Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update everyone turns zombie.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

everyone follows zombies in bus,vibhu says you all go in, I will divert them and then join you,tiwrai sneezes and presses horn and all zombies start approaching their bus,master comes from behind and shouts come here will teach everyone a lesson,all zombie’s start walking towards him,master with his stick stands to fight them but gets bitten,mean while all rush in mishra house.

Vibhu says what will we do now, Tiwari panics and starts crying, Anu says we need to find a way, let’s leave this town,vibhu says are you mad for few zombies,amaji says she is right but how will we get out,zombies are wiaitng for us,anu says i have an idea,we will trick these zombies, zombies are scared of fire,lets use fire torch,we need oil for it,angoori says there isnt oil in my house too, Gupta says we will find it in my clinic its my side business,aanu says how will go then,daddu says i will go,angoori says no you will not its dangeroys out there, Tiwari says no let him go if he goes and dies we will name this colony after him,aanu ays enough we will decide this with a game musical pillow.

game begins,daddu playing music, Gupta out first, tikka out,happu out,amaji out,anu out, Tiwari out,angoori out,vibhu to go get oil,anu says im so sorry,vibhu says why baby I’m so happy i will help you all,tiwari says vibhu was a good man,aanu says shutup he is alive,Vibhu leaves aanu starts crying.

vibhu says wow there are no zombies, thank god, Anu says god please look after my vibhu, Tiwari says it’s zombies god won’t save him,aanu says shutup dont put my morale down,angoori says right pray that he comes home alright,aanu says please put news lets see wwhats happening.

they put on news channel and zombie enters and bites the reporter,and he turns zombie and comes out of the TV,all run out of the house, Vibhu asks why are you people out,anu says zombie came in through TV.

vibhu says ok calm down here there is no zombie so let’s run away,daddu says we are surroubded by zombies look they are coming.

meenal bites anu,tilu bites happu,aanu bites tiwari, Tiwari turns zombie and says I liked it.
pre cap : tiwari and vibhu go get honey from comb,honey bees about to attack them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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