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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu calling anguri and asking whether she got the ring? Anguri says no. Vibhu says he will be ruined. Then he says he should tell the truth. He tells anguri that he actually bought the ring for 50000 rupees. She then asks from where did he get so much money? He then tells he took the ring from saxena as loan. Then anguri tells why did he give her such an expensive ring and now she will have to search it. He tells please and tells her yo search it. Then she tells maybe it must have fallen into the kitcehn sink and she will have to search it. Vibhu says ok and thank u and keeps the phone. He goes in the bedroom.
Anita comes out of the bathroom dancing romantically to the song haseen janemann. She dances and then comes on the bed near vibhu. She asks him how

is she looking? He ells good. Then he tells her that she is very happy because vibhu loves her and is going to give her a gift. She tells that it was written in the magazine meri chant saheli that husband will give a gift if he loves his wife. He says dont read that magazine because the author of that magazine had beaten her husband in public because he doubted on her. She tells she doesnt care and she knows vibhu is giving her a gift.
At night while sleeping, tiwati is snoring. Anguri says that she has to rob money today as she has to protect her self respect. She then says she will confuse later. In sleep tiwari says its confess. She says sahi pakde hai! Then anguri gets up and goes to the cupboard and searches for money. Suddenly tiwari gets up and switches on the light and asks her what is she doing? She then takes a shirt of tiwari and tells that she was missing him and so she wanted to take the smell of his body from the shirt so she got up to take the shirt. Tiwari says that it is weird because he is sleeping right beside her and why doesnt she take smell of his essence from body. She says ok and she then goes beside him and they sleep as she has to smell tiwaris hands.
During the night vibhu comes out and covers his face with a monkey cap and takes a digger. He digs the area outside tiwaris kitchen so that he can find the ring which must have come out from the sink pipe through anguris kitchen. Happu singh is on the rounds and he sees a person digging the ground. He goes behind vibhu and asks him who is he and what is he doing outside tiwaris kitchen? Vibhu mimics a voice from a film and says why does he care? Hapou singh tells that if he will hit him then he will know and will throw him in the jail. Then vibhu turns back and hits happu singh. He punches and kicks happu singh and breaks his legs. Happu singh falls unconscious and vibhu runs away.
In the morning tiwari gets ready and has bought a diamond ring from saxena too fro anguri. He says to himself anguri will be happy to see it. He then keeps it on the dressing table and says it will be a surprise for anguri. He keeps it on the dressing table. Anguri comes. He tells when did she dress up? Anguri says she got ready today early morning only. Then tiwari tells her to get ready again for his sake. Anguri says ok but only after he goes because she feels shy to dress up in front of him. Tiwari says ok and goes. Then anguri sits on the dressing table but then she sees the ring and she gets happy. She thinks its the ring vibhu gave her and then she says she will return the ring back to him. She goes at vibhus house. She meets him and tells she got the ring back and gives it to him. Vibhu says to himself that he was finding in the sink. Then he thanks anguri and tells her anita will be very happy to see the ring. Anita comes and vibhu puts the ring in anitas hand. Anita gets happy and she says thank u to vibhu and says she loves him a lot. Then anguri says she is feeling shy to look at them and she goes. Anita tells i love u to vibhu and goes in the kitchen. Vibhu says to himself that when he gives the ring then only she tells him i love u. Otherwise he will always stay out of the house.
Tiwari is coming home and says to himself that anguri must have seen the ring and must be happy now and he says he will go and love her. Anita who is in the frontyard calls tiwari and tells him see what she has got. Anita moves her hand around her body intending to show the ring. Tiwari says wow and saysthe dance was nice but it would be good if she would have moved her hips. She says she is not showing dance but her hand. Tiwari says nice nail polish. Then anits says she was showing the ring. Tiwari sees and gets shocked as he had gifted the same ring to anguri. He then asks anita whether she is sure vibhu gave her the ring? Anita says ofc9urse as her husband loves her and even if he is jobless he is different type of jobless person as he has many FD’s and bank accounts in which he has saved money and that he has given the ring to her. Tiwari says that he still doubts. Anita tells her husband is true when it comes ot love and she goes away. Tiwari then says now he will prove that it is the ring he bought for anguri.

Precap: tiwari aska anguri why didnt she wear the ring? Anguri says which ring? Tiwari tells that he had bought a ring for her and kept it on the dressing table and he thinks vibhu has stolen it. Anguri understand and goes to vibhu and tells him to take the ring from anita as she gave her the wrong ring as it was the one tiwari gifted her. Vibhu says ok. Anguri goes. Vibhu says he has said OK but how will he take the ring from anita because removing a ring from her hand is like putting hand inside a beehive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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