Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri n Anita sit behind the boys in bike,Anita says hi handsome,anguri says darling lets go on a ride oh I love ur body,n all four leave. Vibhuti n Tiwari look at each other,Tiwari n Vibhuti breakdown n start crying. At gulfamkali dance bar, prem n happu call her,they are busy drinking,Tiwari Vibhuti walk in dressed in Bengali outfit,prem says u two here how come,Vibhuti says we aren’t here for fun,Tiwari says we are here to forget our pain,gufamkali dressed in Bengali saree comes out n says hi bro,Tiwari says bro n starts crying,gulfamkali begins her performance.

Men sharing drinks,Vibhuti n Tiwari hurt,Vibhuti sees Anita in gulfamkali n walks to her n rests his head down n starts crying,gulfamkali finds it weird n slaps Vibhuti,Vibhuti says where did Anu go,n goes back

to his place n says gulfamkali plz continue,gulfamkali begins again,Tiwari sees anguri in gulfamkali n walks to her n puts a dupatta around her,n says don’t do this anguri,gulfamkali slaps him too,Tiwari n Vibhuti start drinking again n mourn in pain,happu Singh says even I’m missing my wife.

Vibhuti n toward drunk n crying walk in colony,malka Tika n Saxena sees them,Vibhuti says Anita u loose character come out,Tiwari says stop u can’t use such harsh words for bhabhiji,Vibhutis ays she is my wife n she cheated on me,Tiwari says u are right n shouts anguri, u repay my love this way, ur innocence has this cruel truth,Vibhuti says bhabhiji is innocent don’t talk nonsense I won’t leave u.

Anita n anguri come in balcony,Vibhuti says look our wives Tiwari, Anita says what rubbish act u doing,anguri says this is good society stop this,Vibhuti says u cheat,anguri says u people are cheat. Panditji sees them n says what are u doing,Tiwari says u pandit u where the pandit in my marriage, Vibhuti says n ur elder brother was mine n look what women we got,Saxena says how dare u two talk to my bhabhi ma this way,Tika malka hit, all men hit Vibhuti n Tiwari.Anita says lets go in this won’t stop tonight.

Vibhuti n Tiwari next morning in tiwaris balcony aiding themselves,Vibhuti says these guys yesterday hit us very badly,Tiwari says u are right, Tika malka always on our side but yesterday look. Anita comes in balcony laughing,anguri walks to her n says what happend,Anita says did put us we last night few people were hit so badly,anguri says yes I did it was fun,Anita says good they suffered n hope they are back to their limits,Vibhuti says tiwari look how they are enjoying,anguri says lets go cook something n party,Anita says lets go out n party,Tiwari says Vibhuti look they are celebrating,Vibhuti says we too will party lets have drinks.

Anguri to Anita says I’m missing Tiwari,Anita says even I’m missing Vibhu,anguri says oh then let’s call them here,Anita says ok but let’s take editors advice n calls her n says I was to say,editor again drunk says I know u n ur friend are missing ur husbands,Anita says how do U know,editor says I even know what fantasies u n ur friend thinking,Anita says ur genius,editor says I know that but u two need to be strong this is not a good idea,stay away some more time,Anita says ok n tells anguri abt it,anguri says ok.

Tiwari n Vibhuti walk to Anita n anguri,Vibhuti says I’m sorry,very sorry plz forget it n lets move on,Tiwari says yes anguri plz come back to me,Vibhuti says I can’t stay without u Anita,Tiwari says anguri me too, I love u,Vibhuti says Anu I love u. Anguri says shutup n get lost.vibhuti says Tiwari lets go n both leave. Anguri says Anita what now I feel so bad.

Prem happu Tiwari n Vibhuti at gulfamkalis dance bar,gulfamkali dancing on pink I song,Vibhuti n Tiwari ignore her n focus on drinking,happu Singh joins her dance,commissioner walks in n happu Singh busy dancing doesn’t see him n instead pulls him n dance.

Precap: commissioner says I’m not here to enjoy but arrest u all. Prem happu Vibhuti Tiwari in jail,happu Singh says what Anita has a boyfriend oh no another heart break,Vibhuti says excuse me what do u mean,Tiwari says can’t handle ur own pregnant wife why bother abt ours.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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