Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says to Anita that she is doing good job, Tiwari goes to sit on chair but she kicks the chair and says that he can’t sit until he is asked to sit and also says that he should call her madam and not bhabhiji. Anita asks him y is he here and then Tiwari say that he is here to give you sweets as you are now the police inspector of our town. Anita says that she doesn’t eats sweet and he should not bring this here. Tiwari then tells her that he has news for her dacoit Anjana Singh is coming to jhakar katti Chowk at 12 am today.

Tiwari and Anguri are standing under a tree waiting for Anjana Singh Tiwari is angry and curses Pandit ramphal for giving such weird solution but Anguri says that it’s ok this is for your good progress in business. Vibhuti arrives as

dacoit Anjana Singh Anguri confirms if he is vibhutis friend he agrees and then Anguri starts dancing while Vibhuti is enjoying her dance. Anita with Happu Singh reaches the place where Anguri is dancing Anita is shocked to see Anguri dancing Happu Singh says that may be Anjana Singh held Anguri and tiwari at gunpoint and is asking to dance. Anita immediately holds a gun and asks Anjana Singh to show his face Anguri tries explaining Anita but she asks her to be ok as she has taken the control of situation. Vibhuti shows his face everyone is shocked to see him and says so you are dacoit Anjana Singh Vibhuti denies and says that he purposely did this so that the task given by amkji is done and Anguri will not face any real dacoit. A car comes takes Vibhuti and leave in no time everyone is surprised to see that Vibhuti is not around and. Anita says that Vibhuti is dacoit Anjana Singh and so he ran away.

Real dacoit Anjana Singh stops the car and then tells vibhuti that he is that dacoit and just wanted to see who is using his name and Vibhuti says to him that y did he pick him up as now everyone will believe that I am the dacoit as no one has seen Anjana Singh face .anajana Singh says that it’s good that you will join my team now. Vibhuti says that this will not happen he will immediately call Anita and inform her as she the inspector, Vibhuti calls Anita and tries telling her that he didn’t ran away and neither he is the dacoit Anjana Singh Anita does not listen to him and says that they way you ran away from the place you proved it that you are the culprit and hangs up. Anjana Singh says to Vibhuti that here after he will be a dacoit and hands him gun Vibhuti is upset over this and is crying.

Next day morning Anguri is watering plants and singing song. Tika and malkhan are seen selling vegetables seeing this Anguri says to them this is really good that you people are doing some work Tika then replies that it is necessary to do some work or else we can also turn dacoits like Vibhuti and Anguri says yes it’s true you should did hard work Vibhuti should not have worked as dacoit it is bad and not good. Tiwari comes and seeing Tika and malkhan says that it is difficult and surprising to see you both working I have habit of seeing you as thieves and laughs. Anguri then tells Tiwari that don’t teach them wrong values.

Tiwari then see Anita at her door and greets her Anita warns him that she is in her uniform and he should call her madam and then leave for work Anguri wishes he all the best while Tiwari asks y didn’t she go for jogging today Anita then says that she is more interested in getting the thieves behind the bars.

Tiwari dresses up differently and stands at the bus stop waiting for Sunita, he then sees Sunita and waits to see if she recognises him and Sunita then asks some question Have you seen Tiwari and he laughs and says I m Tiwari I have changed my getup for a reason and requests her to do a small act. He tells Sunita that he will tease her when Anita Mishra will pass by this area as he wants to get arrested to see her whole day, Sunita then asks what will she get in return Tiwari then promises that he will se that she is passed the 8 th std examination which she has not yet cleared from long time and Sunita agrees to this. Tiwari hears Anita’s car sound and asks Sunita to start acting, Tiwari holds her hand and teases her saying no one can do anything to Tilu bodybuilder, seeing this Anita stops her car and arrests saying whoever you are Tilu or whoever I don’t care you cannot tease a women on road. Happu isngh then sees Sunita going see her walking differently says that if a girl walks this way any boy will tease her hearing this Anita gets angry and says that do you also want to get arrested listening to this Happu Singh says sorry and sits in car.

Tiwari is sitting in jail and thinking where is Anita any why is she not in the police station he came here to see her whole time and comes in Happu Singh Tiwari in his mind says that y has he come and where is Anita. Happu Singh says that you will get punished nicely for teasing women. Anita comes in and asks Happu Singh to open the jail gates and both go in and Anita then says to Tilu that he will get punished for teasing women she asks Happu Singh to remove the black cover. There is a ice bed Anita then tells that Happu Singh will see that Tilu is slept on this ice bed without clothes and she will hit Tilu with hunter. Tiwari is worried and scared and then he remove his fake beard and tells that he is Tiwari he did it all purposely and she can verify with Sunita it was all drama. Anita asks him why did he do this and Tiwari tells that he did so that she gets a medal for being a good officer Anita gets furious at it and tells him that she does not work for medals but it’s her duty and then asks Happu Singh to leave Tiwari.

Vibhuti is seen sleeping its Anjana Singh he calls prem and tries telling him that he is not dacoit but prem does not listens to him and hangs up. Anjana Singh wakes up and tells that no one will listen to him he also came into this field because no one actually took him seriously and then Vibhuti yells at him if he understands this y is he pulling him in all this. Anjana Singh says that I have no kids so I want someone to take my family ahead and then says that there is no gas at home so now go and loot someone for it. Vibhuti says no he can’t do this and goes to bed Anjana Singh black mails him and calls police Vibhuti agrees and starts crying.

Precap: Tiwari complaints to Anita in the police station that dacoit Anjana Singh has looted his shop all money and valuables, Anita then asks him what was he doing why didn’t he protested and Tiwari says that he had a gun so could not do anything. Anita is at home she asks Vibhuti to surrender and Vibhuti then helps Anguri at gunpoint and denies to surrender.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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