Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu at tea stall and he asks tika to take an insurance plan. Tika says what will i do with it anyways. Vibhu says keep yourself secure. Tiwari comes and tells vibhu why are you forcing him as it is no use giving his an insirance plan. Vibhu tells tiwari to stay out of it and says let me do my work. Tiwari tells should i give you money? Vibhu says no i can do it myself. Vibhu gets up and goes.
At home anita is there and she tells vibhu that he has to bring a lot of stuff when the baby will come. Anita goes. Vibhu thinks from where will i bring all this for my baby and i dont have money. vibhu cries and says i have to do something. He thinks he doesnt have money to bring milk powder too what should he do?
There at home tilu gives tiwari 50000rs he took

from shop to keep in the house. Tiwari says good i will keep it in the locker or drawer. Vibhu listens to this.
There tika and malkhan also show each other their money which they have earned by hardwork and they keep it in their pockets. Vibhu sees this too.
At night vibhu gets up and wears a mask. He goes in tiwaris room. There he sees tiwari has tied the keys to his pant lace. Vibhu sees that and then says i dont want to rob this money but i have to and cries. Then he sees that the money is under the pillow. Vibhu takes it and goes home.
Next day he gives the money to anita who is in the hall. Anita says where did u bring this from and where were you yesterday night? Vibhu says i earned it yesterday night only as i took an insurance of a customer and i got 50000rs. Then he goes. Anita thinks how did he earn this much money in 1 night?
Outside tiwari is telling happu singh to arrest tilu as he took his money. Anita and vibhu go there. Vibhu says yes tiku must have taken it. Tilu says no i have not taken please belive me as i was sleeping. Anita asks tilu did you seriouslu do it? Tilu says no. Anita tells tiwari that if he would have robbed then he would have run away. Tiwari says yes that is a point. Then tilu takes anitas blessings and says i seear on her i have not robbed. Tiwari says ok he must have not robbed. Tiwari tells happu singh anita is pregnant. Happu singh is shocked but says ok who is the thief then? Vibbu is scared.

Precap: vibhu tells anita he will do anything to make his child happy and go to any extent. Anita says any? Vibhu wears mask and goes to saxenas house. Anita follows him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Show angoori bhabhi ke bina adhura sa lgta hai….
    Plz angoori bhabhi ko jaldi wapas laao…

  2. Plz bring back anguri

  3. This show really seems incomplete without anguri bhabhi….;-(;-(;-(

  4. I heard anguri has been removed by directors

  5. I think they will bring some new anguri

  6. Anguri has left the show as she’ll join The Kapil Sharma show

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Yes this is true… anguri bhabhi has left the show.. and show team is finding new anguri… but i want presnt angoori only as vo charam, vo bolne ko adda koi new character jaldi se audiance ko attract nhi kr paayegi….

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