Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari and anita and everyone doing the drama. Anguri who is anarkali says I love someone else and not the both of you. salim and akbar say who is that? Anarkali says its baban singh, baban singh is malkhan who is the guard. Malkhan comes forward. Salim says oh my god, I thought you would be my princess but you have fallen to the standard of my slippers. Anita says I want divorce from akbar. The boss says this is out of limits and says stop this everyone. Everyone look at him and says who is this? Boss says come on beat everyone. They take sticks and starts beating everyone. Everyone gets beaten except women. Saxena says I like it.
At night vibhu and anita are in room and vibhu is in pain. Anita says what does that man think of himself? and how could he beat

anyone. Vibhu says leave it they are dangerous people. Anita says how leave it? and I will not sit quiet as india is a republic country and we can do what we want, who is he to tell us that we are insulting history? Anita says I will complain to the commissioner. Vibhu says anita they are very dangerous people and let it be now. The phone rings and vibhu takes it, it’s the boss and he says you are all going to pay for what you have done. Anita takes the phone and says see mister we did not hurt you so don’t act smart and we can do anything we want unless we hurt someone, who are you to tell us? Vibhu takes the phone and says forgive me sir and I am sorry, forgive everyone and we wont insult history again. Boss says but you wil stay pay for what you all have done. He keeps phone.; anita says why did you says sorry? Vibhu says please shut up now.
At home anguri brings medicine for Tiwari and tells take this your pain will go. Tiwari says those goons beat me so bad and what he was saying about history? And what does he even know? Anguri says yes the play was nice and what did we do that he beat everyone? Anguri says I will bring ice, she goes. The door knocks, Tiwari opens, the boss is there with all his men and they pull Tiwari out. Anguri comes and sees where is Tiwari? They throw Tiwari back in the house and go. Tiwari’s face has been blacked with grease.
Next day anguri is watering plants, and vibhu comes covered in blanket. Angrui says I don’t have money go ahead. Vibhu says its me bhabhiji and not a beggar. Anguris says ohh sorry. Vibhu says those goons beat everyone so bd and what is their problem? Anguri says yes, now we wont even get to go to London. Vibhu says who said? We will go to London and don’t worry about that. Anguri gets excited and says yes then it will be fun.
At home anita is speaking to meenal on phone and vibhu comes and sits and is in pain. Anita says I will keep the phone as vibhu is in pain. Vibhu says what do we do? And it has happened like a curfew and we all who acted in this play cant even step out. Tiwari and anguri come and anguri says yesterday those men came and they put grease on tiwari’s face too. They are too dangerous. Anita says we shall complain in the police. Outside on the street the men come and the boss has tika and malkhan. They say you both were calling the king right? And now see what we do. They start beating tika and malkhan. Inside the house everyone listen the sound and vibhu and everyone come to the door. they hear tika and malkhan getting beaten.
There happu singh comes on the scooter and stops. The men stop and happu is scared. Boss says you were that darmiyan right? Happu singh says who? Me? No. actually it must be someone else, happu singh runs. All the men run behind happu singh. Vibhu anita and Tiwari anguri come out of the house and see tika and malkhan on the ground. Vibhu says did you get hurt? Both of them look at vibhu angrily and then get up and go singing songs. Vibhu says they are very positive boys. Suddenly happu singh and tika malkhan come running and the men behind them. Vibhu and everyone run in the house and lock the door.
At home saxena is there and duckworth is making kebabs. Happu and prem come inside and hide and the men go running from the street. Happu and prem sit on the sofa and saxena says what happened? Happu says because of you we are getting beaten and they beat so badly. Prem says yes, because of your stupid play. Happu says I don’t know why I went to act in this play and I should have done my duty instead. Saxena says they aren’t beating me, see I am sitting and relaxing with duckworth and he is making kebabs. Suddenly the sound of the men come and they run across the street again. Happu and prem hide behind the sofa and then suddenly fumes come from behind and happu gets shocks from an open wire. Saxena sees and says I like it. happu and prem get up. Saxena takes the wire and takes the shocks and says I like it.

Precap: anita vibhu Tiwari and anguri are at home and commissioner is there. Outside the house the boss and men are protesting and have a cloth effigy to be burned. The commissioner inside hears this and locks the door and hides behind the sofa. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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