Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari as akbar and says durjan singh I have to teach salim some manners . Anita as jodha bai comes with her homos*xual servant happu singh. Jodha says akbar please think first that salim is your son and don’t punish him. Akbar says don’t say anything jodha bai and salim has gone out of his limits, he has done things he shouldn’t have done. Happu singh says as the darmiya that jodha bai take this water. Then akbar says salim come here now, he says loudly. Vibhu enters as salim and gulfam kali comes as the kaneez with anguri as anarkali. Salim comes and vibhu dances as directed and then stops. Anarkali who is anguri tells akbar(Tiwari) that king your son salim always teases me and save me from him. Akbar tells salim that salim you have to change yourself now

and anarkali doesn’t love you, why do you tease her? Gulfam who is kaneez says I love being teased by salim but prince salim doesn’t tease me. Akbar says salim anarkali doesn’t want to be teased and then why don’t you tease kaneez? Salim has a rose flower and he says father I love anarkali and I will tease her for all my life because I love teasing her. Jodha bai says akbar, leave salim and let him do what he wants, he is my son. Why do you want to punish him?
Akbar says because this is my rule and he has done a crime. Salim says I love anarkali and I also want to marry her, so you shall not come in between me and my love. Anarkali says but I don’t love you salim. Akbar says see? She doesn’t love you, then why do you force your love on her? Anita as jodha says akbar, salim is independent and he has my blessings for his marriage with anarkali. In the play, English words are used too. Akbar says no, I wont allow that. Salim says see mom, I love anarkali but this old man is not letting me marry her because he loves her and he wants to keep anarkali for her. Akbar says yes, you don’t question me and I will marry anarkali and not you. everyone is laughing and saxena too.
There in an office, three men are playing carom and one is a fat boss. Boss says play nicely man. One man comes and says boss I have news. Boss says what? Man says boss in modern colony, people have gone mad and the residents are doing a play but they have spoilt it all with all stupidity filled in it and they are insulting our Indian history. Boss says that mental saxena must have arranged this and I wont leave anyone. Lets go. They all go.
There as the play is going, fun is happening and the crowd Is laughing. On the street, a man goes laughing and the boss comes and says why are you laughing? Man says see there is the play of Mughals and they are funny. Boss slaps him, the man goes. Boss and his men go to the play and they call more of their men. They are angry as the history is being insulted.
In the play, anarkali says I wont marry anyone as I don’t love akbar and nor do I love salim. Kaneez says salim marry me. Salim says I will not. Kaneez says you have to as I have something, kaneez removes mobile and shows salim a mms. Salim sees and jodha says what happened? Salim shows her and says she is blackmailing me now. Jodha says oh my god, you have taken kaneez in your arms? Salim says that day it was dark and I thought it must be anrakali so I took her in my arms but it was kaneez and she secretly made a mms. Happu who is the darmiya and is named sharayu says by the way my king akbar, you have done a lot too. Akbar says don’t say anything. Jodha says tell me what happened? Sharayu says one night in December, I went to king’s room and he was drunk, he took me in arms and did what not. Everyone is shocked. And jodha says oh my god, akbar you are characterless too and before blaming salim see what you have done. Suddenly tilu comes there and says Tiwari give me my salary. Tiwari says go now and the drama is going on now. Vibhu says saxena tell him to go. Vibhu and anita say tilu please go now and we are acting in this play, let the play get over then you can do whatever you want to do with Tiwari. Tilu says okay and goes. The boss is angry after seeing this and he slaps his man and says what is this? They have made the script all senseless and this wont work now.

Precap: Tiwari is at home at night. The door knocks, Tiwari opens and a man pulls him out from the house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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