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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita saying disgusting and she goes away angrily. Anguri serves them and Tiwari comes. He says what is this and throw them out, anguri says let it be and says give me money I have to give them. Tiwari removes 2000rs and says take this and vibhu do you have change the entire country doesn’t have and give me, Tiwari smiles. Vibhu takes money and says yes we have and he tells tika malkhan to remove change and vibhu removes change too and they give Tiwari change and take money. Tiwari screams and goes.
At night vibhu tika and malkhan are sleeping and tika says its so cold in Kanpur. Malkhan says yes. Tilka says if we could get peanuts and some entertainment then it could be good. Tika says tomorrow I will tell anguri to bring some peanuts. Vibhu slaps tika

and says you dare tell her that and eat what she gives you don’t act too smart. In auto gulfam kali comes. Pelu stops the auto. Gulfam gets down and says what happened vibhu and why are you on street in the tent? Tika and malkhan say he has been removed from the house. Gulfam says vibhu you should have come to me and we would have enjoyed. Vibhu ignores and says no thanks. Pelu starts a song and gulfam starts dancing on it. vibhu is ignoring and tika and malkhan are enjoying. anita sees from balcony and says what is this noise? She sees gulfam dancing. Vibhu sees anita and then acts like he is enjoying. Anita says vibhu has become so shameless and he is watching gulfam kali dance in the middle of the street. Happu singh comes and he switches off the song. Gulfam stops dancing. Happu tells her to stop and tells vibhu what is this and what tent have they put? Vibhu says what is his problem and they are not troubling anyone and what is mattering him? Happu says don’t act smart and go from here now. Vibhu tika and malkhan get up. Gulfam tells happu that come in and she has work, gulfam pulls happu inside the tent. Anita there thinks what is this happu doing now? Happu comes out after some time and gulfam too. He tells vibhu go on live here and do what you want. Happu goes. Vibhu says what did you say that he left us? Gulfam says she had an old mms of his so he went. Vibhu says thanks a lot. Anita gets angry and says this happu will always take bribe and goes.
Next day at home Tiwari is mopping and anita says how much time will you take and you are mopping around the sofa since a lot of time and vibhu would do it in 10 minutes the entire hall. Tiwari comes and sits and says I don’t have practice and vibhu has. Anita laughs and says even you will become used to this. Tiwari gets shocked. Tiwari says he has an idea from which vibhu will come to anita again. Anita says really? What is it? Tiwari says why doesn’t she have an affair with someone? Anita says are you mad and I am not that type of a person. Tiwari says I am not telling you to have a real affair and do acting of having affair. Anita says that’s not a bad idea. She says but with whom should I have affair so that vibhu gets jealous? Tiwari says just look around and tries pointing at himself. Anita says oh yes I got that man and he is cheap and characterless but its okay because vibhu will become jealous after looking at me and him having affair. Tiwari says yes I am not cheap. Anita says its prem choudhary. Tiwari gets angry and sad and says but he is not a good man, anita says that’s the advantage.
Anguri rings bell and says all poor people come for breakfast. Vibhu malkhan and tika come and sit. Tika burps, anguri runs inside. Tika and malkhan say anguri Bhabhi come fast we are hungry, vibhu slaps tika and malkhan and says she is not your servant and don’t pressurize her she will come and I will beat you up if you act like this again. Anguri comes with parathas and serves vibhu malkhan and tika. Tika burps and anguri keeps safe distance. Vibhu says the food is so tasty. Tiwari and anita come. Vibhu says see anita and his tail came. Tika malkhana and vibhu laugh. Tiwari says shut up and see what anita is going to say. Anita says today I have a party at my house so come and have free food and beer that is not in your status. Tiwari says yes have free beer and food at the rich persons house. Vibhu says no need we poor people have a small stomach and it wont resist the food of rich people. Anita says just come today for the party and we have a surprise for you. Anita goes and Tiwari behind her.
At night at the party happu singh Tiwari are drinking beer and anguri is there. Vibhu tika and malkhan come. Tiwari says come come have free beer you poor fag. Vibhu says shut up we poor are proud of our poverty and the sweat that we give is gives a more beautiful smell than your perfume. Malkhan says that’s why I thought why you are smelling. Vibhu hits malkha, tika too. Tiwari and happu laugh.

Precap: anita is dancing with prem. Vibhu is drinking alcohol. Next day vibhu says I myself will get you married to prem. Anita say what nonsense? Prem says I am ready. Vibhu says you are having an affair with him then this is not nonsense.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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