Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vibhuti comes to meet anguri and is very anguri asks wat happen y r u screaming and he says tat i m angray cause see my face and anguri says tat who kissed u and he says tat these r not the marks of kiss some one hit me i have hit myself and anguri asks y did u do this and he tells tat all because of tiwari he black mailed me by pointing a knife and took my money and she says this cant be possible and he says it is as tiwari did this and tiwari comes in and vibhuti runs and hides behind anguri and tiwari comes in and says tat wat happen to vibhuti and angry then asks tiwari tat y did u steal the money from him and hit him and tiwari says tat this is not possible and vibhuti says tat its true and then tiwari cries and says sorry to vibhuti and shows him the twin

photograph of his brother and says tat he is my twin brother nd shows photograph and says tat he came back and he is bad so i don’t talk to him every time i used to get punished for his mistakesand then vibhuti says ok and leaves while anguri asks y didn’t u tell me and then tiwari says tat i thought of not telling anguri then says i will call amaji and ask and tiwari says tat don’t do it she may die of heartattack and anguri says ok and goes in and tiwari laughs at this thought of duplicate and then vibhuti asks tiwari to understand ur and tell ur brother to not to do this and tiwari then sas sorry onbehalf of ur broher but tiwari asks him to hit hme and vibhuti hits him and leaves saying sorry
At night anita is applying ointment on vibhutis cheeks and says tat how is this possible duplicate now and vibhuti says tat even i m thinking the same and then anita gets a call on landline and she says tat i will have to go down to pick up call and its actually tiwari who climbs in the balcony and calls on landline and then anita goes awhile tiwari comes in and shows knife and blackmails vibhuti to sstart slapping and then vibhuti gets scared and starts slapping nd tiwari enjoys this nd quietly leaves and anita comes and see vibhuti slapping and asks him to stop and ask wats wrong and he tells tat jagmohan came know and so i started hitting myself and then next day anita takes vibhuti to anguris house she is upset cals both and tells tat she is irriated tat y is jagmohan hitting vibhuti see how badly he has hit me and then comes tiwari and says tat i didn’t do tat and then anita says tat i m gonna make police complaint against him nd tiwari asks him not to do nd says sorry to them on his behalf and says tat I m helpless as he used to do this wen we were small and then anita says ok u talk to him ask him to stop it an dtiwari agrees
Anguri says tat i will bring juice for u and tiwari then says tat i will not drink tat juice and laughs while anguri brings juice and asks him to bring and then tiwari says to her tati will not drink it bhabhi and anguri says tat y r u calling me bhabhi im ur wife and the tiwari shows the knife to her and then anguri shouts seeing it and runs in tiwari laughs at it and says tat this is fun i m enjoying it

Anguri is hitting tiwari thinking tat he is jagmohan and asks him to leave and vibhuti calls amaji and says tat i have called to complain about ur third son and she says which son i don’t have any son and then vibhui says tat jagmohan

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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