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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu coming out of anita’s house with the rose n being happy about it. Tiwari asks happu who gave him rose n taunts him. He says he gave blood to anita n so she gave him rose. Tiwari says he does not look like blood donor party but is blood sucker party. Happu says he is already feeling weak n doesnt want to hear is taunts. He should think of himself as he cant give blood. Tiwari goes in. Happu goes to his bike n a prisioner gets up n says that he took his 2 bottles blood saying he is going to free him from jail but he hasn’t done anything of that n also took his blood. Happu says take this toffee then. Tiwari asks doctor where is anita. He says she got a call so she went inside. Saxena comes n says he wants to give blood. Doctor says he cant

take his blood. He saya but he wants to give blood. Anita comes n asks what is this chaos going on. Saxena tells he wants to give blood but Dr. is not taking it. She asks why? Dr. says that if his blood will be taken then people will die with shock. She says sorry they cant as they are doing it for a social cause. Tiwari says he not to spread terrorism. Anita says tiwari is saying right n asks him to go. He gets sad n goes. Anita says to tiwari god knows what has happened to this city people are not coming only to donate blood. She says she feels that her camp will be of no use. Tiwari thinks he will not let it happen. Tiwari says he heard she is giving people rose, juice n toffees. She says she is very sorry as everything has finished. He says no problem. Angoori calls ammaji n talks to her n says tiwari has gone to sop vibhuti corrects it n says shop. She says her dialogue sahi pakde hain. She tells ammaji she thought vibhuti corrected her english. Angoori says i love u to ammaji n vibhuti in return says i love u too. Angoori keeps the phone n says that this voice came from beneath the bed. She says vibhuti you nice that you came tiwari has gone to shop. He n angoori romance on a old song tiwari calls out angoori n she shots vibhuti. Its all a dream n tiwari comes in his room n tells angoori to get juice as he is feeling weak after giving blood n he wants to rest. She goes to get juice n vibhuti also goes behind her n hides. Tiwari says that he is getting vibhuti’s deo’s smell. Its very bad n says he hates it. Vibhuti says now he will remove tiwari’s braveness n calls on landline angoori recieves it n says hello vibhuti throws half the juice n adds water in it. He goes n hides again. He says its him vibhuti n says he wanted to hear her voice so called up. She says he heard now bye as she has to give juice to tiwari. She gives him juice. He drinks n says its water n says she gave him water not juice. She says its not possible as she made sweet lime juice herself. He asks her to drink it. She drinks n spits it out saying its water n says now maybe people are mixing juice n water also. Tiwari says she is one single piece on this earth. She gets shy n goes.

At anita’s home again saxena comes n says he wants to give his blood please. Doctor says they cant n asks him to tell the dracula to suck his blood. He says i like it. Anita comes again n asks whats this chaos going on. She tells saxena to go she told him earlier also yet he wants to give his blood. He cries n goes. Tiwari comes dressed up as romeo d’souza. He says he wants to give blood. She says ok brother. Tiwari gets irked hearing that. He goes to give blood. He saya he heard that she is giving rose juice n toffe. She says she is very sorry everything has finished brother. He says call me romeo. She says ok brother romeo. She goes in to get toffee. The Dr. says he speaks english so he will take his 2 bottle blood. Tiwari comes out of the house all weak n is not able to walk properly. He faints on the road. The episode ends.

Precap:- Tiwari goes in a disguise of a woman. The doctor asks him to show his face. Tiwari says does he want to do suhagraat that he is asking to show him his face. Anita calls vibhuti n asks where is he. He says at mom’s house. She gives the phone to his mom n she says I m here at your home so at which mom’s house are you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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