Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anita says tat I m sticked to wat I says and tiwari says tat I will prove u tat vibhuti has purchased the cow and he leaves anita then says this tiwari has gone mad
Anguri is seen doing her morning pooja and she is waiting for the cow to come and she sees it coming and vibhuti tells saxena slowly it’s a cow not horse and then anguri prays the cow and she then prays tat I want u to keep tiwaris business good and make ladu a big educated man and keep my amajis health good and also give me a chance to give birth to baby and then comes tiwari and asks the cow came and she says yes and tiwari says tat I will take some milk from this cow while vibhuti says tat where did this tiwari came from and then tiwari asks anguri to go and make break fast and tiwari tries to

milk the cow but he gets a gold ring and he gets surprised and calls anguri and tells her tat the cow gave us a gold ring this is a magical cow and in mean while vibhuti and saxena run away
Anguri searches for the cow but she has gone and they decide tat they will again meet her tomorrow and later tiwari goes to anitas house and tells her tat vibhutis cow gave him a gold ring when he was trying to take milk from out and anita then says tat tiwari u said tat u were not well and he says yes and anita says u r really ill wat non sense are u talking and tiwari says no I m telling the truth and anita says I wont believe and says tat y it gave a ring and not bangles and chain and tiwari says tat I will see for tat also and anita says tat pls stop talking rubbish and tiwari says I will prove it to you and leaves. Comes in vibhuti and asks anita wat was this tiwari saying and anita says I think tat tiwari has gone completely mad and vibhuti says tat I always told u and then says u always doubt me and anita says no vibhuti its not like tat I m focusing on y is tiwari always telling tat it’s the cow u purchased and then vibhuti says tat do u still doubt me and she says no and then vibhuti says tat I have washed clothes and anita says tat this means u want to say tat I make u work and I m not a good wife and then vibhuti folds his hands an dsays sorry and then anita says u want to says sorry then come up in bed room and she leaves and vibhuti says one duty over and another starts and goes upstairs with bucket of clothes to dry on terrace.
Vibhuti is having tea at tea stall with saxena while saxena is upset tat his gold ring is with tiwari and vibhuti asks him to calm down while saxena says tat it ws the ring tat his girlfriend gave him andit was the only thing about her with me as she left me cause I m mad person and there comes tiwari and asks vibhuti that where is his cow and he says tat she has gone to have grass u also go and tiwari says y r u getting so angry ur cow has given us a gold ring and shows it saxena sees it and gets furious and takes ring from tiwaris hand and runs and vibhuti says to tiwari tat only your own things remain with u and leave.
Next morning anguri is doing pooja and waits for the cow and it comes she does pooja of cow and then comes tiwari and he says tat now I will milk the cow anguri says pls let me do it but tiwari says no I will do it and tries milking the cow and this time he gets a wrist watch and then tiwari says to cow tat next time I expect a gold chain and then the cow hits tiwari and leaves and tiwari gets up and leaves
Tiwari then at home shows anguri tat this time the cow gave us this wrist watch and at that time comes anita and she then asks anguri tat wat all tiwari is saying is that true and she says yes and tiwari asks anguri who brought tat cow and anguri says vibhuti and he asks does tat cow belongs to vibhuti and anguri says tat cow belongs to vibhuti and anita gets shocked
Then anita ,tiwari and anguri decide find out the truth and then anguri calls vibhuti and asks him to bring the cow as she wants to do pooja and tiwari and anita are hiding in her house and seeing it all Tiwari and anita see the cow and anguri then does pooja while tiwari and anita come forward and remove the mask and they see vibhuti and saxena and tiwari says tat so it is u guys and then anita says tat I knew it was u coz once u scared my mother by wearing the mask of tiger anguri then says tat I m hurt vibhuti u lied to me and vibhuti says tat I lied because I thought instead of u going so far away i thought to bring a cow here I did not get any cow so thought of this and anguri says I m very angry and hurt and then vibhuti says tat may be the cow was false but ur prayers were very true ur wishes will be fulfilled truly and then tiwari gets a call and Bhavna agarawal gives tiwari an order of 5lakh rs and everyone gets happy and anita also says tat vibhuti u said it so correct its anguris prayers tat worked
Anguri then says tat her amaji has told that if she prays to a wolf then her wishes will get fulfilled and saxena then makes a noise of wolf and everyone looks at him in surprise.

Anguri says tat I like moustaches on men and asks vibhuti y don’t u keep it will suit u and he says I used to have it but anita made me shave and then anguri asks him to keep its assign of a man later anita is talking phone saying tat she hates men with moustaches she feels like scratching it and tiwari listens to this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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