Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti comes to anguris house with a bouquet and anguri asks him where have u gone and vibhuti says even I didn’t know where I have gone if u get to know then pls tell me and anguri asks why have u brought this bouquet and vibhuti says tat tomorrow is anitas birthday and I have promised her tat I will wish her first on her birthday and give her roses anguri says tat but her bday is tomorrow not today and then vibhuti says I was wishing tat I will give her this time also but anu is not around now and comes tiwari from behind and says to vibhuti tat if u don’t mind I will give this bouquet on behalf of u and vibhuti says sure thank you so much tiwari and he asks have u brought a card and asks to show when vibhuti shows the card tiwari asks him to wite I love u anu

may be she will forgive u and love u and then vibhuti asks anguri to give him a pen and she says I don’t have and tiwari then asks her to bring a knife he can write with blood and vibhuti says yes and anguri truly brings the knife and tiwari asks to give and asks vibhuti to remove ur blood and write it with it and then vibhuti says tat actually I have low hb so I cant I actually have a red pen and he writes with it
Anita is waiting and expecting vibhuti to come with roses and wish her and bell rangs and when she opens door its tiwari and anita looks upset and tiwari wishes her and gives her roses and sings bday song anita thanx him and says tat I was expecting vibhuti and tiwari says he reacted very badly when I brought this okay and anita asks did u say tat its her bday and he says yes but he reacted tat this is the worst day for me and then anita gets very upset and tiwari says we will arrange a party and anita says I m in no mood to party and tiwari explains her tat he will give party and u should enjoy and show vibhuti tat u don’t care and anita says yes sure we will party
Vibhuti is waiting for tiwari to come back as he is waiting to know anitas reaction after the gifts and anguri asks him to have food and but vibhuti says tat no after tiwari comes I will have it and comes in tiwari and vibhuti excitedly asks wat did anita relplied and tiwari throws the torned card all around and says this is wat she did and vibhuti gets very shocked and then asks did she liked my bouquet and tiwari tells tat she stamped the roses and vibhuti gets really hurt after listening to this and tiwari also tells tat she is also going to party and vibhuti asks has she invited me and then tiwari tells tat ya she said tat anyone can come and vibhuti tells tat I will not go to this party but tiwari insists him to and show anita tat even u dont care and vibhuti says tat he will come to the party
Anguris house is decorated for anitas bday party and anguri comes and everyone comes to party tika,malkhan,pandit,doctor and anguri sees tat everyone is having refreshment drinks and tiwari brings desi liquor and pela is serving it and tika says to malkhan tat this is a desi liquor and malkhan then asks tiwari tat is there no scoth and tiwari says drink wat is given otherwise leave and tika says I m feeling high I will leaves and then anita comes with saxena and doctor wishes her happy birthday and says tat he heard abut u and vibhuti he also has depression pills if she needs and then anguri and tiwari let her in and then pandit wishes her and she says thanks and he asks where is vibhuti and anita could not answer so anguri says tat he is getting ready and pandit says usually ladies take a long time to get ready but here it is opposite and then hapu singh wishes anita and gives her a gift and says tat I feel sorry about u and vibhuti never mind but whenever u need any help I am always there and tiwari says tat for this me and anguri are there for her and then anita takes anguri aside and says tat she is feeling very scared as how will she face vibhuti and anguri asks her to relax everything will be fine and then comes down vibhuti singing a sad song and malkhan asks him tat y is he singing sad song its celebration time and vibhuti goes and sits on a piano and continues to sing the sad song and anita gets very emotional and she runs outside crying tiwari follows her and he asks y r u crying and she says tat I m really feeling bad and tiwari says u should actually dance and anita says wat r u talking and tiwari says yes u should show him tat u r happy and not sad

Vibhuti goes crying in kitchen and drinks liquor and anguri comes and asks him not to cry and anguri then tells him tat I can understand a women I have read her eyes she loves u very much as u sung the song she also got upset and went outside see now she will come in and everything will be ok and they come in hall and anguri says tat see tiwari will bring anita back and anita comes in dancing to a song along with tiwari and then everyone start dancing along with her and then at a lyrics she stops and stares vibhuti and then goes out running and then everyone follow her and then malkhan comes and tells pandit tat party is over and they go while vibhuti busts a balloon in anger and goes upstairs and then anguri follows him saying don’t cry

Tiwari tells anita on call tat vibhuti has drank poison and vibhuti and anita are seen coming out to see each other

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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