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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari going home and searching the dressing table. He doesnt get the ring so he goes down and calls anguri. He tells her where is the ring which he bought for her? She tells did he buy her a ring? He says yes and he checks her hand but does not find it and then tells her that he had bought a ring for her and had kept it on the dressing table but now it must have been stolen. She then thinks that she gave the ring to vibhu and should take it back from him.
Anguri goes running at vibhus house and calls him. Vibhu comes out and says what should he do for her? She tells him that the ring she gave him is actually ring which tiwari gave her. He says what nonsense and tuwari is not capable of buying a diamond ring. Anguri tells vibhu not to say this about tiwari

and that he has bought her that ring and the ring which vibhu gave her has not been found. Vibhu says how can he take that ring back from anita now because it is a risk as it will be like putting hand in a bee hive. Anguri tells vibhu to please do anything but return her the ring which tiwari bought for her. Vibhu says ok he will try to do somethibg. Anguri says not try but give her back that ring and anguri goes away sad.
Vibhuti later is going out and decide to go away creepily so that anguti does not see him and ask for the ring. He goes slowly secretly but anguri comes from jutchen and sees him and stops him. Vibhu removes his phone to avoid speaking with anguri. He acts like he is talking with prem. Anguri interrupts but vibhu says please bhabhiji dont soeak in between as he is speaking to someone. Then vibhu acts saying on the phone that yes i am coming now and vibhu goes away running. Anguri gets sad and says why didnt he listen to her and she goes away saying she wants that ring back from vibhu.
Tiwari goes and sits beside happu singh at the tea stall. Vibhu also comes and sits there. Happu singh is injured. Tiwari asks what happened? Happu singh tells that last night a thief had come down his house and was digging the ground and he asked him what is he doing? Then happu singh tells tiwari that he and thief had a fight and that he hit the thief very badly but also got hitten by the thief only a little. Vibhu says that he had seen it from his balcony and that happu singh only got beaten badly and did not revert back. Hapou singh then says if he had seen them why didnt he help him? Tiwari says if he also had seen that even he wouldnt have helped him because happu singh is corrupt. Tiwari and vibhu laugh. Happu singh then tells that next time he will not take a single complaint from them and he goes. Then tiwari and vibhu get striked with the same plan. They think that becoming a thief and taking ring from anita would be better.
Tiwari becomes thief and goes at anitas house. He threatens her to give the ring while anita is talking on the phone with monica. Anita tells monica and says she will just teach a lesson to this thief and she keeps the phone. Tiwari being the thief tells anita to give the ring. Anita says she will give him the ring. She then hits him and punches his face and throws him on the sofa. Vibhu comes becoming another thief. He also asks anita to give the ring. Anita says so even you want the ring? Tiwari thinks this must be the real thief and he tells vibhu that dont take the ring. Vibhu sees tiwari thinking him to be real thief. He thinks he has been beaten so they both run away. By the time anguri comes at anitad house and says she got the lost ring in her kitchen and calls vibhu. Anita sees the ring and says even the one she is wearing is same. Till then both tiwari and vibhu remove their thief clothes and come. They come as their faces are swollen. Anguri tells vibhu that she got the ring. Then anita asks them why are their faces swollen? Vibhu and tiwari look at each other.
A new episode starts. In the morning anita is dancing in her house on a song. Tiwari comes and sits on the stairs watching her. Anita unaware of that dances. As she sees tiwari she stops and tells what is he doing here? Tiwari says he was just watching her dance. Anuta tells he shouldnt come like this and she was practicing. Then she asks him what happened? He tells he just came to meet her. By then vibhu comes with a box full of soaps. He tells anita that the soaps have a lucky draw. They will get anything that will be written on the soap cover. Tiwari says he is jobless and instead find some work better than doing this. Anita tells same. Vibhu tells tiwari to shut up and tells anita that now he has bought it lets try. They all open the soaps to see what they have got. Anita suddenly gets a soap cover with BUNGALOW written on it. She dances with happiness. Tiwari sits down on the sofa with sadness. So does vibhu. Anita then calls the contact no. and enquires about the bungalow. She then gets to know its in the defence colony and they can shift easily. Then she tells vibhu that they will shift there. Vibhu thinks why did he bring that soap and he will have to stay away from anguri. Tiwari gets up and goes away crying. Anita asks what happened to him? Vibhu tries to convince anita telling her that they can live in the same house instead of going there. Anita says no as now they are living in a rented house and it will be better if they go there. Then anita goes. Vibhu says to himself that now how will anguri live without him and hwo will she manage with tiwari and he has to be there.
At home tiwari comes crying on the dining table and says to himself that now he will not be able to see anita dancing and doing yoga everyday and he should better die. He then says he cant stay away from anita. Anguri comes and sees tiwari crying and asks him what happened? Tiwari says he is crying for bhabhiji. She asks which? He tells airavati bhabhi from bareilly. She asks why? He tells because she is going to shift to singapore. Anguri says she will call and ask. Tiwari says no need and tells anguri dont call her. Anguti then asks why is he crying if he doesnt care?

Precap: Ranveer singh comes on the show. Ranveer singh , anguri and vibhuti dance to the song of ranveer singhs latest movie Bajirao Mastani.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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