Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti insults Anita.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri says Vibhuti are you ready,Vibhu says yes,Anguri says I’m coming and kicks him,tiwari catches him,Vibhu gets up and says oh wow,can you believe this I’m all well,and I must tell you bhabhiji,you are so strung your leg has beauty strength delicacy,tiwari says leave with all respect,Anguri says will you have something,tiwari says shut up,Vibhuti leaves,Anguri says why behave this way,he is our neighbour,tiwari says shut up and dare you kick him without my permission because I know he will return for it.

Anu says I thought my husband loves me a lot,Vibhu walks to her and says baby I love you the most,Anu says then what was in the morning,Vibhu says actually I met a pandit in my way and he said your wife has some issue in her kundali and so do this once you meet her,Anu says

but you know I don’t believe in all this,Vibhu says but baby remember once a pandit predicted you will hit me with chappal and you did,Anu says that was because Tiwari mummy said me to do that to save you from that animal,Vibhu says but the prediction came true.

Anu says ok don’t repeat and now come let’s go make video,both start recording and again while lifting Anu,Vibhu hurts his back,Anu says gain now rest here I shall come back.

Saxena playing with lizard,Happu walks in and asks what were you up to playing with lizard,Saxena says call her Chameli,Happu says okay,Saxena says I knew you will get me my better half where is she,Happu says I’m behind your search,the girls run away listening your name,Saxena says I increase my price by 20000 but I need my mate,Happu says okay,in Kanpur all know you and your madness so I will go search outside,I’m going Aligarh i shall look there,Saxena says okay,

Tilu as a woman walks in,and asks is Saxena here, Happu asks who are you,she says how does that matter you,Happu says weird and leave,she says you were looking for a mate and I’m here,Saxena says sorry but I don’t know you so share something about you,she says even I’m longing for love and companion,Saxena says okay answer my questions and if you pass I shall accept you,Saxena ask GK questions,she says I want to be your companion and not give IS exam,Saxena says it’s equally difficult get out now,she says you are so bad and cheap and leaves.

Anguri in kitchen singing,Vibhu walks to her,Anguri asks what’s wrong again,Vibhu says I hurt my back again,Anguri says oh I thought you bent to get your coin,what now,Vibhu says help me,Anguri says I cant,I need to take Tiwaris permission,Vibhu says I beg of you,there’s no one around kick my back please,Anguri says I have to ask for permission,tiwari walks and says what is this is this an hospital that you come here,Anguri says why talk to him like this he is in pain,he is our neighbour,Vibhu says I beg if you don’t do this, tiwari says Anguri go in.

Vibhu says what you want in return,tiwari says insult bhabhiji again.vibbu says okay, Anu having tea with Meenal and Anurag and she says when will you send video,you will be late,Vibhu walks in,Anu says good you came now Meenal you record us,Meenal says okay,Vibhu says am I your puppet,Anu says so funny Vibhu,Vibhu says you have made fun of me,my life,Anu says he is such a good actor look,we at times do this for timepass,Vibhu says yes I’m just a time pass in your life,Anu says enough Vibhu,Meenal he is just acting,Vibhu says you act,you fake our relation and that too for five lakhs,you are so greedy,the most greedy woman I have ever seen,Anu says Vibhu leave,Vibhu says who can stand you anyway,I salute myself for standing you,Anu says I caught you,is this asked by some Panditji,Vibhu says it’s reality and these two are losers,Vibhu thinks baby I’m very sorry I’m helpless and leaves.

Tikka and malkhna ask Tilu did Saxena accept you,Tilu says he is mad,he didn’t and asked me GK questions,malkhan asked really,Tilu says I don’t understand how does that relate to having a better half,tikka says but Tilu is right it’s not easy to fool Saxena we have to use some tricky things.

Tiwari on call,Vibhu walks in,tiwari says welcome welcome,please sit down,how come you here,Vibhu says you know why am I here and why are you asking me to insult Anu,don’t you respect her,tiwari thinks I don’t just respect her but worship her and imagines worshipping her.angrui hears them talk.

Pre cap : Meenal disqualifies,Vibhu and Anu. Anu says Vibhu get lost.
Next day Vibhu missing,Anu says Tiwari vibhu isn’t picking calls and I’m so worried I hope he isn’t in any problem.D

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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