Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari to do all the household.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari watering plants and very cranky says im awake since 5 and have whole of kitchen to do yet. vibhu walks to him and asks where’s bhabhiji, Tiwari says she is unwell. Angoori walks in balcony, Vibhu says bhabhi please take rest complete bed rest,Angoori says i am and poor him has to work. Hapu walks to them and asks how come Tiwari working and makes fun of him, Angoori says its because im unwell. Hapu says please take care and i have a solution, theres a tree in south Africa use its leaves make juice out of it and have it you will be fine. Tiwari says she is already on treatment leave her alone

Hapu complain about his mother abd wifes arguments, vibhu says happens at my place too may god bless you bye. Tiwari gets Angoori breakfast,Angoori says i don’t feel good about

it, anyways have yoh washed utensils, Tiwari says yes i did, Angoori says watered plants, Tiwari says yes i did, Angoori says and the veranda did you clean it.tiwari says i didnt. Angoori says quickly go then and wash the clothes and bathroom too, Tiwari gets annoyed and leaves.

Tiwari working in kitchen, Angoori demands for soup, Tiwari cuts his finger, Vibhu walks at kitchen window and asks what are you doing here wherez bhabhiji,Tiwari says shut up and look you are good at households i will pay you, Vibhu agrees. boys tell Hapu about ghamandu and his warnings, Hapu scolds them, Vibhu says keep quite, boys say we are leaving this place,Vibhu says not needed i shall give you job.

Boys working in Tiwari house and Vibhu taking care of Angoori, Angoori says you are a kind neighbour i shalk never forget this favour. Angoori asks boys to go work in kitchen. Vibhu says bhabhiji you must be tired home lets go,they hear noise from kitchen and vibhu gets annoyed, Angoori doesn’t get a word,Vibhu goes to check, Tiwari says i gave this contract to vibhu what are boys doing here, vibhu says take it easy,im just helping these guys calm down.

Boys in bedroom,Tilu says this is Tiwari’s locker let’s clean that too what say teeka,teeka says shameless person dont you remember how much bhabhiji help us, Tilu says just my salary nothing else,teeka says done.

Tiwari gets home and fibds about theft,Angoori says my jewelry is right there only cash is gone.Hapu walks in and asks who do you doubt,Tiwari says vibhu. Boys tell Vibhu, that ghamndis loan is settled, tiwari Angoori and hapu walk in,tiwari blames vibhu for theft, vibhu denies, teeka says he didn’t we did, vibhu says what, tilu says he had no idea about this theft.

Boys apologies, Angoori says yes forgive them, Tiwari says on ine condition,they have to work for six months at my place. Angoori watching television show on witches and gets scared, tiwari throws a plastic lizard and scares her,Angoori warns him not to do so.

pre cap: Vibhu acts as beggar, Angoori says i have opened an centre for beggars come with me

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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