Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari speaking on phone with woman who tells him she came last week to buy undergarments for her husband and now she wants to return them. Tiwari says he will not take them back even because his husband must be wrong and not his undergarments. Tiwari then says that he will not take it even if she goes to court or police and he keeps the phone. Anguri listens and says to herself that is a woman asking him to marry her and is he saying no? Anguri goes crying and asks who was that and was it a woman? Tiwari aays yes and why are you crying? Anguri says what was she speaking with him? Tiwari says dont cry and he was just speaking to a woman who came last time to buy garments and so they were speaking about that. Anguri says do you swear on me? Tiwari says yes and anguri

stops crying and says ok and sorry that i doubted on you. Tiwari says its ok. Anguri goes and tiwari this is a great idea to know whether anita loves me or not.
At frontyard anita is speaking to minal and tiwari sees that. He goes there and starts acting on phone and talks loudly. Anita gets disturbed and tells minal that she will call later. Tiwari then says on phone that i know you are my admirer and my lover but i am married and i cant speak now and he keeps the phone. Anita thinks what a cheap man tiwari is and mannerless and is speaking loudly being a married man about such things. Anita confronts tiwari. Tiwari says its nothing just that woman is my admirer and i came here to ask what to do? Anita tells what will she say and he doesnt have manners to speak on phone and speaks so loudly and she tells him to speak low on the phone. Tiwari says ok. Vibhu listens to all this and says to himslef that this man is telling everyone that a woman loves him and he will take advantage of it. Anita goes in. Tiwari says anitas talks did not reflect anything and he should see from back if she speaks nice about him. Anita who has gone in tells vibhu that tiwari is so mannerless and vibhu tells he heard everything and he is asking you about a solution and such a disgusting man he is. Anita says its not about that but how can a married man tell the whole world that a woman loves me. Tiwari who listens from outside says that here vibhu interfered and he will know it later. He goes. There anita tells that everyman should make other woman a sister. Vibhu says no he does not agree to it. Anita says so u will make them wife? Vibhu says i did not say that. Anita tells that then make that woman sister whom she wants. Vibhu asks whom? Anita says an- an- (vibhu gets scared) ankita that ex girlfriend of yours. Vibhu says oh that and ok he will make her sister 101%. Anita smiles.
At kitchen anguri is cooking and vibhu comes and tells her that tiwari just came to anita saying that a woman loves her and she wants to marry him. Anguri says no that cant be. Vibhu tells yes it is and if u dont believe then aska anita and call her now. Anguri says no it cant be and starts crying and goes away running. Vibhu smiles and tells now i will teach you tiwari.
In morning vegetable man comes and anita stops him to take vegetable. He tells its cheap. Anita tells its expensive. Then tiwari who is in balcony sees and throws an envelope down and tells oh it fell down and tells vegetable man to take it and he will come down to take it. Vegetable guy picks it up and shows it to anita and says oh my god its a pic of a woman with manmohan tiwari tatooed on her arm. Anita says what? And this man is disgusting. Tiwari comes. Anita tells him how can he keep this photo of a woman and is he mad and she goes. Tiwari tells vegetable guy to go and tiwari says to himself that anita just became jealous.
At home tiwari is sitting and anguri comes. She tells him that what is he doing? He tells what? Anguri tells she knows that woman loves him with whom he spoke and he told all this to anita and cries. Tiwari says he was just joking with anita. Vibhu comes and says no he wasnt and he has proof. Tiwari tells what nonsense are you speaking? Vibhu tells he knows that woman wants to marry you and said i love you. Anguri tells oh my god and she is angry. A phone call comes and vibhu says it mist be hers and picks it up. Its saxena. Vibhu tells who do u want and thete is no manu living here. Saxena tells he doesnt want manu and give phone to manmohan tiwari and tells what nonsense are you speaking vibhu? Vibhu says oh you are his lover and want to marry him? Anguri says what and says nooo? Tiwari tries to take phone from vibhu but anguri pulls him back and says let him speak. Vibhu then tells saxena that tiwari is a married man and dont do this. Saxena tells i like it and tells give tiwari the phone vibhu.

Precap: anita reads a phrase of romance written on a paper stuck to tiwaris sofa. Tiwari says wow thats good. Anita tells its not good and it is stuck to your sofa. Tiwari reads it and shreiks and gets scared. Vibhu tells anguri why dont you throw this man out of the house?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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