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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti saying that Saxena has done a deal and he got 1 crore of that land. So now I will steal that one crore for my child’s future. Anita comes and says that what are you saying Vibhuti you are going to steal you want to be a robber. For your child’s future instead of robbing u should do some job. he says that if I have to do this I will do this also for my child. He says lets sleep now n they sleep. He wakes up at night n wears a shawl n face mask n goes to rob at saxena’s house. Anita wakes n says where is he n follows him. Saxena shouts thief thief n hits vibhuti n everyone gathers there. Anita says no vibhuti didnt rob. Saxena says he came to take the money from my cupboard. Anita says to vibhuti that tell the truth that u didnt rob. He says

i only robbed n says i robbed from tiwari, tika n malkhan’s place also. Tiwari says r u mad n he says i ll even kill u for my child’s future. Anita says there will be no child i am not pregnant. He says why did u play with my emotions? She says i dint play i just did that so that u become responsible but u have got more spoilt. She says u come home n do all the work as it is bathroom is unclean since a week. She says to tiwari that u ll get ur 50000 back. He says ok. Anita n vibhuti go. Tilu says come tiwari lets sleep. They go. Vibhuti gets david’s call his chachaji. He says he got all property on his name this time from his aunty so he is coming tomorrow to kanpur n he will name the property on his name. Vibhuti says i am very happy come soon. He tells anita about his call. She taunts about the property he gave last time n he need not come here. He tells that he is going to name the whole property on his name this time. She gets happy n says he is always welcomed. She says but he assumes angoori as ur wife n me as tiwari’s. He says yes n says that i talk to tiwari n he’ll adjust. Tiwari is sitting with tilu. Tilu asks him for money n says he wants to have tea. He gives 10 tilu says nothing comes in 10 n asks for more he says i wont give more than this. Tilu says ok i ll tell everyone what u do at night when i sleep n tiwari asks what do i do? He says u torture me so i ll file a complaint against u. Tiwari gives him money. Tika n malkhan come n ask for money n he scolds them n hushes out. Tilu says they are my friends dont shout at them. Vibhuti asks why are you shouting n says they are such nice guys. Malkhan says he is not letting us play. He says what do u want to play they say gambling n he hits them they run. Vibhuti says david is coming so can anita be here for sometime or a day. Tiwari says i dont see other ladies. Vibhuti says she is not other lady. Tiwari says but she is not mine also so i cant. He says ok i ll send her to mom’s house. Tiwari says if u insisting so much so i ll keep her. Vibhuti thanks him. He thinks that i should thank u for keeping anita here. Vibhuti n pelu are having conversation about returning pelu’s money just then david comes with happu on his scooter. He hugs vibhuti very happily n then says to vibhuti that happu was arresting me thinking to be a goon n tell him i am ur uncle. He says yes he is my uncle. Happu says i dint know. Vibhuti says i missed u a lot n david says u want money not me. Vibhu says no i really love u. David says i lied to u i dint get any property. Vibhuti says to happu arrest him. David says i was joking. Vibhuti says even i was joking. Happu says on this note give me money. David gives 1 ruppee coin. Happu looks at him.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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