Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri watching a superhero show on tv. Tiwari comes and asks what are you watching? She tells she loves superhero serials and is watching that. Tiwari says okay that is nice. She tells he is her superhero in life. Tiwari says wow and what do u like about me? She tells thata no person can do such a cheap undergarment business which is so insulting and only a hero can do that. Tiwari says you are insulting me. Anguri says no i was praising you, he scolds her. Anguri goes away crying. Vibhu hears that anguri likes superheroes. He says he will be a superhero for her.
At home anita is reading magazine. Vibhu comes and watches videos of superhero films. Anita scolds him and tells superheroes are fake and they intimidate children to suicide as they start thinking that

they will also have powers like them and they jump from high floor. Vibhu says its all fiction and its mistake of children. Anita says shut up and tells vibhu to go and put lunch and she will come after being fresh.
At tailor tiwari is there for giving measurement for his dress. Vibhu comes and says that does not suit you face and you are a loser. Tiwari says why do u care and get lost. Tiwari gives measurements and goes. Vibhu tells tailor to make a superhero type of dress for him which should have fake muscles and abs. Tailor says okay and asks for what do u want and smiles. Vibhu says for someone and you do not tell it to anyone. Tailor says okay.
As anguri is going home from market, two thieves come and eve tease anguri. Vibhu dressed as a superhero and a mask comes and beats them and tells them good job and he is giving them money for this. They run away. Anguri is impressed and says who are you? Vibhu says i am V-man. Anguri says wow you are strong and powerful. Vibhu removes his mask and tells its me only anguri and dont tell anyone about this and you are sweared on tiwari. Anguri says okay and says he is doing a good job. After anguri goes,the goons come. Vibhu says they did a good jbo and he will give them their money.
At night laddo takes laptop and goes to watch a superhero movie. Tiwari and anguri are in the room. Anguri tells today she was saved by a superhero who beat 2 goons who were teasing her. Tiwari says what? And who is that? Anguri says i cant and that man has made me swear on you. Tiwari says now i swear you one me and tell me who it is. Anguri says its vibhu. Tiwari says what? He says i knew he would only do this fraud and he is not any superhero. I will tell anita tomorrow.
Next day at home tiwari goes and tells anita about vibhu acting like a superhero and he is fooling people in kanpur. Anita says what and i will talk to vibhu about this. Tiwari says yes you better do as women like anguri are being fooled by this.

Precap: anguri is in kitchen and vibuu outside. He says he will give tiwari the sampsa from here. Anguri says how and he is at the dining table. Vibhu says see what i do. Vibhu throws samosa from there. It goes and landa in tiwaris mouth

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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