Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu Singh says this Vibhuti is out of his mind, Vibhuti says I’m sorry I don’t know what I do,Tika walks n asks how are u, Vibhutis ays why did u leave me alone Tika I hate u,happu Singh says I ignore him he has gone mad n slaps prem n leaves. Anita waiting for Vibhuti in bedroom n says I will not leave him this time, I will not fall for his innocent face, Vibhuti walks in sits beside Anita n says hello baby,Anita says this is all not good, Vibhuti asks what I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t remember,Anita says do I trouble u,that u are behaving like this,Vibhuti acts innocent,n then starts singing songs loudly n dancing around,Anita says oh god he is mad.

Tiwari walks to anguri in his bedroom,anguri ignores him,Tiwari sings for her,anguri says

go away I don’t want to talk to u n dare u touch me, first tell me what was gulfamkali doing in our bedroom, Tiwari says Vibhuti got her I didn’t,anguri says in our bedroom,Tiwari says he was trying to trap me,n before I could tell u n bhabhiji all was out, anguri says but Vibhuti is gone mad, Tiwari says he isn’t he is just acting, ignore all that come near me,anguri says I have an doubt that u have an affair,Tiwari says I love only bhabhiji, that is u n hugs her.

Next day,doctor, Saxena p, Anita anguri n Tiwari with Vibhuti,Vibhuti acting as mad, anguri says he is actually lost it I guess, Anita says let Saxena decide it. Saxena says Vibhuti bhaiya, the rule is if u answer half of my5 questions u will be mad n if u answer less than 2 questions u are normal, so first question is how do u feel when u turned mad,Vibhuti says like I’m On a tree eating fruits,Saxena says wrong mad people don’t feel,next what so u feel looking at me,Vibhutis ays like slapping u n slaps him,Saxena says I like it but u are wrong bcoz we mad people respect each other whereas normal people trouble us, Anita says Saxena is right.

Saxena says next if I call u loose character how will u react, Vibhuti thinks what will I say now, Saxena says wrong mad people don’t think,now last n this will give us the result n gives Vibhuti electric shock, Vibhuti reacts are u mad, Saxena says yes i am but not u bcoz mad people enjoy current as I do n gives himself shock n so Anita bhabhi, Vibhuti bhaiya is Normal.Anita looks at Vibhuti in anger,Tiwari starts laughing.

Vibhuti at the stall says this gulfamkali has made a mess of me now what shall I tell Anita, Tiwari walks to him n asks what’s the issue, Vibhuti says as if u don’t know, Tiwari says yes I do but don’t worry I’m with u,Vibhuti says thanku that gave me so much strength plz try n talk to Anita n ask her to forgive me n tell that I have nothing to do with gulfamkali n she is urs n not mine,plz do this. Tiwari says oh really n then she will tell anguri n then anguri will divorce me,Vibhuti says no bhabhiji is kind hearted she will just be upset n call Amaji n she will hit u n then over but Anita will divorce me,Tiwari wispers that’s what I want to n thinks now she will kick u out once I talk to bhabhiji n leaves.

Anita angry, Tiwari walks in,Anita says yes come in, Tiwari says I feel so bad for u how can Vibhuti do this to u, Anita says I’m trying to get over it but u,Tiwari says I’m sorry but I can’t see that poor women like u have to suffer bcoz of bad men like Vibhuti,Anita says plz calm down,Tiwari says I can’t I’m just hurt with what Vibhuti did to u, Anita says what shd I do now what u think.

Tiwari says Anita bhabhi just leave him, Anita says leave him means,Tiwari says kick him out for few days n then he will learn ur value. Tiwari at night singing Song, anguri asks u look happy what’s the matter,Tiwari says yes an policy is gonna mature soon, Tiwari says its a love policy,i use to serve it since quite old times,now it’s gonna mature n now forget a,l that come lets have romance,anguri says oh no no plz, u have no energy catch me if u can n runs to balcony , Tiwari follows her.

Anguri asks see taxi out of Anita’s house, Tiwari says guess Anita bhabhi has kicked him out.

Pre cap: Anita says Vibhuti u are a cheap man,anguri Tiwari ask what’s wrong, Anita say sim leaving this man n house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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