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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri making vibhu danw wearing saree on knife point. Tiwari see this from balcony and is shocked and starts crying, he goes in his room and says anguri has become spoilt and what face will I show to the people of Kanpur now. Tiwari sits and cries. There pelu shoots the entire video and posts it online. At home as tiwari is crying he hears soud of anguri coming and sleeps and starts snoring, anguri comes and checks tiwari and then she too sleeps.

Next day anita comes out in morning for a walk and she sits beside vibhu outside the door and wakes him up. Vibhu wakes up scared and says why did u throw me out yesterday and you don’t know what I go throughout the night. Anita says I understand and I am sorry but your video went viral so sent you out and she hugs

him and tells go now and I wont ever throw you out. Vibhu says okay and goes. Anita comes out on street and tika meets her and says nowadays vibhu has changed and is spreading negativity everywhere. Anita says what happened and tika shows her the video of the night before, anita is angry again and calls vibhu. He comes, she shows him the video and tells now you will stay out of the house only. Vibhu says but he did not do it and how do I tell you. Anita goes in. tika tells vibhu that why does he do it and he even lowers the respect of the town and we all are very respected people. Vibhu gives tika the phone and then slaps him hard. Tika goes.

At tea stall, tiwari is sitting beside vibhu and crying and vibhu is sad too, he tells tiwari to take care of himself and not cry like that. Tiwari says that his respect will go and what face will he show to the people in Kanpur and his business may go down because of this. Vibhu says you just saw what happened and I suffered anguris wrath and she used a knife to threaten me and what all I went through. Tiwari goes home.

At home in room anguri is going out and tiwari says you go I will stay home as I have to rest. Anguri says why? Tiwari says he wants to sit on the swing and anguri says okay take this rope and tie it to the ceiling and you can swing on that. Anguri goes. Tiwari takes rope and says that I cant live in this world anymore and I will suicide. He ties rope and is about to suicide when anita sees from her balcony and tells tiwari to stop. She says stop I am coming there. Anita goes and comforts tiwari and says what made you take such a drastic step and kill yourself. Tiwari says how do I tell you but anguri is not what she looks like and she eve teases people at night and tortures them. Anita says what and anguri cant do that. Tiwari says I have seen it with my eyes and anguri has been torturing and teasing vibhu since 3 days and making him dance on knife point and taking his videos. Anita says what and vibhu told me and I should have believed him. Anita says don’t suicide and we have to change anguri. She goes. Tiwari says he will change anguri.

At frontyard vibhu is there and anita comes and tells him sorry and tells she now knows the truth and what al anguri did to him and I am sorry. Vibhu says you don’t know what I went through and what all anguri did. Anita tells now she will change anguri and they have to help her. Vibhu says okay.

At home anita goes and meets anguri. She tells her that she wanted to just talk with her as she was bored. Anguri says that is nice, anita says she has a student in her classes and that woman has become spoilt and she goes at night and eve teases men and what should I do? Anguri says she shouldn’t do that and you should tell her about the circumstances that will happen if she does that. Anita says that woman knows the circumstances but she just isn’t understanding. Anguri says her husband will leave her and the society won’t accept her, anita says yes and what should I do then? Anguri says invite her to dinner and make her understand. Anita says okay and tells anguri that she and tiwari are invited for dinner today. Anguri says okay they will come and she goes in to take tea. Anita says that what I said here was about anguri but how didn’t she understand what I said and she only does all this.

Precap: everyone is having dinner and at the table anguri tells vibhu seductively that dinner is good and she kicks him and touches his leg with hers.vibhu is shocked and is making weird faces as anguri is pressing his leg.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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