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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu singh coming. Putan tells him to arrest them because they stole his sisters bangles. Happu singh tells that he can understand vibhu that he would rob but tiwari? Then happu singh says come with me to the police station. Anita says no leave vibhu. Happu singh says that no they have to come to police station. Putan says yes take them. Anguri says yes putan leave tiwari too he will not do this again. Anguri says i swear you on me. Putan says now i cant break this swear so he tells happu singh to go and then says that he will anyways know who was that women? Anita is shocked.
Vibhu and tiwari are coming from auto. Vibhu says that what has this putan done? Tiwari says yes but he just took bangles but why did he come in between? Vibhu says he thought he was

the thief. Tiwari says and he thought he was thief. Vibhu says but putan proved them robbers. Tiwari says yes. Then vibhu says that why did he marry anguri if her whole family insults him? Vibhu says he doesnt have respect and is useless for them. Tiwari says shut up you are saying too much and anguri and he loved each other. Vibhu says hell they love each other. Tiwari says shut up and this is too much and he knows vibhus story too. That he was hit by anitas family and was thrown in gutter. Vibhu says anyways now they will do one thing and they have to do something about putan. Tiwari says yes. Vibhu says he has to be put back in jail. Then they plan something. Then look at pelu. Pelu smiles.
At night tiwari is speaking with someone and is saying that his son is asking for a car and without bribe he cant take one so he needs 5 lakh rupees. Till then vibhu puts a blanket on happu singhs head and starts hitting and punching him. Tiwari says from behind in a different voice that hit on stomach putan and hit on back putan and hit here and there. Tiwari says putan dont and vibhu keeps hitting. Then tiwari says lets go putan and vibhu and tiwari go away running.
In the morning happu singh comes at tiwaris house and shouts from streets to putan to come out. Anit and vibhu come and say what happened? Vibhu looks at happus face and says oh so it must have been putan and he must have hit him ofcourse. Anuta says ohh and says take putan now. Anguri and tuwari come. Anguri asks what happened? Tiwari says that what are you asking and look at his face and he must have been bashed by putan. Happu singh calls putan loudly. Putan comes and says what happened? Happu singh says i will show you in jail what happened and he will strip him and hit him. Putan says but what has he done? Happu singh tells he bashed him yesterday. Putan says no and he did not do this. Anguri says yes putan must not have done this. Happu singh says he knows because he was covered by blanket and someone from behind was saying putan. Putan saying ok he will show him a film and then he can decide what to do. Putan then shows the video of vibhu and tiwari hitting happu singh. Everyone is shocked and anita says what is this vibhu? Anguri is angry and says tiwari and vibhu tried to put my brother in jail. Hapou singh says now he will not leave them. Anita says leave it happu ji and forgive vibhu. Vibhu says to tiwari that remove that thing and buy happu singh. Tiwari tells happu singh that let it be and he qill give him bribe. Happu singh smiles and says ok. Putan says to happu that if he takes bribe then he will put all 3 of them in jail. Suddenly two policemen come on a bike. They get down. Putan says what the hell and where did these come from? The police gets down and tells putan oh wow you are here and so now he will come to jail with him as he ran by jailbreak. Anguri says that you told me you had a bail. Putan says actually policemen were not allowing bail so he himself took a bail and came. Police says that anyways he was going to be bailed in 6 months then why did he run? Putan says he was missing his sister so he came. Police says now stay in jail for 1 year. Anita tiwari vibhu are happy. Putan says ok and saya before going he will tell his brother in laws that he has a debt on them and after a year he will pay it. Then putan goes with policemen. Anguri is sad. Happu singh tells tiwari come to tea stall and lets do some business of money. Happu singh tiwari and vibhu go. Anita gets a call from mom that she had actually sent fake bangles and now she will send the real ones. Anita says oh wow thats good and feels satisfied. Then anguri says that wow is she also gettkng bangles? Anita says yes. Anguri then removes hers and says you had liked this right then take this and when you get those give it to me. Anita looks at her puzzled.
In bedroom tiwari comes. Anguri is sad and angry. She says she doesnt want to talk with him. Tiwari says what happened? Anguri says he sent her brother back and he had come after a long time. Tiwati says he is indisciplined. Anguri says he has been in a joking manner since childhood and he used to do this with grandfather and dad too. Tiwari says its ok now. Anguri says no he doesnt wnat to speak with him. Then a song plays and tiwari tries to convince anguri. At the end anguri is convinced.

Precap: dad tells anguri that yesterday night he had a bad dream. Anguri asks what? Dad says that she used to have sudden shocks when she was small and he had this dram that she is suffering from it again. At home anguri is in bed. She opens eyes and doctor anita vibhu and tiwari are sitting. Anguru looks at everyone. Vibhu shows her his tatoo and anguri gets a sudden shock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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