Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri telling yes to anita that she and Tiwari will come for the dinner.

Anita goes home and sits beside vibhu. She tells vibhu that she invited anguri and Tiwari for dinner tonight. Vibhu says why did you and she will eve tease me again and I cant bear that anymore. Anita says no she wont and she made anguri understand about it indirectly. Vibhu says she better not.

At nigh Tiwari and anguri come for dinner. Anguri sits beside vibhu and Tiwari sits beside anita. They say hi but vibhu does not respond to anguris hello. Anguri says she will help him in the kitchen for food and lets go. Vibhu says no its okay and he can do it himself and he doesn’t need her. Nita says its okay vibhu and let her help you, anguri says yes and goes in the kitchen. Vibhu

pulls Tiwari and tells him that if anguri teases me again then I wont leave you. Vibhu goes in the kitchen and maintains a distance from anguri while cooking. Suddenly something pinches him at the back and vibhu says anguri you again started and don’t eve tease me please. Anguri says what did I do? Vibhu sees behind and its his belt, he says okay and goes. Anguri says what a weird man and she gets a call from mom. Mom tells that did she do the teasing for today? Anguri says no and I will do it here but how should I as anita and Tiwari are here. Mom tells her secretly and anguri says okay.

At the dining table everyone say the food I nice and delicious. Vibhu says thanks. Anguri then tells vibhu that yes the food is very nice and then she seductively touches his legs under the table and then presses it and keeps her leg over his. Vibhu makes weird pain expressions and Tiwari says what happened? Vibhu says nothing and by signs tells him to go down. Tiwari throws spoon down and goes down but anguri by then removes her leg. Vibhu throws spoon down and goes down too and cries and tells him that anguri again started to tease him and she is pressing his leg, Tiwari says what and under the table she is doing this? Vibhu says yes, Tiwari starts crying and says that please suffer it, vibhu says how much should I suffer this? Tiwari says I am destroyed, anita thinks what are they both doing down and she goes down too. She sees Tiwari crying and vibhu tells anita that anguri again eased him and anita says she has completely changed. Anguri comes down and everybody is quiet. Anguri says what are you all doing down here.

At home in bedroom, anguri calls mom and tells her that she did the eve teasing for that night and no one got a note of that what she did under the table. Mom says that’s very good and tomorrow become a little more seductive and eve tease him more. Anguri says yes I will do what you tell. Tiwari listens this from outside and says so in this even my mom is there and how could she do this and they both have spoilt the name of the family. Tiwari goes down in frontyard sad and calls anita. he tells anita that he now knows who is behind all this eve teasing with anguri, Tiwari tells anita to come home tomorrow at 11 am. Anita says okay and tells vibhu that Tiwari called them home tomorrow.

Next day at home in morning, mom comes outside the house in auto and anguri is standing there. Anguri says why did she come so suddenly? Mom says I don’t know and Tiwari said he is not well so I came, they both go in. in the house Tiwari anita and vibhu are sitting. Tiwari gets up and tells mom rudely that come in and we were waiting for you only and please come in. he tells her that why did she come alone and didn’t she bring some poison so that he could take it and die. Mom says what ae you saying and you are talking too much. Anguri says yes what happened to you? Tiwari shouts anguri and says you shut up, he then tells mom that he knows everything and she had to make anguri a shameless woman who eve teases people and who made videos of vibhu? Anguri says atleast listen. Anita says to mom that they know anguri has eve teased vibhu , mom says to anita that actually that was not eve teasing and they 3 are getting it wrong. Tiwari says what? Vibhu tells anguri then why did you do it? Mom tells them that actually she had asked a baba for tiwaris kundli and he had problems coming in life so anguri had to do this solution to keep all problems away from tiwaris life. Anita and Tiwari say oh and good to hear that. Vibhu says I knew anguri was not such a person but why did you do it with me and there are many men. Tiwari finally smiles and says good that my wife is not such a woman. O the door happu singh comes with a woman, he tells everyone that this is that woman who eve teases men at night and she is so mannerless and out of her limits that she teased me too. Tiwari says okay and take her to jail now. Happu goes. Vibhu says I am saved and she just whistked at me, everyone laugh.

Precap: Tiwari tells that anguris dad is his father in law, vibhu says you don’t deserve to be his si=on in law and get lost. Tiwari and vibhu are fighting as anguri pulls Tiwari behind.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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