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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with your vibhu distributing cards to tiks and malkhan. They are playing cards, and put money on it. Anita watches and is angry. Vibhu sees and says see that rich woman did not sleep. Tika says why are these rich people jealous of us. Tiwari is watching and is hidng and says they are troubling anita too much. Vibhu says you are right and thses rich people are jealous of us as they cant see us happy. Saxena comes wearing bear costume behind tiwari and says i am ready. Tiwari says go then and throw them out from there. Saxena says okay. Vibhu tika and malkhan are dancing on a song and teasing anita for being rich and shrude. Saxena comes as bear and attacks malkhan and tika. Vibhu hides. Suddenly a real bear comes, anita says where did this real bear come from? Tiwari

says damn how did this real bear come? Real bear takes saxena. Vibhu says what was this? Tika and malkhan say that bear attacked where i cant imagine. Vibhu says anita was it your trick and dont waste time here looking at poor people. Anita says i dont have time to waste. She goes.
Next day at home anguri says i love feeding those poor people. Anguri gets a call from mom, mom says actually pandit ramfal gave her a solution. Anguri says yes what is that? Mom says he said you dont need to feed those poor people for 1.5 years and just give them aloo gobi vegetable today and beat them up by giving 50 beatings and tell them to go. Anguri says from that tiwaris business will benefit?mom says yes it will benefit double. Anguri says okay i will do that.
At tea stall tiwari says that real bear came and destroyed the entire plan. Tiwari says i did not think about saxena and is he alive? Saxena comes and sits beside tiwari. Tiwari says you are alive? Saxena says yes thats why i am sitting here. Tiwari says what did the bear do to you? Saxena says he did what a male bear would do to a female bear. Tiwari says what? So you are not worth dhowing face? Saxena says i dont know but i liked it.
Vibhu goes as anita called him. Anita says so you are sure you wont come home? Vibhu says a poor man always has to say a lot of times and i am sure and wont come back to this bloodthirsty house which insults poor people. Vibhu goes as the bell rings for food. Anita says what do i do of him?
Anguri calls poor people for food. Tika and malkhan come and sit. Vibhu comed. Anguri puts aloo gobi. Tika says there is no roti? Anguri says no, vibhu says eat what she gives you. They eat and vibhu says this is so good and i dont even need roti even if it was there. Anguri says but i will give you 50. After food, anguri tells vibhu to get up. Vibhu says is is special and smiles? Anguro removes a stick and gives vibhu 50 beatings on his butt. Vibhu is shocked and says what was that? Anguri says nothing but the 50.
At home anita is there and vibhu comes. Anita ignores. Vibhu sits beside her and says i am sorry baby i love you a lot and finally i have r̥̄ealised that i cant live without you. Anita smiles and says is that so? Vibhu says yes i swear. Anita says okay i love you too and says this tiwari is so dumb and clumsy . vibhu says yes i know he is. Anita says then do the work again and wash untensils and clothes again. Vibhu says okay baby i will do it. As vibhu goed anita spanks him and says do it darling. Vibhu says ouch, anita says what happened? Vibhu says nothing just had the 50. Tika and malkhan come running and are hurt too and say vibhu at jhaparkati they are feeding poor people and its black chole with puri and also 50rs. Vibhu says what thats interesting. Anita is angry. Vibhu looks at her and says no and slaps tika and malkhan and says i am not poor get lost. They go. Anita smiles and vibhu says i will work, she says bring coffee vibhu says okay.
There vibhu comes from home and is walking like hurt, he sees anguri in kitchen and starts singing song tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi. After singing anguri says what happened? Vobhu says you beat me up like a dog and you say what happened? Anguri says mom told her as pandit ramfal said i did not have to feed poor people for 1.5 years and i could finish it with aloo gobi and 50 beatings and tiwaris business would benefit double. Vibhu says what? If they would have said feed them aloo gobi and blow them with a canon shot then would you have done that? Anguri says yes. Vibhu says what you would do that? Anguri says yes for tiwsris success i would. Vibhu says namaste and is about to leave when anguri laughs and says i was joking. Vibhu laughs and says i knew you were joking. Anguri is cutting vegetables and vibhu is looking at her and blushing.

Precap: Saturdays episode: bollywood actor jackie shroff comes. Everyone is dancing at a song from jackie shroffs movie.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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