fast as I am late for the grooming classes. Tiwari comes and sits and looks at anita. anita says what have you come here for? Tiwari looks at anita and smiles. Anita says will you say something. Tiwari thinks what did I come here for? Then he says yes bhabhiji, just come and see what vibhu has done, you said that is why I kept him at home for work. Anita says please, I did not tell you to keep him. Tiwari says okay, but he just had to remove moss from the wall and now he has done a mess and is saying he will renovate the entire house. Anita says what? Tiwari says yes come with me and see. They go.
At home tika is painting and vibhu says tell me when anita is coming here. tika says okay, then he sees and says anita Bhabhi is coming. Vibhu says okay and Tiwari and anita come. Tiwari says see bhabhiji what he has done. Anita says he is working. Tiwari says I told him to do that wall and remove the moss and he is doing his job all over the house walls. Anita says what is this vibhu? Vibhu says what, and by mistake throws pain on anita and tiwari’s face. Everyone is shocked. Tiwari removes his spectacles and looks at anita. anita is shocked and cries and says what have you done vibhu? She scolds him. Vibhu says it was by mistake, I am a worker and you entered a working place, it was obvious it would happen. Anita says what do I do to my face now? vibhu says its easy, use oil and rub it on your face. The paint will go. anita says get lost and goes. Tika malkhan say Tiwari brother bring us water. Tiwari says shut up and goes. Tika malkhan tell vibhu that you are the biggest man in Kanpur who can fool anyone. Vibhu says okay now work. Vibhu rests.
In kitchen, vibhu is doing masonry work on the kitchen window wall and singing song. As he does the work, he waits for anguri and sings song. Anguri then comes and says what are you doing here? why are you doing masonry work here? vibhu says I am establishing the foundation of my love here. anguri says what did you say? Vibhu says actually bhabhiji the moss line had started from here so I have to repair the wall here too so that the moss will stop growing everywhere. Anguri says oh okay that is nice you work then. Vibhu says bhabhiji I was thinking if we got something to eat. Anguri says yes yes, don’t worry I have made hot aloo parathas for you. vibhu is excited and says wow, give us please. Anguri says yes you go outside I will bring them, anguri goes.
Tika and malkhan are sitting in the hall and singing song and mixing the pain. Tika says malkhan this work is so nice. Malkhan says yes brother, I feel like we do this work all our life and earn a lot of money from this and enjoy our life. Tika says yes and also give the money to that useless greedy man happu singh. Happu comes and listens. Malkhan says yes that happu singh is the most arrogant and corrupt man in entire Kanpur, if I had a chance I would beat him. Tika says me too, I always get angry looking at him. Happu then says you both rascals, and holds them. Both get scared and malkhan says no we were just saying, malkhan then by mistake puts paint on happu singh’s face. Tika and malkhan are shocked. Happu is angry. Happu says I will beat you both, suddenly he gets a call on phone and its commissioner and he tells happu to go quickly for an urgent case that has come. Happu keeps the phone and says I have to go now but I will not leave you, now you are lucky but both of you will come out of the house at some point, I will beat you. happu hits them and goes.tika and malkhan again start singing song and mix the paint.
At night anita has covered her face with a book and vibhu comes and sits and says anu baby. Anita removes book and vibhu gets scared as there is white cloth on anita’s face. Anita removes the cloth. Anita says I am very angry and how could you put paint on my face? Vibhu says see baby I am a human and mistakes happen from humans, I am sorry, I am really sorry. Anita says no you are not, what if my face became ugly because of the paint? Vibhu says but it did not, and even if that happened, I would still love you. anita says you don’t say anything. Vibhu says if you had become ugly I would call doctors from all over the world and give you a plastic surgery. Anita says where would you bring money from? Vibhu doesnt say anything. Then he says now let it go anita, please I am sorry, now come one. Anita then says okay I forgive you, but you wont get forgiveness so easily. Vibhu says what should I do so that I am forgiven? Anita says you were wearing that dress of that worker right? Vibhu says yeah. Anita says go wear that again and come from the balcony inside the house and talk like a worker, throw paint on me forcefully. Vibhu says slowly I am trapped again. anita says what did you say? vibhu says nothing I will go wear the dress. Anita smiles and says okay. Vibhu makes angry face and goes. Anita is excited.

Precap: Tiwari shows anita the house again and it is filled with mud and bricks. Anita is wearing raincoat. Tiwari says see bhabhiji, vibhu i gave you a small wall to do the work to remove moss and you messed my entire house. Anita says what is this vibhu? Suddenly a brick falls on anita’s head.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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