Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita talking on phone with her mama and says yes we miss you and someday come here. Anita says vibhu is still jobless and doesn’t earn, mama says he has a job for vibhu about 15k a month and a flat in meerut but for that vibhu has to come to meerut. Anita says that’s nice and I will tell vibhu. Vibhu comes, anita keeps phone and says vibhu I have got a job for you and it has been offered by my mama. Vibhu says I am sorry I will not do it. anita say shut up and listen first and the job has 15k rupees and a flat too. Vibhu says I will not do such a job and I at least expected a package of 1 crore rupees per year, so I am not doing this because even your mama will later say I gave job to vibhu. Anita says I said you will do it, that’s it. vibhu says I said I

wont, that’s it. vibhu goes.
Tiwari comes and says hello anita and sits. Anita looks worried and says vibhu has got a job but he is not going and its in meerut. Tiwari gets happy and says what? That’s amazing then send him fast and don’t miss this time. Anita says what can I do? Vibhu straight away said no. Tiwari says be a little strict otherwise divorce him and tell him to go. Anita says shut up please and being strict is what I have to do now. Tiwari laughs and says that’s like a good girl, anita looks at him. Tiwari says I mean you look like 16 yr old so. Anita laughs and says many people told me.
At home anguri is in tears and watching movie on tv. Vibhu comes and says why are you crying? Anita says when ever u see a film with farmers I am always in tears. Vibhu says what? Why? Anita says I respect them a lot and love them from my heart. Vibhu thinks love from heart? Vibhu says that’s nice. Anguri says actually my dad, uncle and grandfather all have been farmers before then they started business. Vibhu says what dad was farmer? Anguri says yes. Vibhu then say even my father and all men in family had been farmers and we even had land. Anguri says what happened then? Vibhu says one day my dad was crushes under a stone in our land and for his operation we had to sell the land. Vibhu starts acting and crying and anguri cries.
At tea stall, tika malkhan and saxena are there. Tika on phone says that I need 3000rupees. He keeps phone and malkhan asks what happened? Tika says that guy abused me so which means we wont get money. Saxena says you jobless people work and earn it and you sit like this wasting time everyday. Vibhu comes and sits and says don’t worry guys and I have a job for you both. Tika malkhan say what? Vibhu says I am going to start farming and you both can join in and even saxena. Tika says so you will be a farmer now? Vibhu says yes I will be a farmer. Vibhu says I give you this night to think, vibhu goes. Tika malkhan and saxena are thinking.
At night in room, anita has packed vibhus clothes in a suitcase and says vibhu will miss me so much. Vibhu comes from washroom and says what is this? You are going to your mothers house? Then stay as much you want and there is no need for you here. Anita says this is your bag and not mine and you are going to meerut tomorrow. Vibhu takes his blanket and sleeps but says I once said I am not going then what is your problem? Anita says then what will you do? And you have to earn from now and since 7 years you have not done anything. Vibhu says actually I am going to do farming. Anita says what did you say? Farming? Just act mature and you will not do this. Vibhu says yes I will and I know how to do farming and my grandfather did farming and in his veins fertilizers run and not blood and that’s what I feel now. Anita says okay lets suppose you will do farming but where? Vibhu says somewhere I will do it but I will. Vibhu sleeps and anita says if you don’t become successful then I will throw you out of the house. Anita sleeps.
Next day vibhu is in his alwn and he has laid soil there and is farming in farmers clothes. He sings mere desh ki dharti, anguri comes and is smiling and feels good to see vibhu. Anguri says you started farming here and I respect farmers a lot. Vibhu says yes I remembered my father and so thought I should do farming here. Anita comes and says what is this? You covered everything with soil and how do I come and go and what will people think? And our guests? Tiwari comes out from his house and is shocked to see vibhu farming.

Precap: Tiwari says I will see how vibhu does farming here? And I will make sure he goes to meerut.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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