Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri says tat she is going to see the tilakdhari cow at amajis place and vibhuti says tat he will arrange it for her here and requests her not to go and then gives her promise on tiwaris name later anitais seen saying to tiwari tat he should start drinking cows milk and tiwari says yes from today onwards I will drink only cows milk.later tiwari sees tat anguri is unpacking and he asks y r u unpacking and she says tat vibhuti said tat he will bring the tilakdhari cow in Kanpur and tiwari says tat vibhuti is lieing but anguri says tat no he has promised and has given ur name on promise so I will not leave and tiwari says tat wat if someone asks to kill me by giving my name on promise and anguri says I will and unpacks while tiwari in his mind says tat it was so good

tat if anguri would have gone I would have enjoyed .
Next morning anguri is doing pooja and as usual vibhuti goes to take milk he then wishes good morning to bhabhiji and she then asks him where is tilakdhari cow and vibhuti says tat I have brought it its at the corner I will bring it and he leaves and then a cow is seen coming it is in real vibhuti and saxena with the costume of cow and they pass by anguris house and she then does pooja and says tat wait I will bring something to eat but till then the cow goes and anguri gets upset vibhuti hides the cow mask and asks saxena job for today is done now we will come tomorrow here and then saxena says by acting like a cow he really is feeling like a cow he felt to eat the grass in garden and then they see tat pela the rickshaw man saw the mask and now he knew their secret and then they leave.
Anita is seen talking to her friend on phone advicing her to do not serve much to her husband as these gents are all fool and at the same time comes in tiwari and listens it and after anita hungs up he says to her tat he is hurt as she called all men fools and anita then explains him that she does not counts him in men she thinks tat he is a different kind of men very sweet person and tiwari gets happy listening to it and asks her to says it again and she says it and then anita asks tiwari y is he here with this glass and he says tat he wants some milk and anita says tat even there is no milk at home I have used it all and then tiwari says there should not be shortage as vibhuti has purchased a cow so there must be milk and anita says no vibhu hasn’t buy it and tiwari says he has he told us and anita says ok I will see he bought a cow and did not tell him
Vibhuti goes home and anita asks him he purchased a cow and didn’t tell her and he says I did not buy anything and who told u this and anita says tat tiwari told me all this and vibhuti says tat he is lier and how do u believe him and anita says tat u must have bought by help of government and vibhuti says y would I do such business and how will people call me doing such a low profile business and anita says u must be doing as ur uncle harisingh from ramghat also does a similar business and vibhuti says tat he is illiterate so he does it I m an educated I wont do it and then anita asks him to take promise on her name and vibhuti takes promise and says tat he has not purchased any cow and then gets angry tat I have came from out and u r firing me and anita says sorry and then asks him wat u like to eat and he says cheese sandwich and anita asks him to make one for him and her and vibhuti then says he really loves u and goes in kitchen
Anguri is working in kitchen and she sees the cow and says to stop she will prepare something to eat but the cow wait for another second and leaves and anguri gets upset and comes vibhuti and says tat how r u bhabhiji and she says tat I wanted to feed the cow but she went Vibhuti tells anguri tat he has bought tat cow and comes tiwari and says tat u r lieing I have confirmed from anita bhabhi tat u have bought nothing and vibhuti says tat how will anu know tat I have purchased it and anguri then says tat I have seen tat cow 2 times and tiwari says tat I will also once see tat cow and vibhuti says tat cow does not sees a sinner like u and then tiwari says tat lets see wat the cow does and then vibhuti says ok and leaves

Tiwari then meets anita while she was reading a shayari and he says to her tat it was nice and anita says u crack good joke and tiwari gets excited and tells a joke tat when he was born his father asked his mother wat is this and starts laughing and anita says tat this was not at all funny tiwari then tells that vibhuti has really purchased the cow and anita says tat vibhuti has taken my name in promise and so he wont lie to me and then tiwari says tat then even I take promise on ur name tat he has told us just few minutes back tat he has purchased the cow and says lets see who u believe and anita looks at him in surprise

Tiwari meets saxena and vibhuti and says tat I wanna give some milk and pistachios to your cow and vibhuti angrily says tat my cow doesnot eats all this and tiwari says it does not even gives milk and shows the littile finger and saxena gets very angry and hurt and shouts .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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