Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri narrates vibhuti a poem, listening to it, vibhu gets annoyed and narrates one praising himself, and leaves anguri says I never understand what he says,vibhu goes home and asks anita what will u have for breakfast, anita says oh u came good morning,and she stumbles over chappals and says pick them up, vibhu says cmon u pick it up, anita says its urs cmon pick it, vibhu says do I ever do this is mine that is ur, why do u always do this to me, anita says dare u talk to me this way, vibhu says yes this attitude is just bcoz u earn money but plz I don’t live here for free instead do all household works and u treat me like a servant and not husband and this is enough, anita goes and gets a bag, vibhuti says plz u wont leave this house, anita says don’t worry I

am not going u are going.
Tiwari calls anguri and asks how am I looking, anguri says very handsome, he tries to tickle her and she tries to run away, vibhu enters, anguri asks where are u going with this bag, vibhu says I came to stay here, tiwari says is this a hotel, vibhu holds tiwaris hand and starts crying and says I need help, tiwari says is bhabhiji okay is she fine, vibhu says anita threw me out of house, tiwari starts laughing, anguri asks but why did she do this, vibhuti says I fought with her, anguri says she shouldn’t do this I will go talk to her, tiwari says anguri u stay here and I shall go talk u give him tea, anguri says ok, tiwari says don’t think of committee suicide I will return soon,vibhu says what I wont, u make me think abt it, tiwari says think if u want I may even help if u want to committee.
Tiwari goes to vibhutis house and sees anita upset, and wipes his tears and says what and how did this happened, I am feeling so bad that I cant help u and vibhuti, plz say something, anita says what shd I say I didn’t ever think that vibhu can talk to me in this tone, tiwari says no must be some misunderstanding or else he wont say like this abt u to me, anita says what did he say, tiwari says relax u cant divorce him, anita says divorce what I didn’t ask for that, tiwari says but he is saying, anita says by saying this he has separated us, tiwari says I wont let that happen, I will talk to vibhuti from ur side, anita says no need, I will divorce him now before he does, get me a lawyer, tiwari says right now and leaves.
Saxena at tea stall, hapu singh comes, saxena asks whay are u so angry, hapu singh says a guy irritated me a lot and made fun of me being a police, saxena says then what did u do,anyways u know what I was lawyer before, hapu singh starts laughing and says what a joke, saxena say I made 15 divorce, hapu singh says then why did u leave, saxena says once I was coming home and a kid made fun of my lawyership and so I left the court as it hurt me, tiwari comes and joins them, and ask what are u doing, hapu singh says nothing much u say, tiwari says do u know any lawyer, hapu singh asks why u want what did u do, tiwari says I want it for anita bhabhi, she is taking divorce from vibhutiji, hapu singh starts laughing and says tiwari anita bhabhi will be single now, tiwari says how does that affect u,hapu singh says nothing its good she will get rid of a pain, saxena says tiwari bhaiya I am lawyer and gives him his card,tiwari says wow thats good u come with me we will go to bhabhiji, hapu singh says wow now she will be single.
Anguri in tears while chopping onions, vibhuti tells her his and anitas love story, anguri says how sweet, and don’t u worry all will be fine, tiwari enters and says how are u vibhutiji, vibhu says not good, tiwari says don’t worry ups and downs do come, vibhu asks what did anu say, tiwari says every coin has two coins good and bad but guess u have the bad one, vibhuti shouts what did she say, tiwari says divorce, vibhu says she wont, anguri says yes why did she take this step for such small thing, I will talk to her, tiwari says don’t she is very angry, vibhu says she cant do this, tiwari says u have to face it, vibhuti leaves and starts crying loudly, listening to this voice anguri starts crying too.

Precap: saxena introduces himself as anitas lawyer and gives vibhuti divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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