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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,saxena enters as lawyer at anitas place and calls her out anita comes and saxena introduces himself as advocate anokhelal saxena BALLB and gives her his visiting card and anita says tat so uu r a lawyer also and he says yes I am but not in practice and then he asks who wants divorce and she says I want divorce and saxena asks from whom and she says my husband and then he removes his type writer and says tat I need to take some details and asks her who wants the divorce and she tells her name anita mishra and he asks the name of person whom u want to give divorce and she tells its vibhuti narayan mishra and then he asks the reason for divorce and anita says u can write anything and saxena asks her to tell a reason y she wants a divorce and anita says wat should I give

and he says I will write tat he used to beat u and anita says no vibhuti never hit me in fact I have sometimes anyways and then she says tat write tat he doesn’t work and saxena then says tat until I complete these paper can u bring me a tea
Vibhuti is saying to tiwari tat how can the mater go uptill divorce and tiwari says tat y don’t u give her divorce and start a new life with another person and vibhuti says tat wat will anita do and tiwari says tat even she will start a new life and vibhuti says wat are u talking tiwari instead of patching up u r separating us and bell rangs and tiwari asks anguri to open the door and says may be its anita she must have come to say sorry and vibhuti gets excited and opens the door and sees saxena and he enters and introduces himself as advocate anokhelal saxena and tiwari says tat u r a lawyer too very good and saxena whispers in tiwaris ear tat I m doing this as per u asked and then he gives his visiting card to vibhuti and tells him tat I m here to give u a notice from anita bhabhi for divoce and gives him paper while vibhuti gets shocked and cries and tears the paper in anger and then saxena says tat I have more copies and vibhuti gets so angry tat he slaps him and saxena says I like it and leaves and anguri says tat anita is not doing good and tiwari asks her to go and see about the food
Vibhuti is sleeping with laddu and he starts talking in his dreams pla anu don’t leave me and go and then ladu wakes him up and says tat y r u shouting I m nit able to sleep I have school tomorrow u don’t have any work but I have to get up early and vibhuti says it wont happen and they sleep again after some time vibhuti starts shouting don’t leave me and go anita pls and ladu wakes him up and asks him to go and sleep somewhere else and then vibhuti leaves and he goes to anguri and tiwari’s bed room he opens the door silently and then he creeps and goes near anguri and wakes her up she gets up and asks wat r u doing here and vibhuti says tat ladu is not able to sleep as I m very upset due to wat I m going through and then anguri asks him to sleep here and she will go and sleep with ladu and don’t wory tiwari wontget up even if u get up and started talking and she leaves while vibhuti sleeps and says how does bhabhiji sleeps with such a dinosaur and after some time vibhuti gets close to vibhuti thinking tat she is anguri and holds her and vibhuti shouts and tiwari gets up and he asks wat r u doing here and he tells tat ladu was not able to sleep so I came up and anguri bhabhi went down tiwari says so much problem I have to face because of u and asks him to sleep and both sleep
Next morning anita is sleeping and her phone rings she picks up and its her mother in law and she asks anita tat u r still sleeping so late u should get up early and anita asks her have u called to fight and her mother in law says I m not fighting I m telling u ok now pls give phone to khachedu(vibhuti) I want totalk to him and anita thinks tat if I told her about divorce she will come here and so anita lies tat he has gone for a morning walk and her mother in law says so nice u should learn from him and u should also go and anita says yes I m learning a lot from him and the she hungs up and her mother in law there says whatever may be my daughter in law is beautiful
Tiwari drinks his tea in a hurry and goes to wards his bathroom and sees tat its occupied and calls anguri is tat u in and vibhuti replies its me and tiwari shouts tat pls come out I need to go in its urgent I m having pressure and anguri comes up and says tat he is our guest u should not behave with him like this and then vibhuti comes out and tiwari says u r behaving more than a guest and he pushes him and goes to bathroom and vibhuti cries and says tat my life has become hell and anguri says don’t worry everything will be fine and vibhuti goes
Vibhuti comes out to dry his clothes and anita also comes in her gallery and she sees vibhuti and says wat r u doing there come and go make some tea for me and Vibhuti says to anita tat may be u have forgotten tat now our ways are separated and they look at each other a boy come and plays a music on road and starts dancing and vibhuti leaves and anita also goesin later anita is seen talking to reshma telling her tat there was nothing wrong or serious I just asked him to not keep the chapals on the floor between two rooms and he reacted in anger he never did it once I looked into his eyes he would get back up to work but now he has changed at the same time tiwari enters and listens to anitas conversation while anita says to reshma tat on my birthday vibhuti used to give me red roses and he was the one to wish me and he used to give a big party the only thing is tat I had to pay the expenses but he really used to make me feel special after listening to this tiwari in his mind says tat anita bhabhi now I will pay the expenses and celeberate ur birthday and leaves

Tiwari influences anita tat u should celeberate ur birthday and party also and anita decides to have a party and then later vibhuti is seen telling anguri tat he will not go to tat party and tiwari comes there and says u r wrong u should go and make her feel tat u don’t care and vibhuti gets influenced and says tat I will definitely go to this party

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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