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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu telling anita that why don’t you believe me and snakes are behind me. Anita says no snakes are behind you and its monsoon so some snakes must have bumped into you and relax and chill. Tika and malkhan come with cage and are catching mice. Vibhu says what are you doing? Tika and malkhan say hello, anita and vibhu say hello. Vibhu says what are you doing here? They say we have come here to catch mice. Anita and vibhu say why? They say happu singh needs it. anita say you wont get any mice here and not even in the colony as snakes have come here so you wont find any mice and go to the ganga banks you will get there. They say okay and go. Anita says vibhu just chill, vibhu smiles. She tells vibhu go bring coffee. Vibhu is angry and goes.
At night vibhu

is in balcony and thinks what is happening and I cant even sleep because of those dreams. Tiwari comes with milk in bowl and comes in balcony and sees vibhu, he starts acting and looks at the moon and says when a full moon comes all snakes will awaken, Tiwari starts drinking milk like a snake. Vibhu looks and is scared and runs inside. Tiwari says he went let me still act and drinks milk like snake. Anguri sees this and says oh my god he is becoming like a snake.
Next day as vibhu has gone in bathroom, Tiwari comes in bedroom from the balcony and says where is this vibhu and let him come. Tiwari goes in balcony. Vibhu comes and just puts the pants, when he gets a call and says yes I am coming. Till then Tiwari puts snake in the pant and goes. Vibhu wears the pant and comes down. As he is coming he feels ticklish and is dancing. Vibhu comes and anita says I made coffee, vibhu says wow you made. Vibhu is dancing again. Anita says what happened? Vibhu says I don’t know and I am feeling ticklish. Then vibhu puts his hand inside his pants and removes the snake and throws it away. Anita and vibhu run away in fear on the staircase. Tiwari comes and says I heard your screams and what happened? They say see there is a snake. Tiwari says wait I will take it and it wont bite, Tiwari puts it in his shirt. Anita says what are you doing and it may bite. Tiwari says no I am an expert and a friend of snakes. Tiwari puts it in his shirt and says vibhu you stay alert and anything may happen to you as you disturbed 2 snakes romancing. Tiwari goes. Vibhu cries and says why did I do this and why did I even wash my hands and eat that pani puri.
At kitchen anguri is worried and says I should tell mom that Tiwari has turned into a snake. Anguri calls mom. Mom says what happened? Anguri tells Tiwari has turned into a snake and he catches snakes and puts it in his pants and shirt. Mom says what has happened and don’t worry I will talk with pandit ramfal. Anguri says okay and keeps phone.
At tea stall, Tiwari is there and says I have established in anitas mind that I am a friend of snakes but I still have to work as anita does not believe easily. Tiwari says I should do something. Tika and m,alkhan come with a bag having 10 mice. Tiwari says what is this? Tika says there are 10 mice in it as happu wanted it. Tiwari says why did he want? Tika says I don’t know but happu is giving us 50 for 1 mouse. Tiwari gets a plan and says I will give 100 for a mouse and give it to me. Tika and malkhan say that’s nice and take it and they take 1000rs from Tiwari. Tiwari takes mice and goes. Hapu comes and says I wa finding you both and where are the mice? Tika and malkhan say they sold it to Tiwari as he gave us 100 for 1 mouse. Happu says what and I told you which means there is no value for my word? Tika and malkhan say don’t worry and we will give you mice and give us 200rs for 1 mouse. Happu says now I wil give you 200 kicks, happu bashes tika and malkhan, they run away. Happu sits, vibhu comes and says why are you hitting them? Vibhu says I gave thos boys a work of catching mice as a wish giving snake has come in town but they gave it to Tiwari. Vibhu listens and goes. Happu is confused.
At night Tiwari removes a chocolate made mouse from a cake shop box and says wow an exact looking mouse and vibhu will think I am eating a real mouse. Tiwari puts it in the bag. Vibhu comes in balcony, Tiwari sees him and removes the mouse and starts eating it. vibhu sees and says oh my god this man Is eating a mouse. Vibhu feels vomit and goes in the room. Tiwari laughs and says vibhu thought it was a real mouse.
In the bedroom vibhu is on bed and is scared and says Tiwari was eating a mouse and he is a veg but hje was eating a blo*dy mouse. Anita comes on the bed and says why are you looking scared? And are you fine? Vibhu says Tiwari is a snake and I saw it. anita says what? And are you mad and did you see him changing into a snake? Vibhu says no but I saw him eating a mouse. Anita says oh please and you think everyone is a snake and tomorrow you will say I am a cobra. Vibhu says that you already are. Anita looks at him angrily. Vibhu says please believe me and I saw it. anita says please shut up and she sleeps. Vibhu is crying.

Precap: in the hall, Tiwari is behind vibhus sofa. Vibhu is sitting opposite to that sofa. Tiwari puts a toy snake under the sofa and moves it, vibhu is scared and is calling anita. at night Tiwari is wearing a snake crown and dress and is dancing like snake. Vibhu see from balcony and anguri sees from kitchen.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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