Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita n vibhuti sitting on the bed. Anita is filing her nails n vibhuti is reading a book. She asks him which useless book is he reading. He says its not a useless book its english literature. He says he is reading a romantic lovestory of eric n claudia. She asks the story. He says they both loved each other very much n one day claudia met dracula he bit on her neck n she became draculi. Then she went to meet eric n hugged him n sucked his blood n drank it n he fell down. He held her hand n said 250ml blood is yet left suck it n drink it too. Anita gets pleased hearing this that this is so romantic that for claudia eric sacrificed himself. She asks him whether even he will do it for her. He unwillingly says yes. She huga him n sucks his blood. Its all a dream he

shouts dont suck my blood please leave me. Anita comes n wakes him up n says who is sucking your blood he says you n then says he dreamt about it. She gets upset so he convinces her. She says she is his sweet wife n how can she do this. He murmurs that day n night she sucks his blood only. She then tells him about the idea of doimg a blood donation camp at home n she will inaugrate the camp by his blood donation first. She goes he says that what is this she is sucking his blood day n night. Vibhuti goes to angoori n wishes her good morning. She also does the same. Then happu singh comes n annouces about blood donation camp organized by anita n everyone should come there for donation at her house. Tiwari hears this n gets happy n says he will go for sure.

The blood donation camp has started first tika donates his blood n acts as got weakened. Anita comes with juice, toffee n rose for him. Then malkhan donates blood. Vibhuti tries to hide n go in the house but tika sees him n calls him for donation. In order to run from there he tells tika about his shoelace n tika sees it is tied he turns n vibhuti has run away. He tells the doctor about it. Doctor says vibhuti is not made for blood donation but for made for burning blood. Anita again comes with juice, toffee n rose for malkhan but happu comes n gives two bottles of blood n acts very weak n anita gives him juice n rose. Happu cries that first time someome gave him rose. Tika says your blood is black n how did it become red n makes fun of him. Tiwari is all set n happy to go to donate blood n sings song. Someone knocks the door he opens it but doesnt see vibhuti as he is hiding behind him. He goes n hides behind sofa in order to get saved from blood donation. He calls angoori n tells her he is going to donate blood. She says she will get milk n says dont donate much blood as last time in village he donated bkood n he got unconscious n he only needed blood then. He says that was first time so it happened but now it wont. She says yet just give half bottle blood not 2 bottles as she is worried for his health. He says he will fall in anita’s eyes. She says vibhuti also might have donated blood. He says he cant as ge has body n cant give blood. He goes n angoori also goes in kitchen. Vibhuti goes to hide in tiwari’s room. He says this fragrance is very nice of angoori but tiwari’s deo’s fragrance is disgusting. He gets anita’s call. She asks him where is he, he says he is at mom’s house she says he should have told her she says she mwant if he would have told her she would have given the cream to him which his mom wanted. He says she is not well n has high fever so he came suddenly. She says ok n says sge wants to talk. Angoori comes singing. He says she cant talk. She says she is singing then why cant she talk. He says she is not singing but writhing in pain. He says doctor has come he will call later n keeps the phone. He hides under the bed. Angoori sits on the bed reading magazine. He under the bed gets happy. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap:- Angoori talk to ammaji n uses n english word. Vibhuti beneath the bed corrects that word n keeps his mouth shut realizing she might hear it. Anita says to tiwari not even one person has come to take the blood. Tiwari comes in a different get up or disguise in anita’s house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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