Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti says Anu come fast,Anita says here’s rope ,Vibhuti says yes I caught it pull me,Anita tries pulling Vibhuti,hapu Singh n Tiwari trying to sneak in from kitchen,hapu Singh says see how I get into the house now,Anita unable to pull Vibhuti out, Tiwari and hapu Singh open kitchen window,Anita hears some voice n goes to kitchen n sees them n says what are u doing, hapu Singh says tiwaris idea,Tiwari says u didn’t allow me in so I was,Anita says u won’t come to my house any more n how shameless are u tiwariji,Tiwari starts crying n says she insulted me again,Anita says hapu Singh this tiwaris is shameless have u lost too.

Hapu Singh says Tiwari says something wrong so I came,Anita says u have search warrant,hapu Singh says I don’t have,Anita says ok let

me call the commissioner,hapu Singh says very sorry this Tiwari is behind all this I’m leaving,Anita says wait There n don’t move or else I will call commissioner,await gets rope n asks hapu Singh n Tiwari to pull it till she asks to stop n no reasons or else will make a call,hapu Singh says we will call for sure,hapu Singh n Tiwari starts pulling,Vibhuti comes up,but rat comes in tiwaris leg n he leaves rope n Vibhuti falls deep down the pit.

Next day, Anita sends tea n biscuits for Vibhu down the pit,Anita says enjoy ur tea till then I will make arrangements to remove u out,Vibhuti says be quick. Tina playing cards at tea stall, Anita walks to him n says tikka I need ur help come home soon,I will give u 1000 Rs, Tika says ok bhabhi lets go,Anita says today I’m going to take ur strength test stay here don’t move,Anita goes in n says Vibhu I have made arrangements catch the rope u will be pulled soon,Anita takes rope out n from door says Tika hold this rope n pull with full strength,Tika tries hard,Tiwari sees them n thinks today again rope what’s wrong with bhabhiji.

Vibhuti almost out of pit,but few girls say hi to Tika n he leaves rope again n Vibhu falls down,Anita rushes in n asks Vibhu are u fine,Vibhuti yells in pain,Anita says ok stay in n try search the Kalash,Vibhuti says how mean of u,u greedy women don’t care abt me,Anita says shut up this is for both of us,door bell rings, hapu Singh n Tiwari rush inside the house,Tiwari says oh god such deep pit what’s wrong.

Hapu Singh says I guess the dead body is being buried here,Anita says what dead body,hapu Singh says which u kidnapped,Anita says I didn’t,Tiwari says u didn’t but Vibhutiji did,u don’t worry,Anita’s ays shut up,no one is being kidnapped,vibhuti says Anu get me out,hapu Singh says this voice where is vibhutiji,Anita says he is in this pit,Tiwari says how did he go there,Anita says he dug this bcoz there are coins in Kalash deep down there,both get shocked,Anita says don’t u believe, wait I will show u proof,n shows the diary to them,hapu Singh says she is right, Tiwari says sorry bhabhiji,Vibhuti says plz get me out,Anita says help me get him out n help dig this deep will give u ur share,hapu Singh says sure we will help.

Hapu Singh n Tiwari start pulling the rope,Anita says cmon do it don’t u guys have strength, Vibhuti comes out,he gives cold looks to Anita,Anita says don’t a,is me feel guilty,Vibhuti says this is all lie n reads next page which reads that the kajals has got robbed the next week,Anita says what.vibhuti says I’m gonna take a shower n by mistake hapu Singh falls in the pit, but no one stops to help him,he yells for help n says god this Vibhutiji has made this place so stinky.

Pre cap:Anita says Vibhu I’m going Delhi for grooming classes n. Want the house all clean n tidy when I’m back.
A lady with ghungat asks Vibhu can he appoint her as his maid she will charge nothing she needs just food n place to leave,Vibhuti gets excited n says ur most welcome.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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