Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu becomes famous singer

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu on call asks who is this,the person says a distant relative,Vibhu cuts the call and says now I have so many relatives but in bad times even my own relative weren’t there for me.vibhu gets another call for a show but anu starts singing and he gets distracted and says god I told her singing isn’t her cup of tea but look at her.vibhu says on call says if you need me for show talk to my secretary,Sir walks in vibhu welcomes him,and says you could have called me why did you take the trouble,he says I was just passing by so thought of seeing you and my head is spinning my song is ready but haven’t found any female lead,anu begins her practice again.

Sir hears her voice,Vibhu says anu stop it we have guests,Sir says don’t stop her she is so sweet is she your wife,Vibhu says

yes but she isn’t trained,Sir says but she is fab,Vibhu says but knowledge is important,Sir says you are talking don’t forget I made you star and if you can be one so can she call her,Vibhu says anu come here,anu says oh Sir welcome,Vibhu says I recommended your name for a female playback,anu says is it,Vibhu says yes now sing properly and don’t forget you are a superstars wife,and Sir will you have something,he says tea,Vibhu says anu get me coffee alone with his tea.

Anu I’m recording room,Vibhu asks Sir is mic off,he says yes,Vibhu says anu isn’t trained so don’t give her tough competition,Sir says don’t forget I made you a star,tiwrai says she is better star then he is,he says shut up then,And anu I need this song in base,Vibhu asks how will she,sir says shut up.anu starts singing,Sir starts enjoying.tiwari starts having fun too,Vibhu pretends he is having fun.

Sir says Anita fantastic,you nailed it,Vibhu says keep rehearsing you will sing better one day,anu says thank you vibhu I’m not as good as you are but I gave my try,tiwrai says bhabhiji this is the right answer on big singers,Anu says I’m just doing my job.

Vibhu says keep rehearsing we may record in year or two,Sir say shave you lost it,I announce a contract of 10 songs with her,Vibhu says it’s with me,Sir says show me,Vibhu says here you go,Sir tears it,and says here it goes away and now Anita will be my singer.anu says thank you sir.tiwrai says you are a superstar and you will need a manager,anu says you are my manager indeed.

Anguri listening to radio and hears anu sing,and starts dancing on the number.vibhu walks in puts it off.anguri says can’t you see I was dancing to superstars song and puts the music on,Vibhu puts it off and says it’s me vibhu superstar,anguri says you were now anu is superstar and a bigger one,Vibhu says before I leave,anguri says I want to listen to her song please leave.vibhu very disheartened.

Vibhu and Saxena see boys dancing,saxena says boss these boys have changed the party they now dance to bhabhi ma’s song,Vibhu says at times new comers do give hits and my fans are mine you see,when they see me they shall come running to me.

Anu walks out,vibhu to boys hello boys,they say oh my god superstar,Vibhu says see that’s stardom,boys and others pass Vibhu and rush to anu and start taking selfies with her.tiwari pushes everyone away and says stop troubling maam,anu says tiwrai it’s ok I am star because of them,Tiwari says these boys are thieves you see,anu says relax they all are so nice,malkhan and tikka start cheering for anu,anu says enough guys I’m just a little singer,tilu says you are superstar. Anu says thank you so much come let’s take pictures,saxena says bhabhi ma has snatched your stardom.

Happu walks to anu and says congratulations,anu says Thanku our,tiwrai says what are you just standing there take over her security,happu pushes Vibhu and says stay away,Vibhu says have you lost it she is far there I’m here,saxena says don’t forget my boss is a superstar,happu says there’s only one superstar and it’s anu Bhabhi and pushes everyone away from her and says anu bhabhi I’m so happy for you and now I’m in charge of your security and one selfie with me please,anu says sure.saxena says boss look at your stardom it’s in her feet now.vibbu slaps saxena hard and leaves.

Anu says yes Meenal I’m invited for inauguration and free parlour services too and now bye,Vibhu standing near by anu says hi when did you come,Vibhu says wow glamour and success has made you so drunk that you didn’t even notice me.anu says I was on call what’s wrong with you,Vibhu says I can see the fever of stardom and goes to bed,anu says excuse me what are you trying to say,Vibhu says you got more then your ability,anu says am I so bad that you keep pointing at it,and if I was so bad Sir wouldn’t have given me the chance,vibhu says look at your pride and I recommended you but you have no thankfulness,anu says you are just jealous of me,Vibhu says please I’m happy for you,anu says I can’t see that you a te just jealous.

Vibhu says no it’s your pride and stardom and so you can’t see me.Anu says if you think so vibhu that’s your problem not mine and goes to sleep.vibhu says life sucks.

Pre cap:tikka tilu and saxena to vibhu you are a flop,anu bhabhi has eaten your stardom and you are hopeless again.
Vibhu to anguri now I will make you a singer we will record a song together.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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