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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita coming and says hello everybody. Tiwari says hello, anita says hello tiwari and anguri. Tiwari says take this gift it has a silver utensil. Anita says its expensive and takes it. Happu says take this from me a saree red colored and is worth 12k. Anita says very expensive and says thanks. Vibhu says madam take this gift from me and its a doll, vibhu says we could bring only what we could afford. Tiwari and happu laugh and tiwari says he is cheap and poor and laugh, happu says yes. Anguri says why are you teasing vibhu over his poverty. Tiwari says shut up you only feed them food. Anita says thanks for the gift and throws it down and jumps on it. Anita says thanks. Tika says they are teasing us over our poverty, vibhu says let it be. Anita says anyway now i

will call the one who is special for this party and for whom this party has been conducted. Vibhu smiles and thinks it is him. Anita says so welcome the one who is near to my heart and my new love, its prem choudhary. Vibhu is in a shock and tika and malkhan are sad. Anguri and happu are shocked. Prem comes and starts dancing, anita dances with him. Vibhu is sad and goes near the alcohol and is depressed. Anita teases him and dances. Vibhu drinks from the bottle. Vibhu is sad and drunk. Anguri goes. Happu is banging his head on table.
Next day at tea stall, prem tells give me a rich peoples tea. Vibhu comes and slaps prem and says you liar you stole at your own friends house. Prem says what did i do? Vibhu says you stole my wife from me. Prem says i did not and all this we were doing was a drama so that you could get back home to anita and anita told me to do this drama with her. Vibhu says oh i get it now and she did this. Vibhu says sorry i slapped you. Prem says its okay even i would have done the same if this happened to me. Happu comesand slaps prem 2 times and says how dare you do affair with anita and i will beat you. Vibhu says oh wait and who are you to say and she is my wife and prem is my friend and he will do whatever he wants to do and what is your problem? Happu says i get it but this is too much. Vibhu says get lost. Happu goes angrily. Vibhu says its time for my breakfast i will go and he goes. Tiwari comes and slaps prem. Prem says you knew everything still why did you slap me? Tiwari says because what you did yesterday was too much. Tiwari goes. Prem says everyone slapped me.
At home tiwari is sweeping and anita is there. Anita tells do fast and goes to bring coffee. Vibhu and prem come. Tiwari is scared. Anita says who came? Tiwari says its jobless people. Anita comes out and says oh its you. Vibhu says yes and yesterday i saw you with prem so i realised that i myself will get you married to prem. Anita says what nonsesnse. Prem says i am ready. Anita says shut up yesterday we did was just drama. Tiwari gets scared. Vibhu laughs and says see the reaction came from both sides and i knew this you were acting and i should tell you i will not come home dont troubke me agan. Vibhu and prem go. Anita says your plan failed again. Tiwari says see today night what i will do.
At tea stall, vibhu is talking with friend on phone and says i am living a good life and enjoying and you too leave your life and you will enjoy. Vibhu keeps phone and takes tea. Tiwari comes and says because of you i am suffering and please i fall at your legs but go back home. Vibhu says yes fall at my leg and says how are you suffering? Tiwari says my food ration from home is getting over and there i am working in your place. Vibhu laughs and says i will not go back. Tiwari says you eat at my home only. Vibhu says i am not forced to eat and anguri gives us so we eat and if she will stop giving then we will stop eating. Tiwari gets angry and goes.
At home tiwari calls a friend and says he needs help to remove 3 people from his street. Man says he will take 5 lakhs. Tiwari says its too much, man keeps phone. Tiwari says how do i bring goons and they take too much. Tilu comes and listens and says what do you want? Tiwari thinks this guy is a goon and why am i searching everywhere? Tiwari says i need your help to remove those 3 useless people from the street. Tilu says tika malkhan and vibhu? Okay i need money. Tiwari gives tilu 500rs. Tilu says i will need 5 goons for that and at least need 10k for that. Tiwari gives 10k and tilu says adjust this from my salary. Tiwari says okay. Tilu takes money. Tiwari says okay go throw them out from there. Tilu says whom? Those 3? What have they done to me and why should i do that? Tilu runs away. Tiwari says he made me fool and took money. Anguri comes with a list and says bring this for the poor people and i have to give them food today. Tiwari tears the list and screams. Anguri says give me phone. Tiwari gives, anguri says i am calling mom. Tiwari says no and takes the list and goes.
At saxenas home tiwari calls him. Saxena comes and tiwari says i need your help to remove tika malkhan and vibhu from the street. Saxena says why? Tiwari says they have been removed from their houses. Saxena says then they should be helped and you shall drown in a dirty pit for thinking of troubling them. Tiwari slaps saxena and says he will give him as many shocks as he wants. Saxena says okay i will do it and he asks for advance. Tiwari slaps him and says go do the work. Saxena says i will become a bear and get them out from there.

Precap: vibhu tells anita he wont come home when anita asks him if he will comeand this is the last time she will ask. saxena becomes bear and attacks vibhu tika and malkha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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