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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri in kitchen. Vibhu comes flying down where as actually he has been tied to rope. Anguri thinks he can fly and so she is impressed. Vibhu comes. Anguri praises vibhu. She then says she made samosa for tiwari. Vibhu says okay and he will give it to him from there only and see. Anguri says okay. Vibhu picks a samosa and throws it. It goes and lands in tiwaris mouth. Tiwari comes in kitchen. He removes samosa and is angry. Vibhu tells anguri see my power. Anguri is impressed and vibhu goes.
At night anguri tells tiwaru that vibhu is a superhero and i like such people. Tiwari says dont believe him and he is a fraud. Anguri says no dont say that. Tiwati says i am your husband and not him. Anguri says then become a superhero and you have a stomach.
At home

anita is there. She reprimands vibhu for acting like a stupid and being a hero where as he is not and fooling other people. Vibhu says he was inspired by a person. Anita says what and who? He says its saxena. Anita says how? Vibhu tells he was helpless and mental and wanted to play with a superhero and as he is mental and even his mom and father died early so i became a superhero for him. Anita says wow thats good and now i agree and you are my superhero too and i love you. Vibhu says thanks.
Next day tiwari comes home and complains anita about vibhu lying and fooling anguri. Anita says you shut up and my husband is doing a good work. She goes in. Tiwari is puzzled and says what happened and why is everyone supporting this man?
At saxenas house vibhu goes and tells him that he has become a superhero as he wanted to be one and told anita that he did it for him so he has to support him if anita asks him anything. Saxena says okay but he will have to play with him whatever he says as he wants to play with superhero. Vibhu says sure he will play with him. Vibhu goes.
At anguris frontyard. Vibhu goes and sits and tells anguri about how he saved people and is very busy. Anguri says wow that is great. Vibhu says he will do anything for her. Anguri smiles and says save the people from robbers. Saxena comes and tells vibhu to play catch me with him. Vibhu says not now and you go. Saxena says okay i will go to anita and play with her and also tell her something. Vibhu says wait and lets play. They start playing and anguri watches them. Vibhu is tired and asks for water. Anguri goes to bring it. Vibhu slaps saxena and says i will play with you later.
At the tailor vibhu goes and tells him to increase the hip size and its tight. Tailor says okay and tells he is doing a great job and fooling all people. Vibhu says yes and people are getting fooled that i am a superhero v-man. Tailor says yes. Tiwari listens everything and says okay so this is his truth and i will expose him. Vibhuvtells tailor to stop saying the word fooling from now and make the dress. Tailor says yes. Vibhu goes.

Precap: a man is troubling anguri from behind the wall. Vibhu goes there to confront that man. That man who was hiding behind wall stands and he is taller that 7 inches from vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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