Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,pandit says to all that all that I have done is because tiwari told me and then vibhuti asks manmohan tat y did he asked to do load shedding at night and manmohan says tat he is a very responsible citizen and so he has asked to to do load shedding as many people get light for just two days and to save electricity he has asked to do load shedding and vibhuti then praises tiwari for being so responsible citizen and then says tat how nice it will be if the light at your place will be off the whole day and everyone says ya tats a good idea and vibhuti tells pandit to cut the electricity connection at tiwaris house and pandit agrees and everyone leaves. Manmohan looks angrily at pandit and says tat how it will be if he tells his third wife about his first wife and pandit

gets in tension.
Vibhuti goes home and anita comes out having coffe and asks vibhuti did he get to know who is the person asking to do this load shedding and vibhuti tells that he knows it and anita says tat person should be hit with chappals and when he is about to tell manmohan comes and says hi and anita asks him tat does he know the name of the person who is doin this load shedding and tiwari then whisphers in manmohans ears tat its hi mothers promise pls don’t tell her name and vibhuti agrees and tells anita tat it’s a list of people and he will soon find it and then anita says to him that y u tell before confirming and leave and vibhuti also asks tiwari to leave and manmohan says thank you and vibhuti says tat he will take favor for this.
Anguri is seen talking to amaji and tells tat once again manmohan has been hit by the robbers and amaji asks her to give phone to manmohan as she will talk to him and manmohan comes in and anguri says to him tat amaji wants to talk to u he gets annoyed and talks to amaji and she warns him not to get into fight as anguri gets very tensed and then they hung up and manmohan says to anguri y did u tell all this to ama and anguri says tat she cant see u like this.
Saxena comes to manmohans house and purposely rangs the bell coz he wants shocks and manmohan opens door and asks saxena wat work he has and saxena says tat he is here to take shocks as due to load shedding he cant get shocks and manmohan gets a n idea and tells saxena tat he has to do one work for him he has to cut electricity connection at vibhutis house and he will in return gives shock and saxena agrees and manmohan asks to cut the connection at 9.00pm and saxena agrees and leaves a man sitting near bike hears this he is a thief and he then decides to rob this house tonight
Manmohan gets ready with deodorant and all ready to get a hug from anita and comes in anguri she then asks him where he is going he says tat he is going for an important work and anguri says tat she will come with him to hit the robbers and manmohan denies and then says tat anguri u look very beautiful in pink and anguri says tat this is orange and manmohan leaves he then goes to phone booth and calls at anitas house she picks up the call and he just says hello and anita too replies hello vibhuti hands over coffe to anita and takes phone and he talks and manmohan talks in different voice and says tat he wants to make the policy of his moustaches vibhuti says tat r u making fun of me and anita says u have to go as people today make policy of everything nose,hands,lips,etc and then vibhuti asks swear on ur mother and manmohan lies tat he swears and vibhuti agrees and asks the address he says ramgad and vibhuti says its very far and anita says to him say yes as it is work and u have to go and vibhuti agrees to come
Manmohan arrives and rangs bell and anita opens the door and manmohan comes in and she asks how come her and he says tat he just visited to say hw r u and he then asks where is vibhuti and she says tat he has gone out for work and manmohan is constantly looking at time in his watch and anita asks him y ru looking at ur watch and he says he is waiting for the right time and vibhuti is seen coming home back as he forget something and sees tat light goes off and hears anitas scream and goes in to check while at the same anguri is closing the door she sees some one entering anitas house and thinks tat it is robber vibhuti comes in and sees manmohan and starts hitting him considering him a s a robber and anguri comes in and starts hitting vibhuti considering him as robber when light comes anguri sees vibhuti and stops hitting him and vibhuti asks y did she hit him and she says tat she is guilt for it as she thought u r a robber and manmohan sees anita and says to vibhuti to stop giving English classes and sees there vibhuti goes and seperates anita from that man and asks him who is he and the man tells tat he actually came here to rob but got a hug from bhabhiji and he is very happy about it and vibhuti than warns him to take him to police and he says no and then vibhuti asks him to leave and the robber gives anita a card and says tat whenever light goes off call him hearing this she slaps him and he leaves while vibhuti says to anita tat ur this habit is going to cost us and anita says tat she is very scared and hugs vibhuti.
Next day vibhuti visits anguri house and she says tat she will slap u so hardly tat u will remember it forever I cannot just cook but hit u also badly and vibhuti gets shocked to hear this and wonders y is she saying like this and anguri than hugns up her phone and remove hands free and vibhuti starts laughing and anguri says tat she is so angry and y is he laughing and vibhuti says tat he thought u were saying it to her and asks her y was she angry and anguri tells tat a client was not giving order properly and talking bad about tiwari so she scolded him and vibhuti asks her if some one says bad about tiwari u get angry on him and if someone praises tiwari then anguri says tat she will like tat man very much and vibhuti then says ok and leaves.

While an announcement is made by a man tat if someone wants to make ladies follow him then he should once defiantely visit baba vashikaran and manmohan hears this news and gets excited to meet him.

Manmohan is asking vashikaran does ur remedy work and he says yes and takes it from her and mixes it with the coconut water and offers it to anita and comes in vibhuti and drinks it and manmohan gets very tensed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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