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The episode starts with a vegetable seller coming in the town to sell vegetables. Vibhu comes and asks seller what he is upto nowadays. Seller tells that he is upto nothing becausw he lost hi old love. Vibhu says that but u are married. Seller says that is the problem that he had to marry someone else. Vibhu says ok. Tiwari comes out of his house saying i love you continously to anguri. Anguri also comes out near the gate. She tells i love u too 10 times to tiwari. Vibhuti cant bear it. He says to himself that how many times will anguri say i love u too and that a person can understand only once. Then anguri goes back home. Tiwari is going when he sees vibhu and seller. Vibhu tells tiwari that he doesnt have manners. Tiwari says what did he do. Vibuu tells he is openly proposing his wife

in oublic and that this is kanpur not usa. Tiwari says so what and tells doesnt vibhu keep saying darling to anita. Tiwari says useless to vibhu and goes. Seller asks why is he questioning them and that they are not wrong and its love. Vibhu says its not love its compromise. Then seller asks does it care him? Vibhu does not answer. Seller goes.
Vibhu goes in tiwaris house. He calls anguri. He asks anguri that what was she doing out and was saying i love u to tiwari? Anguri says that tiwari had made a dare that if she would say i love u too to him 3 times outside then he will give her diamond ring. Then vibhu says oh my god and that it is bribe and how can she lose her dignity. Anguri says its love and she loves tiwari. Then vibhu says he will bring her a diamond ring. Anguri says dont bring that and just bring kheera for her as she will make kheer for tiwari. Anguri goes. Vibhu feels insulted. He says that he will now a buy ring for anguri.
At the tea stall, vibhu calls prem and asks for a loan of 50000 from him. Prem starts insulting him. Vibhu says atleast dont insult and then says he will return the money. Saxena who is there listens and says to him that he shouldnt promise what he is not capable of. Vibhuti keeps the phone then goes to saxena and slaps him. Saxena says i like it. Vibhu tells him dont say anything stupid and asks him why is he wearing diamond rings like a jeweler? Saxena tells him that he loves the rings and they are all real diamond rings. Vibhu then becomes good and suts beside saxena and tells him that he needs one ring. Then saxena says that it will cost 50000 for one. Vibhu give him 50 rs and says he will give rest 1000 later. Saxena says he is mad but not so mad that he will not understand the calculation. Vibhu says please and cmacts crying and says he wants it for anita and he willr eturn money in 2 days. Saxena says ok and says if anita wanta then he will give the ring but he wants his money in 2 days. Vibhu gives him a kiss on the cheeks. Saxena says he is scared of kisses and not slaps. Vibhu slaps him and saxena says i like it. Vibhu takes ring and goes.
He goes at near the kitchen of anguris house. There he tells anguri that he got this ring kept near the window of her kitchen and it must be hers. She says its not hers. He says it is because he got it there. Anguri says its not hers and give it to happu singh and he will find its lost owner. Vibhu says that everyone know very well that happu singh will keep the ring with him. Anguri says then she cant take it. Vibhu says please take it is hers. Anguri says ok and takes ring from vibhu and says thank u 3 times and goes running in. Vibhu says he feels good after seeing anguri happy.
At home anita is reading magazine when saxena comes and anuta gets scared. She ask him why didnt he ring the bell. He says the door was open and the ring doesnt have current in it so he didnt open it. Anita says what happened. Saxena makes signs on her fingers. Anita asks what happened? Saxena tells that didnt she get the ring? She says which? Saxena says the one which vibhu took from him as loan and was going to present it to her? Anita says what and that is vibhu presenting her a gift? Anita becomes happy and says she loves vibhu. Then she tells saxena not to tell this to vibhu that she knows vibhu is going to present ger a gift. Saxena says ok and says i like it and goes.
In the evening vibhu comes out of his house when saxena comes and asks him for 50000. Vibhu tells him to shut up and says he give him in a 2 days. Saxena says only those people say they will give in 2 days who cant pay the money. Vibhu then catches his collar and says he will return every single coin. Saxena says only those people say will return every coin who cant pay the money. Then saxena tells him that he told anita about the ring. Vibhu cries and says why did he do that and that now he is gone. Vibhu then slaps saxena. Saxena says i like it. Then he tells he will keep coming continously and will ask him for the money. Vibhu slaps him 2 times and saxena says i like it and goes. Vibhu says to himself how will he give the ring to anita now from anguri?
At home tiwari is sitting and anguri comes. She tells she has a suprise for him. Tiwari says its surprise. She says yeah right. Then she says she has something in her hands. Tiwari says what? Anguri sees what can he see in her hands. Tiwari says fingers. She what does he see in her fingers. Tiwari says a ring which he gave her when they were married. She asks what is besides that? He says nothing. She then sees and gets shocked and says where is the diamond ring? And hoes helter skelter to search that ring.
At home anita comes and hugs vibhu and says she loves him. Vibhu says what happened? Anita tells him she know he is going to gift her a ring. He says no. She says yes and she knows it was to be a surprise. Vibhu tells her to think that he is not going to give her a ring. She says why so? And that she knows he is gifting her a ring. She then goes to make vibhus favorite food. Anguri calls vibhu and tells him that the ring which he gave her has been lost and now she is tensed. Vibhu gets shocked and tensed thinking what should he do now?
Vibhu goes to anguris kitchen window. Saxena comes and asks for 50000 rupees there. Vibhu tells him to shut up and says he will give in 2 days. Saxena says from where will he give him the money? Saxena then tells him that he is useless, jobless, characterless and cant even repay a single rupee then from where will he give 50000 rupees? Vibhu slaps him and saxena says i like it and goes. Anguri sees this as she enters the kitchen and asks why did he slap saxena? Vibhu says leave that and where did she lose the ring? Anguri says what should she say now and she cant find the ring. Then he tells her to find everywhere under the fridge in the kitchen. She tells she searched her whole house. Then she tells that maybe the ring was fallen and it always falls and forget it. Vibhu is astounded by that stupidity and tells her that why doesnt she speak like a diligent person. Then he tells lets find the ring.

Precap: vibhu calls anguri and tells her crying that actually he had bought that ring for her in 50000 rupees and it has been lost now. Anguri says why did he do that? Anita is getting romantic on the bed with vibhu whereas vibhu is still shocked as the ring is lost. Anguri in the night gets up from bed and says she has to rob money and she doesnt want to do it but she has to do it for the sake of her family manners.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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