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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita saying so I am going and I will come soon. Vibhu says I will miss you and he looks at her romantically and says you look very beautiful today and I cant leave you. Anita says everyone is watching and vibhu says big deal. Anita says I love you, vibhu says I love you too. Then she says I will come soon and bye. They both hug and vibhu kisses anita on cheek, pelu smiles from auto, Tiwari is looking angrily. Anita gets in the auto and says oh Tiwari and says bye. Anita goes. Vibhu says anita you are smoking hot. Anita goes. Vibhu goes home. Tiwari says I will do something so that this vibhu wont stick to anita anymore.
Vibhu is eating pani puri at a stall. After eating he asks for water to wash his hands. He by mistake throws water on 2 snakes and says oh

my god there are snakes here. The snake charmer says what have you done and you threw cold water on the 2 snakes who were making love and now these wont leave you and they will trouble you just wait and watch. Vibhu says oh shut up and go. Tiwari is hiding and watching all this. He says yes vibhu will fall in trouble and he laughs. snake charmer takes snakes and says see you will suffer. Vibhu says his day is spoilt and is this guy speaking the truth?
At night in bedroom vibhu tells anita today I ate pani puri and then this thing happened… anita says yes gas must have happened and I told you don’t eat anything out. Vibhu says no just listen first, he says when he was washing his hands he spilled water on the 2 snakes who were romancing and the snake charmer said they will come behind me and kill me for the trouble I gave them. Anita says you are so educated and how do you believe this and don’t be scared. Anita then pulls him inside the blanket and says lets romance. There Tiwari enters the bedroom and wakes up vibhu. Anita and vibhu get up. Anita says what is this and how can you enter our bedroom like this? Vibhu says how dare you do this? Tiwari says actually I saw a very poisonous snake climbing your balcony so I caught it and came here to tell vibhu and alert him about this. Anita says what do you mean caught and where is the snake? Tiwari removes the tail from his pocket and moves it a little and puts it back. Vibhu and anita scream and get scared. Vibhu says see I told you the snake charmer said the snakes would be behind me. Tiwari says actually I am an expert in catching snake and know what they think and right now this snake is thinking that he vibhu is a useless and I will kill him. Vibhu gets scared and says thanks and says go now. Tiwari says okay good night and he goes.
Next day anita says vibhu bring coffee fast. Vibhu comes and says already I am scared and here you are always in a hurry. Anita says its okay and says this news has come today in the paper that a snake killed 3 people. Vibhu says why are you telling me these news and you know right? That I am already scared. Anguri comes and sits. Anita welcomes her. She says see I brought kheer for vibhu as he likes it and it is snake gods birthday today. vibhu says thanks and says actually I am scared from snakes. Anguri says why? Vibhu says actually I spilled water on 2 snakes romancing and charmer said they will be behind me. Anguri says oh my god what did you do? And yes they will actually come behind you. Vibhu says mummy and is more scared now.
At the tea stall happu singh is there and he reads the news that a wish seeker snake has come in town and if anyone offers 20 mice everyday then their wish will soon be granted. Happu says wow I will do this and I have a lot of wishes but from where do I bring the mice? Tika and malkhan come and malkhan says why are you sitting here happu and go and do some work. Happu says shut up and you both are jobless and I am at least a government employee. Tika and malkhan say then you give us work we will do anything. Happu says I need 20 mice a day and I will give 50rs for 1. It will be 1000rs for 20 so bring me that and take your payment. They say okay and we will take payment when we give mice to you. Happu says okay and is happy.
At kitchen anguri is singing a snake song and vibhu says don’t sing such songs and I am already scared. Anguri says what happened? Vibhu says yesterday night a snake was climbing our balcony but Tiwari caught it and he showed us and I was saved but these snakes may kill me anytime. Tiwari comes slowly and keeps a toy snake on vibhus leg and goes. Anguri says I did not know Tiwari is so brave. Vibhu says even I did not know but I had to buy it due to circumstances and Tiwari removed it from his pocket. Vibhu suddenly sees down and sees the snake. Anguri says then what happened? Vibhu starts dancing, anguri says why are you dancing? Vibhu says I am not dancing and there is a snake on my legs. Vibhu runs away. Anguri screams and runs into the hall. Tiwari there comes and icks the toy snake and says this vibhu thinks he is brave and he puts the toy snake In his shirt and goes. Anguri sees this and says oh my god Tiwari put the snake in his shirt. Anguri goes in hall and takes phone and say I should tell this to mom, she calls mom. Then thinks no I shouldn’t tell as she will worry. Mom tells I am worried today as on this day when tiwrai was 5 years old a snake bit him but pandit ramfal removed the poison but later he told me that the snake was wish giver and so whomever it bites that person will turn into a snake so I am worried. Anguri screams and says oh my god and then says okay he is fine and I will take his care. Mom says okay and keep phone. Anguri is sad and says Tiwari does all behavior like snake.
At home anita is there and vibhu is on sofa having a nap when he gets up and says oh my god snake. Then anita says what happened? Vibhu says if I close my eyes or open them I see snakes. Anita says forget it and nothing will happen. Vibhu says I was attacked 2 times by snakes, once Tiwari saved but this time the snake was hanging on my legs. Anita says so what and it did not bite you and its okay and just think what if it had bitten you but it did not.

Precap: vibhu is dancing, anita says what are you doing and bad manners. Vibhu then removes a snake from his back and throws it. vibhu and anita run in fear. Tiwari at night is drinking milk from bowl like a snake and vibhu down In lawn see Tiwari doing this in balcony and says this man is drinking milk like a snake. There anguri sees this and is scared and says what will happen to him?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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