Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, at night anita is talking to vibhuti tat tiwari told me tat he will talk to him but see he again bit u and then vibhuti says tat there is no tiwaris mistake and anita says tat i should have asked hapu singh to arrest jagmohan and vibhuti says tat hapu singh would have taken bribe and anita says tat i woud have complained and done his transfer to Chambal and then tiwari comes there and calls on landline and vibhuti says tat go pick up the call and she says i left the cordless down and may be again tat jagmohan will come and hit u and vibhuti says tat wont happen this time as i will give him a back answer and hit him as well and then anita says ok fine and she goes while tiwari then comes in and again threatens vibhuti with a knife and he gets scared and pleads

to leave him and comes anita starts kicking him and hitting him and vibhuti says tat come on baby good job hit him and then anita asks him to close eyes and hits and kicks tiwari and warns him if he ever again threatens vibhuti and tiwari leaves while vibhuti says tat i would have hit him but left himand anita says stop lieing
Tiwari comes out of anitas house saying tat anita bhabhi hit me badly he goes home and says tat i should not make anguri know about my wounds and he enters house while anguri sees him entering and thinks tat he is jagmohan and she will not allow him enter the house and so picks up a stick and starts hitting him and then takes him out of house andlocks the door tiwari tries telling her tat he is manmohan but she says tat u r lieing and then manmohan say stat i can prove it to u as there is one secret only u and the real manmohan tiwari knows and she asks wat and tiwari tells tat during our first night of our marriage there was a lizard in our room and i got scared and sat on a cupboard and u picked tat lizard and thrown it out and then we had love in the cupboard entire night and anguri laughs and says yes u r rit and she opens door and tiwari says u hit me badly and naughtily anguri says i will apply ointment and when tiwari turns pelu and a boy r listening to it he makes them run from there and then anguri and tiwari go to sleep
Next day morning vibhuti calls amaji and tells her tat her 3rd son is troubling him and amaji asks who manmohan and vibhuti says know ur other son and she says who ladu and vibhuti says no its jagmohan and she says who jagmohanand vibhuti says tat he is the twin brother and tiwari manmohan himself has told everyone her and amaji says tat u get hold of him and i will soon reach there and hungs up and then vibhuti goes out and tiwari sees him and again threatens vibhuti as jagmohana nd mean time amaji comes behind and stops tiwari and starts hitting him and asks who r u and vibhuti says tat he is jagmohan and then she again hits him and says where did u come from i don’t know and every other person here knows it and then tiwari says tat may be wen u gave me birth i moved from side may be and amaji again hits him and anita aso comes out saying do hit him andtiwari says u have enough it me and even then amaji hits him and anguri comes saying hit him jagmohan very bad man and then tiwari says tat he is not jagmohan and manmohan and amaji says tat y should we believe u and then anguri says tat iwill ask u one question if u answered like manmohan then u r saying true and she asks wat do u say when i get amajis call inhis mind tiwari thinks tat if he didn’t answer he will be hit and if he answered he will be hit by amaji and si he tells tat he says tat u got a cal from the irritating person and anguri says tat right u r manmohan tiwari and then anita asks manmohan y did u do this and then he tells tat he brought jalebi vibhuti threw it outside and so i got angry and thought of playing this double role and there is no jagmohan tiwari and amji again hits tiwari and they both run inside and anguri too follows them And anita says to vobuti tat u r disgusting y did u behave this way and then vibhuti says sorry and tells tat he will bring jalebi for her and leaves
Next day angur is sitting in garden talking on phone to daidu and asks where is basanti her lovng buffalo she gets to know tat she has lost so request to find her soon and then vibhuti comes and says tat how r u bhabhi ji and asks who hs lost and she tells tat its her buffalo Anguri says tat i don’t remember basanti but when i heard tat she has lost i got worried andn vibhuti says tat so u finally got ur dhanno and anguri says tat she is basanti not dhanno and he says ok and then asks her tat wat if someone around u vanishes just like tat suppose if i m kidnapped how would u feel and anguri says who will kidnap u and for wat reason wat u have u r a jobless person and then she goes in and vibhuti says tat she is so innocent she insulted me so sweetly but one day i would like to see how she reacts of i m kidnapped

Tiwari asks vibhuti to bring 1 glass of cold water and vibhuti says tat i m not ur servant and then anita says tat even i want 1 glass of water go n bring in mind vibhuti also says tat she dosent cares she treats me liek a servant and thenlater he is seen telling tika and malkhan tat they need to kidnap a person and they ask who and he says vibhuti

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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