Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri watering plants n singing, Vibhuti walks to her n asks how are u, anguri says fine n how abt u, Vibhuti says good good n u know love is very sweet, like a fruit,anguri says I never get what u say,Vibhuti says anyways u like green bangles right, anguri says yes I love wearing them, I use to buy a lot when I was a kid but here there’s no salesman selling bangles, Vibhuti says I will get u. Anguri says no issues I will ask tiwariji n hears cooker sound n rushes in, Vibhuti says I will get u bangles.

Anguri talking to Amaji n says I will go with laddu key bhaiya to temple, Tiwari walks In, anguri says get ready we need to go temple, Amaji has asked, Tiwari thinks let her go temple n I shall go see bhabhiji n says anguri my stomach is aching I shall rest u go temple,anguri

says ok but u her alone, Tiwari says I will manage u go, anguri says ok take care bye.

Anita talking to Meenal on phone n makes an weekend plan, anguri walks to Anita,Anita asks where are u going u look beautiful,anguri says Amaji asked me to go temple, Anita says alone where’s tiwariji,anguri says he is unwell, Anita says these men n their reasons, they never have time for all this, anguri asks even Vibhuti does so, Anita says always,anguri says I will complain Amaji abt it, but still just look after him, Anita says sure bye.

Vibhuti with bangles n ladder, says bhabhiji I got u bangles n climbs to tiwaris bedroom, n says now these green bangles where shall I keep them, gulfamkali on a run sees ladder b climbs on, Vibhuti hears footsteps n hides beneath the bed. Anita sees gulfamkali n says poor anguriji let me call her n says anguriji come soon I was right tiwariji was giving reasons he is all good n I saw gulfamkali.

Police searching for gulfamkali, gulfamkali in tiwaris bedroom starts dressing, she hears noise n sneaks under bed n sees Vibhuti n asks what are u doing here, Vibhuti says I fought with Anita n so hiding from her here but what are u doing here, gulfamkali says police raid. Tiwari walks out of washroom n removes his towel, gulfamkali says wow two men n me, Vibhuti says plz move aside, Tiwari hears voices n sees under bed n sees gulfamkali n Vibhuti, n asks them to come out.

Tiwari asks what were u doing u doing here my bed, Vibhuti says mind ur language, Gulfamkali says I don’t know abt him but I was hiding from police raid, Vibhuti says I was hiding from Anita,Tiwari says I don’t know u tow leave, Vibhuti sees no ladder n says I will go from main door u leave her after some time n leaves.

Vibhuti comes running n says bhabhiji n Anita in here n gulfamkali n Vibhuti hide under bed, tiwari says hi u n bhabhiji he, anguri says stop acting tell me where have u hidden gulfamkali,Anita says yes I saw here climbing in on ladder,Tiwari says u must have misunderstood, anguri says yes may be anitaji,he is right,Anita says no no I did see her,anguri says but I trust him,Gulfamkali sees cockroach n jumps out, Anita sees under bed n finds Vibhuti smiling at her.Vibhuti starts acting as if he is gone mad .

Doctor checking Vibhuti,Anita asks is he normal or, doctor says he is normal,Vibhuti says I’m mad crazy,doctor says my machine says u are completely normal,Tiwari says why don’t u agree to doctor,anguri says yes yes why dint u agree,Vibhuti says anguri darling I’m normal,anguri says has he lost it,Anita says are u and Vibhuti, Vibhuti says God Anu why are u shouting me did I have a shock,doctor says but my machine anyways I have an idea, Saxena will check him now.

Vibhuti at tea stall waiting for prem, prem comes on bike n asks why did u call me did ur wife kick u out,Vibhuti says I failed madness test,prem says u don’t tell bhabhi n keep acting as mad n people will make Anita bhabhi believe that u are mad, Vibhuti says u are genius bulls eye, happu Singh joins them n asks so what’s up, Vibhuti walks to him n says u fatty, what do u think ur wife is machine which delivers kids,u are the reason behind world population, prem says happu Singh he has maddens shocks n shooks Vibhuti, why are u insulting poor happu Singh.

Vibhuti says sorry happu Singh, happu Singh says ok ok but think twice,Vibhuti says I’m really sorry,n says u nosy inspector n messes with him, happu Singh says he is gone complete mad.

Pre cap : anguri says to Tiwari I think u have an affair.
Saxena to Vibhuti, if u answer half of my questions, u will be proved half mad so my first question is if I call u loose character what will be ur reaction.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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