Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epsiode starts with tiwari going in bedroom at night. He tries to convince anguri who is sad and angry but she is angry and does not talk to me. Tiwari tells anguri that a man is doing a plan against him and no women loves him. Anguri tells you are a liar and vibhuti told her that you told anita that a woman is crazy behind him. Tiwari tells no vibhu is jealous of him because he has money bunglow and car. Anguri says where does he have bunglow and he has just this house and a garment shop. Then tiwari tells anguri that there are many manmohan tiwari in kanpur so she must be calling someone else. Anguri says that is possible. Tiwari gets a call on mobile. Anguri picks it up. Vibhu speaks in girls voice and says i want to speak to manmohan tiwari. Anguri says who manmohan tiwari? Vibhu

says my laddu ke bhaiya, then anguri tells tiwari see this and she wants to speak to laddu ke bhaiya and there are not many laddu ke bhaiya in kanpur. Tiwari takes the phone and scolds the women vibhu on phone and tells dont call me again. Tiwari says that women will not call me again.
In morning anita comes and tiwari says wow today you are at my house. Anita says i dont want to speak to you. Tiwari says throw the anger and he has told that woman not to call again. Anita then sees a letter at tiwari couch and she reada a romantic phrase. Tiwari says wow so cool and then anita tells its not cool and its written here. Tiwari shreiks and says who did this and why is she destroying his life? Anguri comes and reads it and says wow its written good. Then anita says it has been written by tiwaris girlfriend. Anguri starts crying. Vibhu comes and tells dont cry and i and anita are here and why dont u leave this guy? Anita tells anguri lets go up. They go and vibhu tells tiwari you are disgusting.
At tea stall tiwari thinks why did i think of telling all this stuff to anita. Then tika malkhan come. They tell that nowadays tiwari is getting calls from a woman and she has written letter with her blood too. Malkhan says not at all it must be written with goat blood and they laugh. Tiwari slaps them and they go. Happu singh comes and says what am i hearing tiwari? Tiwari says i need your help and i think someone is framing me. Happu singh says then lets start from anitas house. Tiwari says why do you need to investigate there? Happu singh says i need to see everything.
At anitas house tiwari and happu singh go. Happu singh tells that tiwari has a complaint that a woman is behind him so he came to investigate. Anita says what should she do in this and then vibhu says why will a woman go behind tiwari. Happu singh tells by the way many woman are behind me too. Vibhu says what and you have a shit face and who is behind you? Happu singh starts telling stories and vibhu goes in kitchen to make tea. He calls on phone and tells he wants to speak to happu singh. Then he speaks in womans voice and says i am sahir banu from kota and everyone look. Anita says all men are alike and disgusting. Tiwari and vibhu go.
At home anguri comes from bathing and sees its written with redlipstick on the mirror that i will now take you away from anguri my manmohan. Anguri shreiks and tiwari comes. He also screams from fear. Anguri says i will call amma ji and she goes down running. Tiwari says no no no and stops her. Vibhu comes and says yes anguri you come with us at our house and i know that that woman wrote all manmohan i will take you stuff on the mirror and lets fo. Anguri goes. Tiwari thinks how does vibhu know what is written because he did not go in the bedroom and he is only the teal culprit.
At home anguri is crying and vibhu and anita are there. Tiwari comes and tells anguri he called that woman and she made him his brother. Anguri smiles and says that great and its good. Vibhu says its not possible and he doesnt accept it. Tiwari says yes we are brother sister now. Vibhu says he wont take it. Anguri says she does not care and she is his wife and not you vibhu. Vibhu looks and says yeah sorry. Then tiwari gets call and he says see i got her call and he puts on speaker. Saxena speaks in womens voice. He says that how are you tiwari brother. Anguri smiles. Saxena tells tell anguri sorry from me. Tiwari says ok and says i know you have got someone else more handsome and who is it. Anguri smiles and makes signs yes who is it? Saxena says its vibhuti narayan mishra your neighour and he is so s*xy and handsome.

Precap: anita comes after jogging and vibhu is hiding his lips from her. She says show it to me and forces his hands out and screams after looking at his lips.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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