Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari saying what are you saying? Saxena says you should wear these bangles as you are such a useless man and why are u making my Bhabhi wash clothes? Tiwari looks at anita. saxena says I will go now but will u die in dirty water? Tiwari slaps saxena, he goes. Tiwari tells anita see this guy and everyone is taunting and insulting me and mom will know this. Tika and malkhan come and give Tiwari their clothes and tell give it to anguri. Tiwari says I will only wash it, tika says okay. Should I wash it here? Tika malkhan say yes, Tiwari gets up and bashes them up, anita stops Tiwari and gives hot tea. They go with clothes to anguri.
There anguri gives vibhu clothes to iron. Vibhu says this is so good and nice and aren’t you enjoying this business? Anguri says

yes but I have a hip pain, anguri goes. Happu comes and says take this and iron my wifes saree as we are going now for a wedding and the bus is waiting I want it now, vibhu says okay, happu goes to bring pan vibhu tells bring for me too. There vibhu is talking to anguri and happu comes and says where is the saree? Vibhu gets up and comes, they see the saree was burnt as vibhu was busy in talking to anguri. Happu is angry, vibhu asks for pan and eats it. Vibhu calls commissioner, happu goes and says don’t tell I am going.
There Tiwari is in the kitchen and is making food, he says I wish I had started the laundry shop with anita. Tiwari imagines him and anita dancing romantically.
There anita is ready and goes to vibhu and tells him that please at least close this shop now as mr.gupta is going to come. Vibhu says no I am sorry. Mr.gupta comes and anita welcomes him. He asks who is this man? Anita tells he is my husband, vibhu tells he is the topper of his university and highly qualified. Gupta says yes but why are you doing this business, anita is ashamed. Vibhu tells I think because this business has practically no investment and only some washing powder and its just profit. Mr.gupta says yes right then he thinks for sometime and tells I will invest in your business. Anita says what and grooming classes are better and why this? Gupta says sorry and I am investing in this, vibhu tells angrui anguri is happy. Mom comes. She says why are you washing these clothes and call Tiwari. Tiwari comes and is scared. Mom tells why are u making anguri work so much? Tiwari says I did not and I told her not to do this but she only started this business. Anguri says yes because Tiwari had a loan and I wanted to help him. Mom says what and tells Tiwari but u earn so much and what laon are u having? Tiwari says actually I lied because anguri was asking for a diamond necklace so I lied that I have loan. Mom slaps Tiwari, anguri says what and says I wont talk to u. Tiwari pleads and says sorry, they forgive him, then mom and Tiwari tell to close the business. Anguri says okay. Anguri tells vibhu she wont be doing this business anymore. Vibhu says but why and I signed this deal, Tiwari says what do u mean by why? And she is wrapping this up. They all go in. anita then takes advantage and says oh she is gone and don’t worry I will be your partner in this business and we will do together. They shake hands.
At night there anguri is knitting and Tiwari comes. She is angry, Tiwari tries to talk and convince her. Anguri says go I don’t want to talk to u. Tiwari says forget it and I am sorry, anguri says no. Tiwari asks for forgiveness, anguri says no, Tiwari then removes the diamond necklace and puts it in anguris neck and says not even now? Anguri says oh my god and I am very happy and she says okay I forgive you and I wanted this necklace. Tiwari says u look very hot and beautiful. Tiwari says lets romance. There vibhu is washing clothes and anita is supervising him. She tells do it fast and u are slow. Vibhu says what kind of partnership is this and I am working os much, anita says vibhu please and I have bought all these clothes here that u are washing and if I hadn’t done this marketing then u wont get any money. Happu comes with clothes and keeps it there and says wash this too. Vibhu is frustrated. Saxena comes and gives clothes and tells wash this too as these are the clothes of stupid members association and I need it tomorrow or I will jucie you out. Vibhu slaps him. Tika malkhan come and give clothes and tell wash this and we need it, anita says don’t worry anyone and u will get it by tomorrow. She says vibhu will wash them now and he will iron it in morning at 4. Vibhu gets up and runs away.

Precap: vibhu insults saxena in front of anguri. Then he says there is no difference between fool and dumb, vibhu goes. Saxena says I am not a fool and I will show u now the difference between fool and a dumb.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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