Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita and her friend meenal discussing about the magazine. Anita gets a new issue. She reads the meri chant saheli magazine. She reads that you can make your husband work if you tell them you are pregnant and then he will know his responsibilities and work. Anita says to meenal that she will try this.
At night vibhu comes and anita tells him that she is feeling like eating something sour. Vibhu says what so your allergy is gone and you can eat sour now? Vibhu says thats cool and even i can start eating such stuff at home. Anita says no dumb you are going to be a father. Vibhu goes in balcony cries and comes back and says he is very happy and he is going to be the best father of his son. He will do everything for his son.
Next day vibhu takes sweets and

goes to tea stall. Tika malkhan and tea stall owner are there and vegetable seller too. Vibhu tells everyone that he is going to be a dad. Everyone is shocked and they look at him. Tika laughs and tells please dont say such jokes. Tiwari comes and laughs and asks what joke tika? Tika tells that vibhu is saying he is going to be a dad. Tiwari slaps tika and tells dont say that. Vibhu looks at tiwari and tells him i am going to be a dad and this is not a joke. Tiwari says how dare you? Vibhu says being is a father is a crime? Vibhu gets up snd stuffs a laddo in tiwaris mouth. He does that to everyone and then says cheer up guys and goes.
Tiwari goes at anitas house and sits. Anita comes as she is eating tamarind. Tiwari thinks no that is just because she likes it. He asks anita that vibhu what joking around saying he is going to be a dad and so he came to asks is that true? Anita says yes ofcourse why will vibhu joke? Anita tells she is going to be a mother. Tiwari tells can i get water? Anita goes in. Tiwaro falls down and starts crying.
At home tiwari goes and sits. Tilu is there. He tells what am i hearing this and evetywhere they are saying anita is pregnant and vibhu is going to be dad and that is so good. Tiwari gets up and starts slapping tilu and he throws him and starts beating him and says dont say that and that should not have happened.
At home vibbu goes and is with anita. He tells her that he is so happy and will work and earn money for his baby. Vibhu gets a call for insurance and he takes it. Then he tells anita i will work hard for my baby. Anita tells stop this insurance and do something else. Vibhi says yes he will work and earn a lot.

Precap: vibhu is saying to himself thay from where will he bring milk and stuff for his baby and he doesnt have any money. Tiwari comes and anita shows him her and vibhus baby.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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