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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita calling v man at night. V man comes and stands in the balcony. He says i have cone. Anita says i am impressed and you have muscles and abs. Vibhu says yes. Anita says lsts romance. Suddenly saxena comes climbing balcony in. Vibhu says what is this? He tells he wants to play now. Vibhu says not now and go away. Saxena says pk i will tell somwthing to anita in her ears. Vibhu says wait lets play. They start playing and anita sleeps annoyed.
Next day at tea stall tiwari says he is fed up pf vibhu and now he will reveal his truth. He says where did this man go and has still not come. That man comes. Its tiwaris old friend and is more than 7 feet tall. Tiwari says he has some work for him. He asks what? He tells he has to act of troubling anguri and then bashu

up vibhuti who is fooling anguri and everyone of being v man. The man says okay. At anguris frontyard as anguri and vibhu are talking about vibhu being such a great superhero, tiwaris friend comes and kneels down and from outside the wall he troubles anguri. Anguri tells vibhu to go bash him up and he is troubling me. Vibuu says yes see me now and he goes out. He tells that man to get up. Tiwari friend gets up to 7 feet tall man. Vibhu is shocked and scared and says i was just saying lets be friends. That man says sure yes and then bashes up vibhu badly and then goes. Tiwari laughs and comes and anguri and tiwari keep looking at vibhu. vibhu gets up all bruised and hurt and anguri says what happened. Vibhu says nothing and tiwari says to anguri i told u he is a fake. Vibhu goes walking in pain home. Anguri tells fly and go. Vibhu looks at her and goes away. Episode ends.
Tiwari packs his bags and is about to go out of town. He tells anguri stay safe and do not talk with any stranger. Saxena comes dressed as a security guard. Tiwari says i have kept saxena as your guard until i come and he will keep you safe. Anguri says okay. Tiwari tells saxena that he will not allow any man to come near anguri and specially vibhuti. Saxena says okay. Tiwari tells if anita comes then welcome her home properly but no man should come. Saxena says okay. Tiwari says that as salary he will give him 10 shocks. Saxena says i like it and escorts tiwari out.
Next day vibhu comes after taking milk in the morning. Anguri is in frontyard and singing song and working. Saxena covers her face with an umbrella. Vibhu says how are you anguri and tries to see her but in vain. Anguri says i am okay. Vibhu tells saxena to remove that umbrella but saxena doesnt and tells he has been ordered by tiwari not to let any man near anguri and specially you so go away. Vibhu tells i am like her family. He tells anguri to tell saxena. Anguri says i tried but he will not do that as he has orders from tiwari and he does not listen so i cant do anything. Vibhu tells saxena to remove that umbrella nowor he will bash him.Saxena tells he will not and he will only bash him if he tries to come near. Saxena tells anguri to hold the umbrella and he goes near vibhu. Vibhu tells him to allow him to talk to anguri and saxena says he will not and make her your sister then come as much you want here but go now. Vibhu says bye to anguri and tries to see but in vain. Anguri says bye. Vibhu slaps saxena and goes.
At home anita reads news that a man ran with his neighbour. Anita says what is happening in this world and why did that man even marry his wife and he spoilt her life now. She tells vibhu did he hear this news. Vibhu comes out with coffee and is angry and frustrated. He tells no and what will happen even if i hear it and should i dance? Anita says why are you being rude. Vibhu says not rude and i am fed up of this life. Anita says what did i do? As vibhu did not get to see anguri he gets frustrated and shouts anita. Anita tells vibhu that he is removing someone elses anger on her and get lost. Vibhu says what? Anita says get lost. Vibhu goes.

Precap: vibhu calls saxena from telephone booth and talks in tiwaris voice and tells him that allow vibhu to speak to anguri and no one else. Saxena says that i am mad but not foolish and i know its you vibhu and if you come near the house or near anguri then i will bash you. Vibhu keeps the phone and is angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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